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Sendung Band: Lied
1 Saxon: Wheels of steel (live)
1 Amon Amarth: Gods of war arise
1 Iron Maiden: Where eagles dare
1 Finntroll: Trollhammaren
1 Overkill: Wrecking crew
1 Communic: Waves of visual decay
1 Warlock: Hellbound
1 After Forever: Energize me
1 The Gathering: Nighttime birds
1 Arch Enemy: Dead eyes see no future
1 AC/DC: For those about to rock
1 Judas Priest: The sentinel
1 Metallica: Ride the lightning
1 Black Sabbath: Die young
1 Jon Oliva's Pain: Maniacal renderings
1 Soilwork: Distortion sleep
1 Queensrÿche: I don't believe in love
1 Accept: Breaker
1 Rammstein: Eifersucht
1 Carcass: Heartwork
1 Bullet For My Valentine: Hand of blood
1 Slayer: Cult
2 Quiet Riot: Metal health
2 Anthrax: Medusa
2 Armored Saint: March of the saint (2001 version)
2 Machine Head: Beautiful mourning
2 Dream Theater: Peruvian skies
2 Strapping Young Lad: Detox
2 After Forever: Evoke
2 Hellfueled: Born to rock
2 Cathedral: Hopkins (the witchfinder general)
2 Dismember: Casket garden
2 Eisbrecher: Leider
2 Pain: Nailed to the ground
2 Death Angel: Mistress of pain
2 Samael: Baphomet's throne
2 Samael: Valkyries' new ride
2 Bruce Dickinson: Abduction
2 Black Sabbath: War pigs
2 Cirith Ungol: One foot in hell
2 Agent Steel: Agents of steel
2 Unleashed: Midvinterblot
2 Hear 'n' Aid: Stars
3 W.A.S.P.: Mean man
3 Iron Savior: Battering ram
3 Gamma Ray: Blood religion
3 After Forever: Who I am
3 Annihilator: Army of one
3 Nightwish: Astral romance
3 Queensrÿche: Take hold of the flame
3 Dimmu Borgir: The serpentine offering
3 At The Gates: Blinded by fear
3 J.B.O.: Gänseblümchen
3 Metal Church: The final word
3 Crowbar: Command of myself
3 Candlemass: Emperor of the void
3 Samael: Slavocracy
3 Judas Priest: Starbreaker
3 Abattoir: Vicious attack
3 Morgana Lefay: Where I rule
3 Megadeth: United abominations
3 Flotsam & Jetsam: Hammerhead
3 Risk: Ratman
4 Warrior: Fighting for the earth
4 Warrior: Only the strong survive
4 Warrior: Day of the evil
4 Eisbrecher: Eisbrecher
4 Deathstars: Cyanide
4 Eisbrecher: Kein Mitleid
4 Nine Inch Nails: Survivalism
4 AC/DC: Shot down in flames
4 Pain: Clouds of ecstasy
4 Pain: Psalms of extinction
4 Pain: Walking on glass
4 Death: Symbolic
4 Candlemass: Of stars and smoke
4 Powerwolf: Saturday Satan
4 Powerwolf: When the Moon shines red
4 Powerwolf: Mother Mary is a bird of prey
4 Obituary: Cause of death
4 Morbid Angel: Maze of torment
4 Pestilence: Deify thy master
4 Pestilence: Reduces to ashes
4 Nile: Ramses bringer of war
5 Iron Maiden: Purgatory
5 Iron Maiden: To tame a land
5 Amorphis: House of sleep
5 Amon Amarth: Fate of norns
5 Brainstorm: Inside the monster
5 Dark Tranquillity: Focus shift
5 Evergrey: Monday morning apocalypse
5 Finntroll: Korpens saga
5 Hammerfall: At the end of the rainbow
5 Powermad: Slaughterhouse
5 Mercenary: Redefine me
5 W.A.S.P.: Long, long way to go
5 W.A.S.P.: Take me up
5 W.A.S.P.: Heavens hung in black
5 Vicious Rumors: Immortal
5 Mystic Prophecy: Savage souls
5 Black Sabbath: Children of the sea
5 Black Sabbath: Shadow of the wind
5 Nazareth: This flight tonight
5 Girlschool: Race with the devil
5 Lethal: Programmed
5 Edguy: King of fools
5 Edguy: Superheroes
6 Pretty Maids: Red, hot and heavy
6 Paradise Lost: Embers fire
6 Nightwish: Eva
6 Exodus: Raze
6 Artillery: Bombfood
6 Artillery: By inheritance
6 Artillery: Khomaniac
6 Motörhead: God was never on your side
6 Manowar: Hail to England
6 Clawfinger: Life will kill you
6 Clawfinger: Prisoner
6 Clawfinger: The price we pay
6 Immortal: Damned in black
6 Nevermore: My acid words
6 Morgana Lefay: Face of fear
6 Morgana Lefay: The rush of possession
6 Morgana Lefay: Over and over again
6 Xandria: India
6 Bolt Thrower: Inside the wire
6 Böhse Onkelz: Auf gute Freunde
6 Slayer: Show no mercy
6 Running Wild: Bad to the bone
6 Carcass: Forensic clinicism / The sanguine article
7 Ozzy Osbourne: Rock 'n' roll rebel
7 Machine Head: Clenching the fists of dissent
7 Girlschool: Hit and run
7 Vicious Rumors: Digital dictator
7 Evergrey: Recreation day
7 Amon Amarth: Victorious march
7 Black Sabbath: Heaven and hell
7 Iced Earth: The coming curse
7 Scorpions: Blackout
7 Scorpions: Dynamite
7 Scorpions: When the smoke is going down
7 Mystic Prophecy: Master of sins
7 Mercenary: My world is ending
7 Amorphis: The smoke
7 Finntroll: En mäktig här
7 Brainstorm: All those words
7 Edguy: Asylum
7 Testament: Down for life
7 Nasum: Shaping the end
7 Beyond Fear: Telling lies
8 Vengeance: Take it or leave it
8 Annihilator: Clowns on parade
8 Benediction: Nightfear
8 AC/DC: Gimme a bullet
8 Sacred Reich: The American way
8 Foreigner: Dirty white boy
8 Warlock: Earthshaker rock
8 Celtic Frost: Dethroned emperor
8 Judas Priest: Victim of changes
8 Entombed: To ride, shoot straight and speak the truth
8 Kreator: Awakening of the gods
8 Doro: Für immer (Classic Diamonds Version)
8 Metallica: So what
8 Edguy: The piper never dies
8 Sanctuary: The mirror black
8 Corrosion of Conformity: Vote with a bullet
8 Anvil: Metal on metal
8 Candlemass: Dark are the veils of death
8 Overkill: Fatal if swallowed
8 Nuclear Assault: Brain death
8 Children of Bodom: Hatebreeder
8 Doro: Haunted heart
9 Helloween: Phantoms of death
9 Annihilator: Chasing the high
9 Bruce Dickinson: River of no return
9 Anthrax: Safe home
9 Soulfly: Rise again
9 Sepultura: Stronger than hate
9 I: Mountains
9 Epica: Never enough
9 Epica: Chasing the dragon
9 Subway To Sally: Sag dem Teufel
9 Helloween: Gorgar
9 Venom: Black Metal
9 Prong: Snap your fingers, snap your neck
9 Grave: Soulless
9 Abattoir: Game of death
9 Rammstein: Sehnsucht
9 Suicidal Tendencies: You can't bring me down
9 Van Halen: Running with the devil
9 Exhorder: Truth
9 Savatage: Power of the night
9 The Gathering: Forgotten
10 Iron Savior: Megatropolis
10 In Flames: Subterranean
10 Sonic Syndicate: Psychic suicide
10 Nile: Papyrus containing the spell to preserve its possessor against attacks from he who is in the water
10 Kiss: Detroit rock city
10 Doro: Fight
10 Doro: All we are 2007
10 Dio: Egypt
10 Doro: You're my family
10 Motörhead: Killed by death
10 Judas Priest: You've got another thing coming
10 Destruction: The alliance of hellhoundz
10 Iron Savior: The omega men
10 Disturbed: Ten thousand fists
10 Poisonblack: Rush
10 Raise Hell: Wicked is my game
10 Gary Moore: Victims of the future
10 Count Raven: Children's holocaust
10 Iron Savior: Farewell and good bye
11 S.O.D.: March & Sargent "D"
11 Hypocrisy: Fearless
11 Crucified Barbara: In distortion we trust
11 Pantera: Cowboys from hell
11 Ayreon: Isolation
11 One Man Army & The Undead Quartet: The sun never shines
11 Ministry: Rio grande blood
11 S.O.D.: Kill yourself
11 Heaven Shall Burn: Profane believers
11 Nuclear Blast Allstars: Dirty wings
11 Cannibal Corpse: Make them suffer
11 Goddess Of Desire: Metal forever
11 Lamb Of God: Redneck
11 Into Eternity: Beginning of the end
11 Deep Purple: Stormbringer
11 Flowing Tears: Serpentine
11 Sonata Arctica: Paid in full
11 Cradle Of Filth: I am the thorn
11 Tiamat: The Ar
11 S.O.D.: Pre-menstrual princess blues
11 System Of A Down: Revenga
12 Caliban: It's our burden to bleed
12 Moonsorrow: Karhunkynsi
12 Crematory: Tears of time
12 Tankard: We still drink the old ways
12 Sirenia: My mind's eye
12 Necrophobic: I strike with wrath
12 Dark Funeral: The arrival of satan´s empire
12 Tanzwut: Vulkan
12 In Extremo: Vollmond
12 Volbeat: The garden's tale
12 Hardcore Superstar: We don't celebrate Sundays
12 Suffocation: Abomination reborn
12 Illdisposed: Burn me wicked
12 Oomph!: Augen auf
12 L'Âme Immortelle: 5 Jahre
12 Swallow The Sun: No light, no hope
12 Secrets Of The Moon: Lucifer speaks
12 Rage: Black in mind
12 Machinemade God: Kiss me now, kill me later
12 Krypteria: The promise
12 Eisbrecher: Vergiss mein nicht
12 Nevermore: The heart collector
12 Bolt Thrower: The killchain
12 Amon Amarth: Prediction of warfare
13 Arch Enemy: Blood on your hands
13 Maroon: (Reach) the sun
13 Himsa: Big timber
13 Paradise Lost: The enemy
13 Naglfar: The darkest road
13 Aborted: Avenious
13 The Agonist: Business suits and combat boots
13 Suicide Silence: Bludgeoned to death
13 Iced Earth: Ten thousand strong
13 Hurtlocker: Let them die
13 Hatesphere: Forever war
13 Moonspell: Luna
13 Becoming The Archetype: The monolith
13 Throwdown: Holy roller
13 Divine Heresy: Failed creation
13 Neaera: Armamentarium
13 Amorphis: The white swan
13 As I Lay Dying: Within destruction
13 Type O Negative: Summer breeze
14 Iron Maiden: The loneliness of the long distance runner
14 Nuclear Blast Allstars: Schizo (feat. Peter Tägtgren)
14 Hypocrisy: Penetralia
14 Nuclear Blast Allstars: Paper trail (feat. John Bush)
14 Armored Saint: Lesson well learned
14 Nuclear Blast Allstars: Cold is my vengeance (feat. Maurizio Iacono)
14 Kataklysm: Sorcery
14 Queensrÿche: Queen of the reich
14 Eisbrecher: Antikörper
14 Metal Church: Fake healer
14 Dio: Sacred heart
14 King Diamond: Mirror mirror
14 King Diamond: Give me your soul
14 King Diamond: Moving on
14 Entombed: Revel in flesh
14 Lacrimas Profundere: Again it's over
14 Megadeth: Devils island
14 AC/DC: Up to my neck in you
14 Sanctuary: Battle angels
14 Agent Steel: Bleed for the godz
14 Sodom: Agent orange
14 Venom: Welcome to hell
15 Manowar: Fighting the world
15 Destruction: Total desaster 2007
15 The Destiny Program: The personal revolution
15 At The Gates: Forever blind
15 Accept: Burning
15 The Destiny Program: Walk in step with the march of history
15 Abandoned: Sands of time
15 Primal Fear: Nuclear fire
15 The Destiny Program: With a modern punk flavor
15 Cathedral: Ebony tears
15 Testament: Disciples of the watch
15 Led Zeppelin: Rock 'n' Roll
15 Assassin: Abstract war
15 Carnivore: God is dead
15 Emperor: I am the black wizard
15 Assassin: AGD
15 Autopsy: Disembowel
15 Assassin: Assassin
15 Into Eternity: Beginning of the end
15 Twisted Sister: Stay hungry
15 Soilwork: Steelbath suicide
15 Flotsam & Jetsam: Doomsday for the deceiver
16 Metallica: Jump in the fire
16 Armored Saint: Last train home
16 Judas Priest: Bullet train
16 Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy train
16 Six Feet Under: War is coming
16 Die Ärzte: FaFaFa
16 Vio-lence: I profit
16 J.B.O.: Ein guter Tag zum Sterben
16 Vio-lence: Oppressing the masses
16 Böhse Onkelz: Keine Amnestie für MTV
16 Vio-lence: World in a world
16 Morgoth: Pits of Utumno
16 Oomph!: Land in Sicht
16 Dream Theater: Constant motion
16 White Zombie: Electric head part 1&2
16 Sacred Steel: Sacred Steel
16 White Zombie: More human than human
16 Candlemass: Well of souls
16 The Haunted: Well of souls
16 Slayer: Spill the blood
17 Halford: Resurrection
17 Dark Angel: Merciless death
17 Angel Witch: Atlantis
17 Fear My Thoughts: Culture of fear
17 Grip Inc.: Hostage to heaven
17 Mötley Crüe: Shout at the devil
17 God Dethroned: On wings of pestilence
17 Fallen Saints: The violence inside
17 Callenish Circle: Sweet cyanide
17 Iced Earth: Coming curse 2007
17 Mötley Crüe: Looks that kill
17 Trivium: Detonation
17 Bathory: Baptized in fire and ice
17 Heathen: Prisoners of fate
17 Krisiun: United in deception
17 Coverdale/Page: Whisper a prayer for the dying
17 Mötley Crüe: Too young to fall in love
17 Vanden Plas: Postcard to God
17 Asphyx: The rack
18 Exciter: Heavy Metal maniac
18 Astral Doors: Black rain
18 Akercocke: The dark inside
18 Iced Earth: Something wicked (part 1)
18 Deicide: In hell I burn
18 Fallen Saints: Mirrorman
18 Fallen Saints: Winterdawn
18 Ensiferum: Deathbringer from the sky
18 Atheist: Piece of time
18 Death: Lack of comprehension
18 Iron Maiden: Still life
18 Carcass: Corporal jigsore quandry
18 Saxon: Stand up and be counted
18 Exodus: Fabulous disaster
18 Saxon: To hell and back again
18 Solitude Aeternus: Tomorrow's dead
18 Saxon: Midnight rider
18 Dissection: Thorns of crimson death
18 Strapping Young Lad: All hail the new flesh
18 Waltari & Avanti: Deeper into the mud
19 Overkill: Hammerhead
19 Perzonal War: The unbeliever
19 Desultory: Tears
19 Dream Theater: In the presence of my enemies (part 1)
19 Demolition Hammer: Infectious hospital waste
19 Mendeed: Stand as one and fight for glory
19 Molly Hatchet: Tatanka
19 Possessed: The exorcist
19 Depressive Age: Lying in wait
19 Meshuggah: Rational gaze
19 Iced Earth: The clouding
19 Type O Negative: Black No. 1
19 Possessed: Seven churches
19 Possessed: Death Metal
19 Turisas: To Holmgard and beyond
19 Urkraft: Come no tomorrow
19 Nightwish: The poet and the pendulum
20 AC/DC: Jailbreak
20 Saxon: Strong arm of the law (live)
20 Twisted Sister: We're not gonna take it
20 After Forever: Energize me
20 Edguy: Lavatory love machine
20 Eisbrecher: Kein Mitleid
20 Within Temptation: Mother earth
20 Böhse Onkelz: Kirche
20 Finntroll: Trollhammaren
20 Oomph!: Träumst du
20 Doro: Thunderspell
20 Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy train
20 Saliva: I walk alone
20 Jon Oliva's Pain: The answer
20 Hammerfall: Hearts on fire
20 Iron Maiden: The clairvoyant
20 Brainstorm: All those words
20 Rammstein: Links 234
20 Nightwish: Bye bye beautiful
20 Powerwolf: Kiss of the cobra king
20 Vengeance: Rock 'n' roll shower
20 Slayer: Cult
21 Ministry: N.W.O.
21 Subway To Sally: Meine Seele brennt
21 Blind Guardian: Journey through the dark
21 As I Lay Dying: Nothing left
21 Malevolent Creation: Slaughter of innocence
21 Black Label Society: Blacked out world
21 Mystic Prophecy: Dark forces
21 Svartsot: Gravøllet
21 Annihilator: King of the kill
21 Iced Earth: Stormrider
21 As I Lay Dying: An ocean between us
21 Forbidden: Forbidden evil
21 Ministry: Just one fix
21 Down: I scream
21 Kyuss: Gardenia
21 As I Lay Dying: The sound of truth
21 Malice: License to kill
21 Endstille: The one I hate
21 Behemoth: At the left hand ov god
21 Ministry: Jesus built my hotrod
21 Wolfpack Unleashed: Last dance of a dying king
21 Ambeon: Cold metal
22 Metal Church: Metal Church
22 Seek For Your Violence: S.F.Y.V.
22 Hypocrisy: Roswell '47
22 Nightwish: Whoever brings the night
22 Static X: Forty ways
22 Kataklysm: Crippled and broken
22 Edguy: Mysteria
22 Seek For Your Violence: Deadbrain
22 Subway To Sally: Auf Kiel
22 Dimmu Borgir: Mourning palace
22 Judas Priest: Grinder (live)
22 Blind Guardian: Lost in the twilight hall
22 Subway To Sally: Wenn Engel hassen
22 Seek For Your Violence: The die is cast
22 Rainbow: Man on the silver mountain
22 Tenacious D: Master exploder
22 Ten Masked Men: Deeper underground
22 Subway To Sally: Voodoo
23 Sacred Reich: Independent
23 Pain: End of the line
23 The Vision Bleak: The demon of the mire
23 The Sorrow: Knights of doom
23 Threshold: Elusive
23 Prong: Whose fist is this anyway?
23 Deicide: Deicide
23 Rammstein: Mein Teil
23 Black Sabbath: Heaven and hell
23 J.B.O.: Head bang boing
23 Pretty Maids: Loud 'n' proud
23 Subway To Sally: Tanz auf dem Vulkan
23 J.B.O.: Bejonze
23 Nile: What can be safely written
23 J.B.O.: Raining blood
24 Manowar: Metal warriors
24 Hammerfall: Hammerfall (live)
24 Death Angel: Thrown to the wolves (live)
24 Crashdiet: Thrill me
24 Devian: Scarred
24 Monster Magnet: Wall of fire
24 Fall Of Serenity: The crossfire
24 Engel: Casket closing
24 Hammerfall: Steel meets steel (live)
24 Pagan's Mind: United alliance
24 Metal Inquisitor: M4 A1 (live)
24 Samorra: Can't wake it up
24 Enthroned: Through the cortex
24 Elvenking: The divided heart
24 Hammerfall: The dragon lies bleeding (live)
24 Vader: Predator (live)
25 Arch Enemy: Revolution begins
25 Cataract: Vanished in the dark
25 Enslaved: Fenris
25 J.B.O.: Verteidiger des Blödsinns
25 Testament: Over the wall
25 Virgin Steele: Noble savage
25 Arch Enemy: In this shallow grave
25 Leatherwolf: Street ready
25 Beyond Fear: Scream machine
25 Testament: First strike is deadly
25 Hatesphere: 500 dead people
25 Metallica: Disposable heroes (lyrics special)
25 Iced Earth: The phantom opera ghost
25 Satyricon: Now, diabolical!
25 Testament: Apocalyptic city
25 Arch Enemy: Vultures
26 Judas Priest: Freewheel burning
26 Exodus: Funeral hymn
26 Iron Fire: Iron head
26 Primal Fear: Fighting the darkness
26 Exodus: The atrocity exhibition
26 U.D.O.: Mastercutor
26 Judas Priest: The sentinel
26 Misery Index: Retaliate
26 W.A.S.P.: On your knees
26 Saxon: Princess of the night (live)
26 Exodus: Iconoclasm
26 Doro: Always live to win
26 Doro: Burn it up
26 Judas Priest: Rock hard ride free
27 Soilwork: Sworn to a great divide
27 Iron Maiden: Revelations
27 Fear Factory: Demanufacture
27 Mercyful Fate: The oath
27 Still remains: Stay captive
27 Soilwork: The Pittsburgh syndrome
27 Sentenced: The rain comes falling down
27 Immolation: Close to a world below
27 Iron Maiden: Flight of Icarus
27 Exumer: Possessed by fire
27 Watchtower: Control and resistance
27 Soilwork: 20 more miles
27 Michelle Darkness: My sweet
27 Iron Maiden: Die with your boots on
27 Legion Of The Damned: Slut of Sodom
27 Agua de Annique: Day after yesterday
27 My Dying Bride: The blood, the wine, the roses
28 Anthrax: Indians
28 Merciless Death: Slaughter lord
28 Grave Digger: The battle of Bannockburn
28 Gardenian: Powertool
28 Agua de Annique: Beautiful one
28 Agua de Annique: Trail of grief
28 Anthrax: One world
28 The Gathering: Alone
28 Anthrax: A.D.I. / Horror of it all
28 The Gathering: Strange machines
28 Massacre: The dawn of eternity
28 Black Sabbath: Evil woman
28 Risk: Last warning
28 Cynic: How could I
28 Delain: Sleepwalker's dream
28 Malevolent Creation: Systematic execution
29 Annihilator: Refresh the demon
29 Faith No More: From out of nowhere
29 Vader: When death calls
29 Manowar: Sign of the hammer
29 Agua De Annique: Witnesses
29 Faith No More: Epic
29 Slayer: South of heaven/Silent screams
29 The Gathering: Saturnine (live)
29 Napalm Death: In deference
29 System Of A Down: Toxicity
29 Death Angel: Kill as one
29 Death Angel: Voracious souls
29 Naglfar: Emerging from her weepings
29 Faith No More: The real thing
29 Scar Symmetry: The kaleidoscopic god
29 Death Angel: The ultra-violence
30 Metal Church: Ton of bricks
30 Heaven Shall Burn: Endzeit
30 Epica: The divine obsession
30 Helloween: Heavy Metal
30 Fight: Into the pit
30 Bolt Thrower: Mercenary
30 Akercocke: Summon the antichrist
30 Crematory: Pray
30 Jon Oliva's Pain: Walk alone
30 Fight: Nailed to the gun
30 Misery Speaks: To my enemies
30 Akercocke: Axiom
30 Scratched Surface: Bleed the sky
30 Epica: Fools of damnation
30 Fight: Contortion
30 Deep Purple: Flight of the rat
30 Akercocke: My apterous angel
31 Judas Priest: Heavy Metal
31 Gorefest: Erase
31 Amorphis: A servant
31 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Riders on the storm
31 Scratched Surface: Make me clear
31 Down: Bury me in smoke
31 Crucified Barbara: Losing the game
31 Exciter: I am the beast
31 In Flames: Trigger
31 Metallica: Battery
31 Devildriver: Hold back the day
31 Radiohead: Exit music
31 Deftones: Be quiet and drive
31 Scratched Surface: The great fall
32 Iron Maiden: Back in the village
32 Crowbar: Planets collide
32 Ayreon: Age of shadows
32 Megadeth: Peace sells
32 Entombed: Morbid devourment
32 Grantig: So muss es sein
32 Subterfuge Carver: P.... gunner
32 Ayreon: The fifth extinction
32 Megadeth: Devils island
32 Venom: Countess Bathory
32 Bathory: Woman of dark desire
32 Cradle Of Filth: The twisted nails of faith
32 The Arcane Order: The serpent tower
32 Megadeth: Good mourning/black Friday
32 Ayreon: The sixth extinction
33 Queensrÿche: Queen of the reich
33 Iron Savior: Watcher in the sky
33 Lamb Of God: Blacken the cursed sun
33 Scratched Surface: Choke down
33 Abattoir: Screams from the grave
33 Bullet For My Valentine: Waking the demon
33 Hellfueled: Midnight lady
33 Motörhead: Trigger
33 Threat Signal: One last breath
33 Bullet For My Valentine: Disappear
33 Crashdiet: Thrill me
33 Candlemass: Solitude
33 Beyond Fear: Words of wisdom
33 Cirith Ungol: Frost and fire
33 Hypocrisy: Roswell '47
33 Megadeth: Hangar 18
33 Rage: Lord of the flies
33 Candlemass: Demon's gate
33 Bullet For My Valentine: Say goodnight
34 Judas Priest: Jawbreaker
34 Gamma Ray: Into the storm
34 Scratched Surface: Not to breathe
34 AC/DC: Flick off the switch
34 Biomechanical: Fallen in fear
34 Krieger: Heimat
34 Hardcore Superstar: Medicate me
34 Pain: Same old song
34 Obituary: Turned inside out
34 Nightwish: Wishmaster
34 Gamma Ray: Empress
34 Deicide: In hell I burn
34 Whitesnake: Lovehunter (live)
34 Ayreon: E= MC2
34 God Dethroned: Hating life
34 Gamma Ray: Insurrection
35 Iron Maiden: Somewhere in time
35 Immortal: At the heart of winter
35 Avantasia: Shelter from the rain
35 Dark Age: Outside the inside
35 Entombed: Living dead
35 Manilla Road: Crystal logic
35 After Forever: Discord
35 Eluveitie: Inis mona
35 Entombed: Sinners bleed
35 Avantasia: The toy master
35 Dark Fortress: Edge of night
35 Foreigner: Double vision
35 Machine Head: Halo
35 Brainstorm: Shiva's tears
35 Entombed. Chaos breed
35 Avantasia: The scarecrow
36 Queensrÿche: The warning
36 Brainstorm: Falling spiral down
36 Made Of Hate: Bullet in your head
36 Powerwolf: We came to take your soul
36 Iron Maiden: Run to the hills
36 Ozzy Osbourne: Breakin' all the rules
36 Accept: Balls to the wall
36 Paradise Lost: As I die
36 Brainstorm: Fire walk with me
36 Scorpions: Rock you like a hurricane
36 Chroming Rose: Louis XIV
36 Norther: We rock
36 Behemoth: Slaying the prophets ov Isa
36 Communic: Fooled by the serpent
36 Atrocity: The sun always shines on TV
36 Desaster: Satan's soldiers syndicate
36 Brainstorm: How do you feel
37 Judas Priest: All guns blazing
37 Warbringer: Total war
37 Dismember: Europa burns
37 Samael: Flagellation
37 Mourning Caress: Nothing is lost
37 Kreator: Pleasure to kill
37 Sacred Steel: Wargods of metal
37 Korpiklaani: Keep on galopping
37 Warbringer: Shoot to kill
37 Kingdom Of Sorrow: Lead into demise
37 Voivod: Tribal convictions
37 Kreator: Riot of violence
37 Sepultura: Desperate cry
37 Warbringer: Instruments of torture
37 Coroner: Son of Lilith
37 Kreator: The pestilence
37 The Crown: Under the whip
37 Turbonegro: Sell your body (to the night)
38 Iron Maiden: Stranger in a strange land
38 Illdisposed: Like cancer
38 Crimson Glory: Masquerade
38 AC/DC: Have a drink on me
38 Six Feet Under: Worm food
38 Death Angel: Lord of hate
38 Savage Circus: When hell awakes
38 Mayhem: Freezing moon
38 Anvil: Metal on metal
38 Death Angel: Buried alive
38 Rob Zombie: Let it all bleed out
38 Death Angel: Seemingly endless time
38 Anvil: Mothra
38 Danko Jones: Code of the road
38 Helstar: Swirling madness
38 U.D.O.: The wrong side of midnight
38 Misery Speaks: Sentiment is missing
38 Anvil: 666
39 Queensrÿche: En force
39 Death Angel: The noose
39 Anthrax: Make me laugh
39 Manowar: Brothers of metal
39 Rob Cavestany: Lines on the road
39 Ozzy Osbourne: Lines on the road
39 Exodus: As it was, as it soon shall be
39 Meshuggah: Combustion
39 Kiss: Hotter than hell
39 Metallica: Fight fire with fire
39 Death Angel: Resurrection machine
39 Led Zeppelin: Houses of the holy
39 Iron Maiden: Hallowed be thy name
39 Slayer: Postmortem / raining blood
40 Judas Priest: Exciter (live)
40 Benedictum: Shellshock
40 Orden Ogan: To the new shores of sadness
40 Running Wild: Treasure Island
40 Benedictum: Beast in the field
40 Subway To Sally: Puppenspieler
40 Sahg: Ascent to decadence
40 Dark Age: Black September
40 Krokus: Headhunter
40 Benedictum: Seasons of tragedy
40 Sahg: Echoes ring forever
40 Celtic Frost: Os abysmai vei daath
40 Testament: The formation of damnation
40 Sahg: Wicked temptress
41 Iron Maiden: Prowler
41 Mystic Prophecy: Satanic curses
41 Arch Enemy: Leader of the rats
41 Holy Moses: Queen of Siam
41 Warrel Dane: Messenger
41 Mystic Prophecy: Damnation
41 Magnum: How far Jerusalem
41 Arsis: We are the nightmare
41 Rammstein: Zerstören
41 Mystic Prophecy: Demon's blood
41 Suicidal Tendencies: Trip at the brain
41 Dio: Strange highways
41 Morgana Lefay: Battle of Evermore
41 Suicidal Tendencies: If I don't wake up
41 Van Halen: Ain't talking about love
41 One Man Army & The Undead Quartet: Killing machine
41 Suicidal Tendencies: How will I laugh tomorrow … when I can't even smile today
41 Primal Fear: New religion
42 Queensrÿche: Walk in the shadows
42 In Flames: The mirror's truth
42 Avantasia: Twisted mind
42 Pantera: Mouth for war
42 In Extremo: Herr Mannelig
42 In Flames: The chosen pessimist
42 Divinity: Plasma
42 I: Warriors
42 In Flames: Delight and angers
42 Judas Priest: Island of domination
42 Solitude Aeternus: Waiting for the light
42 Primal Fear: Chainbreaker
42 Mystic Prophecy: Sacrifice me
42 Sacred Steel: Heavy metal to the end
42 Accept: Aiming high
42 Judas Priest: Dreamer deceiver / Deceiver
42 Dezperadoz: Days of thunder
43 Judas Priest: Riding on the wind
43 The Vision Bleak: She-wolf
43 Headhunter: Silverskull
43 U.D.O.: 24/7
43 Accept: Objection overruled
43 Accept: Russian roulette
43 The Duskfall: Break the pact
43 Schandmaul: Vor der Schlacht
43 Goddess Of Desire: Worship me
43 Carcass: Inpropagation
43 Twisted Sister: Burn in hell
43 Amon Amarth: The last with pagan blood
43 Jag Panzer: Reign of the tyrant
43 Carcass: Symposium of sickness
43 Benediction: I bow to none
43 Deicide: In the eyes of god
43 Severe Torture: Sawn off
43 Carcass: Incarnated solvent abuse
44 In Extremo: Frei zu sein
44 Tyr: Skinlars visa
44 Agent Steel: Unstoppable force
44 Forbidden: Chalice of blood
44 Ensiferum: Deathbringer from the sky
44 Rage: Prayers of steel
44 Communic: Becoming of man
44 Hypocrisy: Don't judge me
44 Kataklysm: The chains of power
44 In Extremo: Saengerkrieg
44 Onslaught: Metal forces
44 Korpiklaani: Let's drink
44 Lizzy Borden: There will be blood tonight
44 Tankard: Chemical invasion
44 Hardcore Superstar: Bag on your head
44 Obituary: Corrosive
44 Grave Digger: The last supper
44 My Uncle the Wolf: March of the hung
44 Opeth: Beneath the mire
45 Slade: Rock and roll preacher
45 Trouble: The tempter
45 Circle II Circle: Fatal warning
45 Axel Rudi Pell: Mystica
45 Grave: Bloodpath
45 Debauchery: Continue to kill
45 In Extremo: In diesem Licht
45 Dream Theater: Metropolis I
45 Pyramaze: A beautiful death
45 Gardenian: Small electric space
45 Trouble: Victim of the insane
45 Asphyx: Evocation
45 Tiamat: Until the hellhounds sleep again
45 Grip Inc.: Rusty nail
45 Angel Witch: Angel of death
45 Edge of Sanity: The masque
45 Trouble: Psalm 9
46 Communic: On ancient ground
46 Brand New Sin: Black or blue
46 Caliban: Nothing is forever
46 Bolt Thrower: The IV crusade
46 Communic: Payment of existence
46 Grand Magus: Like the oar strikes the water
46 Atrocity: In my veins
46 Fear Factory: Leechmaster
46 Communic: Raven's cry
46 Testament: The evil has landed
46 Textures: Old days born anew
46 Lacuna Coil: Our truth
46 Testament: The persecuted won't forget
46 Motörhead: Another perfect day
46 Metallica: Bleeding me
46 Testament: Henchmen ride
46 Psychotic Waltz: Morbid
47 Contracrash: Dead fish motherfucker
47 Agent Steel: Mad locust rising
47 Iced Earth: Melancholy
47 Queensrÿche: The lady wore black
47 Whitesnake: Love ain't no stranger
47 Dismember: Under a bloodred sky
47 Tankard: 666 packs
47 Hardcore Superstar: Wake up dead in a garbage can
47 Saxon: And the bands played on
47 Dismember: The hills have eyes
47 Judas Priest: Victim of changes (live)
47 Iron Maiden: Powerslave
47 Children of Bodom: Children of Bodom
47 At The Gates: Slaughter of the soul
47 Dismember: Legion
48 W.A.S.P.: Inside the electric circus
48 Zed Yago: Pilgrimage
48 Discard: Pulse
48 Evergrey: Obedience
48 Soilwork: Shadowchild
48 Arch Enemy: Heart of darkness
48 Ahab: Ahab's oath
48 Exodus: Fabulous disaster
48 End Of Green: Killhoney
48 Zed Yago: Black bone song
48 Europe: Rock the night
48 Destruction: Thrash 'til death
48 Keep Of Kalessin: Ascendant
48 Tony Iommi: I go insane
48 Strapping Young Lad: The new black
48 Zed Yago: Rose of martyrdom
48 Born From Pain: Rise or die
49 Overkill: Where it hurts
49 Hail Of Bullets: Ordered eastward
49 Skyclad: The declaration of indifference
49 AC/DC: Squealer
49 Callenish Circle: Schwarzes Licht
49 Hail Of Bullets: General winter
49 Bruce Dickinson: River of no return
49 Lääz Rockit: Brain wash
49 Sabaton: Ghost division
49 Grand Magus: Iron will
49 Sepultura: Mass hypnosis
49 Krisiun: Twilight sights
49 Deep Purple: Knocking at your back door
49 Grand Magus: Beyond good and evil
49 Manowar: Gloves of metal
49 Grand Magus: The shadow knows
50 Saxon: Wheels of steel (live)
50 Blaze Bayley: The man who would not die
50 My Darkest Hate: The principle of war
50 Mystic Prophecy: Evil of destruction
50 Riverside: Artificial smile
50 Blaze Bayley: Samurai
50 Gorefest: When the dead walk the earth
50 The Crown: Kill 'em all
50 Perzonal War: Utopia
50 Blaze Bayley: Voices from the past
50 Rainbow: Tarot woman
50 Descending: The trust
50 Cathedral: Carnival bizarre
50 Rainbow: Stargazer
50 Watain: Legions of the black light
50 Gama Bomb: Hammer slammer
50 Rainbow: Starstruck
51 Satyricon: K.I.N.G.
51 Urkraft: Come no tomorrow
51 Saltatio Mortis: Uns gehört die Welt
51 Aborted: 135
51 Arch Enemy: Silent wars
51 Paradise Lost: Pity the sadness
51 Schelmish: Mente capti
51 Exodus: Blacklist
51 Six Feet Under: Feasting on the blood of the insane
51 Subway To Sally: Falscher Heiland
51 The Vision Bleak: Evil is of old date
51 Dismember: Pieces
51 Primal Fear: Running in the dust
51 Destruction: Nailed to the cross
51 Decadence: Corrosion
51 Sinister: Republic of the grave
52 Iron Savior: Iron Savior
52 Eisbrecher: Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein?
52 Girlschool: Emergency
52 Iron Maiden: Seventh son of a seventh son
52 Cynic: Veil of Maya
52 Avantasia: Avantasia
52 Eisbrecher: Heilig
52 Holy Moses: Examination
52 Carcass: Buried dreams
52 At The Gates: Under the serpent sun
52 Nightwish: Bless the child
52 Kreator: Impossible brutality
52 Lordi: They only come out at night
52 Eisbrecher: 1000 Flammen
53 Savatage: Of rage and war
53 Oomph!: Beim ersten Mal tut's immer weh
53 Hypocrisy: Fire in the sky
53 Saliva: I walk alone
53 Oomph!: Labyrinth
53 Prong: Another worldly device
53 Oomph!: In deinen Hüften
53 White Zombie: Children of the grave (Black Sabbath)
53 Sodom: Wanted dead
53 Type O Negative: Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
53 1000 Homo DJs: Supernaut (Black Sabbath)
53 System Of A Down: Cigaro
54 Anthrax: I am the law
54 Nikki Puppet: Destroy this toy
54 Hellfueled: Rewinding time
54 Sodom: Remember the fallen
54 Bullet: Dusk till dawn
54 Nikki Puppet: Power seeker
54 Down: Stone the crow
54 Sinner: The dog
54 Loudness: Crazy doctor
54 Kissin' Dynamite: My religion
54 Sentenced: Grave sweet grave
54 Nikki Puppet: I spy
54 Unleashed: The greatest of all lies
54 Immolation: Put my hand in the fire
54 Scar Symmetry: Morphogenesis
54 Samael: Ceremony of opposites
54 Opeth: The lotus eater
54 Unleashed: Hammer battalion
54 Hatesphere: What I see I despise
54 Nuclear Assault: The plague
54 Unleashed: Warriors of Midgard
55 Dio: Dream evil
55 Nevermore: We disintegrate
55 Legion Of The Damned: Legion Of The Damned
55 Eisbrecher: Alkohol
55 Dark Angel: We have arrived
55 Eisbrecher: This is Deutsch
55 Artillery: Terror squad
55 Immortal: Tyrants
55 Helstar: Baptized in blood
55 Megadeth: Set the world afire
55 Kingdom of Sorrow: Hear this prayer for her
55 AC/DC: Spellbound
55 Rammstein: Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?
55 Megadeth: In my darkest hour
55 Scratched Surface: Phoenix
55 Volbeat: Maybellene I Hofteholder
55 Forte: Stranger than fiction
55 Megadeth: Hook in mouth
56 Gamma Ray: Beyond the black hole
56 Amon Amarth: Twilight of the thunder god
56 Sonic Syndicate: Jack of diamonds
56 Metallica: Shortest straw
56 Tankard: Beermuda
56 Amon Amarth: Varyags of Miklagaard
56 Chrome Division: Booze, broads & beelzebub
56 Corrosion of Conformity: Dance of the dead
56 Amon Amarth: Guardians of Asgaard
56 Whitesnake: Young blood
56 Benedictum: Benedictum
56 Overkill: Save me
56 U.D.O.: Mission X
56 Warlock: Out of control
56 Eisregen: Schwarze Rose
56 Whitesnake: Bloody luxury
56 Slayer: Show no mercy
56 Possessed: Satan's curse
56 Nile: As he creates so he destroys
57 Blind Guardian: Welcome to dying
57 Volbeat: Guitar gangsters & cadillac blood
57 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Es wird schlimmer
57 Whitesnake: Saints & Sinners
57 Bathory: Call from the grave
57 Volbeat: Mary Ann's place
57 Blaze Bayley: Smile back at death
57 Jag Panzer: Warfare
57 Tracedawn: Without walls
57 Volbeat: We
57 Communic: The abandoned one
57 Amon Amarth: Tattered banners and bloody flags
57 Akercocke: Words that go unspoken, deeds that go undone
57 Suicidal Tendencies: Nobody hears
57 The Haunted: Moronic colossus
57 Ayreon: Ride the comet
57 Amon Amarth: Embrace the endless ocean
58 Exciter: I am the beast
58 Toxic Holocaust: Feedback, blood and distortion
58 After Forever: Boundaries are open
58 Benediction: They must die screaming
58 Amon Amarth: Cry of the black birds (live)
58 Bruce Dickinson: Darkside of Aquarius
58 Volbeat: Wild rover from hell
58 Death: Symbolic
58 Bruce Dickinson: Accident of birth
58 Threshold: Slipstream
58 Volbeat: Hallelujah goat
58 Depressive Age:  Eternal twins
58 Amon Amarth: An ancient sign of coming storm (live)
58 Morbid Angel: Where the slime live
58 Bruce Dickinson: Omega
58 Steelheart: Rock 'n' roll
59 Entombed: Hollowman
59 Trivium: Down from the sky
59 Armored Saint: Reign of fire
59 Alestorm: Captain Morgan's revenge
59 Dew-Scented: Retain the scars
59 Trivium: Into the mouth of hell we march
59 Doro: Celebrate
59 Trivium: Insurrection
59 Gary Moore: Victims of the future
59 Candlemass: Lucifer rising
59 Pain: I'm going in
59 Gary Moore: Empty rooms
59 Autopsy: Severed survival
59 Terrorizer: World downfall
59 Edguy: Ministry of saints
59 Gary Moore: Murder in the sky
60 AC/DC: Rock 'n' roll train
60 Sylosis: Conclusion of an age
60 Black Label Society: Hell is high
60 Saxon: Live to rock
60 Sadus: Down
60 AC/DC: Big Jack
60 Hammerfall: Flight of the warrior
60 Emir Hot: Sevdah Metal Rhapsody
60 AC/DC: Black ice
60 Armored Saint: Nervous man
60 Warrel Dane: Messenger
60 Mekong Delta: Toccata
60 Benediction: Killing music
60 Trivium: Shogun
60 Armored Saint: Conqueror
60 Bloodbath: Mock the cross
60 Darkthrone: Hiking metal punk
60 Armored Saint: Aftermath
61 U.D.O.: We do for you
61 Crack Up: Unburden
61 Exodus: Metal command 2008
61 Gamma Ray: Rebellion in dreamland
61 Grip Inc.: Cleanse the seed
61 Hellhammer: Horus aggressor
61 Led Zeppelin: Black dog
61 Count Raven: Until death do us part
61 Gamma Ray: Gods of deliverance
61 Grand Magus: I am the north
61 Callejon: Zombified
61 Iron Maiden: For the greater good of god
61 Cathedral: Equilibrium
61 Gamma Ray: All of the damned
62 Annihilator: The fun palace
62 Napalm Death: Greed killing
62 Winterlong: Winterlong
62 Doro: The night of the warlock
62 Cradle Of Filth: The forest whispers my name
62 Annihilator: Stonewall
62 Whiplash: Wheel of misfortune
62 Unearth: My will be done
62 Testament: The evil has landed
62 Annihilator: Phantasmagoria
62 Anthrax: Only
62 Sirenia: The path to decay
62 In Flames: Disconnected
62 Dearly Beheaded: Temptation
62 Dio: Holy diver
62 One Man Army & The Undead Quartet: Misfit with a machine gun
62 Six Feet Under: Seed of filth
62 Rumble Militia: No Nazis
63 Sacred Reich: The American way
63 Molly Hatchet: Tatanka
63 Disturbed: Down with the sickness
63 The Cavalera Conspiracy: Inflikted
63 Darkane: Leaving existence
63 AC/DC: War machine
63 Kiss: Rock 'n' Roll all nite
63 Pain: Follow me
63 Mercyful Fate: The uninvited guest
63 Edguy: Superheroes
63 The Cavalera Conspiracy: Sanctuary
63 Catamenia: Garden
63 Mirror Of Deception: Ghost
63 Pain: Monkey business
63 L'Âme Immortelle: Es tut mir leid
63 Sacred Reich: Who's to blame
63 Armory: Warrior forlorn
63 Pain: Have a drink on me
63 The Cavalera Conspiracy: Hearts of darkness
63 Sacred Reich: Crimes against humanity
64 Iron Savior: Riding on fire
64 Sinner: There will be execution
64 Oomph!: Wach auf
64 Oomph!: Gekreuzigt
64 Edguy: Pride of creation
64 Eisregen Stahlschwarzschwanger
64 Finntroll: Det iskalla trollblodet
64 Evocation: Angel of torment
64 In Extremo: 7 Köche
64 Edguy: Speedhoven
64 Evocation: Dead calm chaos
64 Deathstars: Death dies hard
64 Falchonian: Primitive again
64 Edguy: Dead or rock
64 Evocation: Razored to the bone
65 Raise Hell: Dance with the devil
65 Before The Dawn: Dying sun
65 Virgin Steele: We rule the night
65 Obituary: World demise
65 Vanden Plas: Christ O
65 Oomph!: Unsere Rettung
65 Voivod: The unknown knows
65 Oomph!: Das weiße Licht
65 Before The Dawn: Dead reflections
65 Ravage: Freedom fighter
65 Slayer: Flesh storm
65 Deep Purple: Perfect strangers
65 Satyricon: Black crow on a tombstone
65 One Man Army & The Undead Quartet: Cursed
65 Tool: Schism
65 Before The Dawn: Monsters
66 Accept: Starlight
66 Poisonblack: Diane
66 Demolition Hammer: Neanderthal
66 Type O Negative: Bloody kisses
66 Poisonblack: Human compost
66 Leaves' Eyes: Elegy
66 Scorpions: Can't live without you
66 Poisonblack: Only you can tear me apart
66 Bloodbath: Process of disillumination
66 Strapping Young Lad: Shitstorm
66 Pantera: Heresy
66 Kreator: Renewal
66 Bloodbath: Drink from the cup of heresy
66 Black Sabbath: Sabbath bloody Sabbath
66 Totenmond: Sagenwelt
66 Bleeding Through: Orange county black & blue
66 Morgana Lefay: Creatures of the hierarchy
66 Bloodbath: Hades rising
67 Slayer: Hell awaits (live)
67 Amon Amarth: Fate of norns
67 Black Sabbath: Heaven and hell
67 Hail Of Bullets: Red wolves of Stalin
67 J.B.O.: Gänseblümchen
67 Agonoize: Koprolalie
67 Grand Magus: Iron will
67 The Gathering: Nighttime birds
67 Iron Maiden: Aces high
67 Ayreon: Age of shadows
67 Obituary: Chopped in half
67 Edguy: Lavatory love machine
67 Metallica: The four horsemen
67 Pain: Follow me
67 Saxon: Princess of the night (live)
67 Volbeat: Mary Ann's place
68 Pretty Maids: Back to back
68 Legion Of The Damned: Pray and suffer
68 Atheist: Room with a view
68 Waltari: Far away
68 Gojira: Vacuity
68 Doro: Celebrate (full metal female version)
68 Scorpions: Big city nights
68 Warlock: All night
68 The Carburetors: Burnout
68 Deep Purple: Bloodsucker
68 Tony Iommi: Dopamine
68 In Extremo: Neues Glück
68 Disturbed: Indestructible
68 In Extremo: Pavane
68 System Of A Down: Holy mountains
69 Vicious Rumors: Against the grain
69 Metallica: Helpless
69 Saxon: Battalions of steel
69 Cannibal Corpse: Evisceration plague
69 The New Black: Everlasting
69 Scorpions: The Zoo
69 Saxon: Sweeney Todd
69 Dawn Of Winter: The music of despair
69 Before The Dawn: Exile
69 Motörhead: Dancing on your grave
69 Heaven Shall Burn: Murderer of all murderers
69 Flotsam & Jetsam: Suffer the masses
69 Doro: Running from the devil
69 Saxon: Come rock of ages
69 All Ends: Walk away
69 Edguy: Sex fire religion
69 S.O.D.: Freddy Krueger
70 Iced Earth: Burning times
70 Kataklysm: Taking the world by storm
70 Helloween: Murderer
70 In Flames: Reflect the storm
70 All Ends: Still believe
70 All Ends: Apologize
70 Skid Row: Get the fuck out
70 Mötley Crüe: Knock 'em dead, kid
70 All Ends: Wasting life
70 Doro: On the run
70 Meshuggah: Rational gaze
70 Prong: Broken peace
70 L'Âme Immortelle: Behind the light
70 Solstice: To ride with Tyr
70 Doro: Walking with the angels
71 The New Black: Simplify
71 Unlight: Death consecrates with blood
71 Doro: I lay my head upon my sword
71 The New Black: Coming home
71 Tankard: Octane warriors
71 Pain: Dancing with the dead
71 Wizard: Utgard
71 Sanctuary: Taste revenge
71 The New Black: Ballad of broken angels
71 Magnum: Rocking chair
71 Edguy: Sacrifice
71 Skid Row: Youth gone wild
71 Shinedown: Devour
71 Journey: Anyway you want it
71 AC/DC: Bad boy boogie (live)
72 Annihilator: Battered
72 Scar Symmetry: Veil of illusions
72 Fear Factory: Self bias resistor
72 Enslaved: Fenris
72 Crematory: Away
72 Volbeat: Sad man's tongue
72 Place Vendome: Streets of fire
72 System Of A Down: War
72 Sepultura: Beneath the remains
72 After Forever: Come
72 Tony Hernando: Driven by fear
72 Pain: Zombie slam
72 Doomsword: The great horn
72 Place Vendome: Follow me
72 Gorefest: Revolt
73 Overkill: Shred
73 Ozzy Osbourne: Forever
73 Grave Digger: Ballad of a hangman
73 Faith No More: Falling to pieces
73 Bolt Thrower: As the world burns
73 Grave Digger: Lonely the innocence dies
73 Iron Maiden: Wasted years
73 Deadlock: The Brave / Agony applause
73 Grave Digger: Hell of disillusion
73 Napalm Death: Diktat
73 Saxon: Power and the glory
73 Manowar: Blood of my enemies
73 Napalm Death: Time waits for no slave
73 Eisbrecher: Komm süßer Tod
73 Hail Of Bullets: Advancing once more
73 Rainbow: Catch the rainbow
73 Napalm Death: Downbeat clique
74 In Flames: Episode 666
74 Motörhead: Buried alive
74 Sodom: Tired and red
74 Primordial: Empire falls
74 Motörhead: English Rose
74 Massacre: From beyond
74 Communic: Under a luminous sky
74 Motörhead: The thousand names of god
74 J.B.O.: Ein guter Tag zum Sterben
74 Ayreon: The awareness
74 Exciter: Violence and force
74 Sentenced: Everfrost
74 Death: Scavenger of human sorrow
74 Tony Hernando: Signals of aggression
74 Ayreon: Merlin's will
74 Ayreon: The charm of the seer
75 Running Wild: Under Jolly Roger
75 Kreator: Hordes of chaos
75 AC/DC: War machine
75 Crowbar: Down into the rotting earth
75 Sirenia: The path to decay
75 Kreator: War curse
75 Criminal: Crime and punishment
75 Black Sabbath: Neon knights
75 Grave Digger: Shadow of your soul
75 Kreator: Demon prince
75 The Burning: It came from the North
75 Into Eternity: Splintered visions
75 Savage Blade: We are the hammer
75 Megadeth: Sleepwalker
75 Judas Priest: Prophecy
75 Coroner: Metamorphosis
75 Queensrÿche: If I were king
75 Gamma Ray: Heavy Metal universe
76 Metal Church: Start the fire
76 Kingdom of Sorrow: Begging for the truth
76 Amorphis: Towards and against (live)
76 Testament: D.N.R.
76 Megadeth: Holy wars
76 Judas Priest: Nostradamus
76 Judas Priest: Sinner (live)
76 Static-X: Stingwray
76 Kreator: Ripping corpse
76 Hammerfall: Punish and enslave
76 Caliban: I rape myself
76 Lethal: Arrival
76 Obituary: Splattered
76 Amon Amarth: Ride for vengeance
76 Hammerfall: One of a kind
76 Hellsaw: Der Harzwald
77 Anthrax: Aftershock
77 Hatesphere: To the Nine
77 Black Messiah: Von Rachsucht und Lüge
77 Ministry: Waiting (live)
77 Coverdale/Page: Shake my tree
77 Hatesphere: Backstabber
77 Exilia: Phoenix
77 Ektomorf: What doesn't kill me
77 Strings 24: Double D
77 Dream Theater: As I am
77 Hatesphere: Cloaked in shit
77 Dokken: Kiss of death
77 Agathodaimon: Heliopolis
77 Absu: Sceptre command
77 Ayreon: Dreamtime
77 Dokken: Standing in the shadows
77 Nachtgeschrei: Herz aus Stein
77 Mastodon: Divinations
77 Dokken: Dream Warriors
78 Nightwish: Elvenpath
78 Tardy Brothers: Bring you down
78 Street Legal: Bite the bullet
78 Nightwish: Amaranth (live)
78 IXXI: Beyond the rapture
78 Mötley Crüe: Wildside
78 Tardy Brothers: Deep down
78 Candlemass: Hammer of doom
78 Jeff Scott Soto: Soul divine
78 Blind Guardian: Traveler in time
78 Queensrÿche: Sliver
78 Queensrÿche: Hundred mile stare
78 Benediction: Dark is the season
78 Tardy Brothers: Eternal lies
78 Perfect Engine: The hate
79 Vengeance: Cowboy style
79 Subway To Sally: Die Jagd beginnt
79 Napalm Death: De-evolution ad nauseam
79 Metallica: Of wolf and man
79 Fejd: Offerök
79 Subway To Sally: Judaskuss
79 Fleshgod Apocalypse: Requiem in SJ minore
79 Lacuna Coil: When a dead man walks
79 Demonical: Revel in misanthropia
79 Subway To Sally: Niemals
79 Pretty Maids: Future world
79 The Sorrow: Raising the devil
79 Queensrÿche: The killer
79 Queensrÿche: Man down!
79 Heart of Cygnus: Lost at sea
79 Dismember: Override of the overture
80 Bruce Dickinson: Freak
80 Candlemass: The bleeding baroness
80 Slayer: Hallowed point
80 Bullet For My Valentine: Scream aim fire
80 Naglfar: Horncrowned majesty
80 Candlemass: House of thousand voices
80 Fear Factory: Linchpin
80 Shakra: Regressive evolution
80 Candlemass: My funeral dreams
80 Volbeat: Broken man and the dawn
80 Semlah: Axiom of life
80 Queensrÿche: Home again
80 Jon Oliva's Pain: The dark
80 Semlah: Frayed wings
80 Randale: Der Hardrockhase Harald
80 One Man Army & The Undead Quartet: Hell is for heroes
80 S.O.D.: Pre-menstrual princess blues
81 Candlemass: Solitude
81 Semlah: Beyond Salvation
81 Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath
81 Lord Vicar: Born of a jackal
81 Metallica: The thing that should not be
81 Cathedral: Ebony tears
81 Mirror Of Deception: Ghost
81 Down: Bury me in smoke
81 Ahab: Below the sun
81 Trouble: Psalm 9
81 The Lamp Of Thoth: I love the lamp
81 Overkill: Skullkrusher
81 Wino: Streetside
82 Vicious Rumors: Don't wait for me
82 Icon In Me: Dislocated
82 The Bullet Monks: My world's a show
82 Iron Maiden: Alexander The Great
82 Trivium: Kirisute Gomen
82 W.A.S.P.: The heretic
82 Hypocrisy: Blinded
82 Black Sun Aeon: A song for my demise
82 Disbelief: Aggression schedule
82 Arch Enemy: Stigmata
82 Saint Vitus: Born too late
82 My Dying Bride: To remain tombless
82 Warning: Footprints
83 Savatage: Morphine child
83 Endstille: Hate me … god?
83 Winterborn: Chaos dwells within
83 Necrophobic: Revelation 666
83 Wolfchant: World in ice
83 Grendel: Another link in the chain
83 Nachtmystium: Solitary voyage
83 Dark The Suns: Sleepless angels
83 Perfect Engine: Reaper
83 Darkness By Oath: Kingdom of denial
83 Ashent: Spectral vanity
83 Jungle Rot: Worst case scenario
83 Sons Of Seasons: Gods of vermin
83 Astra: Hypocrisy
83 Witchmaster: Total annihilation
83 Amoral: Release
83 Funebrarum: Cursed eternity
84 Overkill: Infectious
84 Powerwolf: Catholic in the morning … satanist at night
84 Thirteenth Sign: Silhouette of her wings
84 Grave: 8th dominion
84 Powerwolf: We take the church by storm
84 Demonical: Infernal void
84 Fairyland: Across the endless sea (part II)
84 Volbeat: Still counting
84 Powerwolf: Seven deadly saints
84 Morgana Lefay: Rooms of sleep
84 Onheil: As hope dies
84 Children Of Bodom: Black widow
84 Paganizer: Onward to die
84 AC/DC: Highway to hell
84 Morgana Lefay: Alley of the oaks
84 Throne Of Katarsis: Lysets endeligt
84 Domain: Picture the beauty
84 Morgana Lefay: Dying evolution
85 Sodom: Among the weirdcong
85 Breschdleng: Schdeffala
85 Psychotic Waltz: Into the everflow
85 Accept: Turn me on
85 Stratovarius: Deep unknown
85 Breschdleng: Breschdleng
85 Axis Powers: Artillery pointing west
85 Lamb Of God: Contractor
85 Breschdleng: Roschdbrohda
85 Overkill: Birth of tension
85 Burial Hordes: Abysmal goatfeast
85 Kataklysm: Where the enemy sleeps …
85 Overkill: Who tends the fire
85 Death: Crystal mountain
85 Cannibal Corpse: The wretched spawn
85 Overkill: The years of decay
86 Alestorm: The quest
86 Kissin' Dynamite: My religion
86 Ross The Boss: Blood of knives
86 Voivod: Experiment
86 Primordial: Heathen tribes
86 Sacred Reich: Surf Nicaragua
86 Sodom: I am the war
86 U.D.O.: Holy
86 Lääz Rockit: Brain wash
86 Powerwolf: Midnight messiah
86 Warrior: Fighting for the earth
86 Hardcore Superstar: Beg for it
86 Exodus: The toxic waltz
86 W.A.S.P.: Arena of pleasure
86 Jon Oliva's Pain: Through the eyes of a king
86 Kreator: Bringer of torture
87 Airbourne: Stand up for rock 'n' roll
87 Heaven Shall Burn: A quest for resistance
87 Alestorm: Leviathan
87 Biohazard: Cleansing
87 Holy Moses: Strange deception
87 Heaven & Hell: Bible black
87 Enslaved: Loke
87 The Bosshoss: Stallion battalion
87 Grand Magus: Silver into steel
87 In Extremo: Wind
87 Secrets Of The Moon: Lucifer speaks
87 Running Wild: Riding the storm
87 Sahg: Star crossed
87 Stratovarius: Higher we go
87 Dezperadoz: Days of thunder
87 Tracedawn: Without walls
87 Nevermore: The psalm of Lydia
88 Exciter: Long live the loud
88 Heaven & Hell: Double the pain
88 Prong: Can't stop the bleeding (Smack! Mix)
88 Manimal: I am
88 RAM: Lightbringer
88 Ulcerate: Withered and obsolete
88 Xerath: Consequences
88 Susperia: Character flaw
88 Helstar: Burning star
88 U.D.O.: Infected
88 Jorn: Rock 'n' roll angel
88 Primal Fear: Killbound
88 Saint Deamon: Eyes of the dead
88 Eternal Tears Of Sorrow: Diary of demonic dreams
88 Mystic Prophecy: We
88 Resurrection: Eyes of the blind
88 Lacuna Coil: Survive
88 Iron Maiden: Another life
88 The Sean Baker Orchestra: Dukes of New York
89 Ozzy Osbourne: Miracle man
89 Evolution: The hunt
89 Pantera: Walk
89 Tyr: Hold the heathen hammer high
89 Evolution: Biology of fear
89 Iron Maiden: The number of the beast
89 Evolution: Behind the mirror
89 Killswitch Engage: Life to lifeless
89 U.D.O.: Systematic madness
89 Obituary: List of dead
89 Blind Guardian: Banish from sanctuary
89 Queensrÿche: The whisper
89 Acid Witch: Into the cave
89 Obituary: Darkest day
89 Queensrÿche: Jet city woman
89 Obituary: See me now
90 Airbourne: Runnin' wild
90 Tyr: Trondur i gofu
90 Alestorm: Keelhauled
90 Voivod: Astronony domine
90 Primordial: Gallows hymn
90 Sodom: Napalm in the morning
90 U.D.O.: Bodyworld
90 Lääz Rockit: City's gonna burn
90 Warrior: Fight or fall
90 Y&T: Mean streak
90 Blind Guardian: Turn the page
90 Halford: Resurrection
90 Motörhead: No class
90 Anaal Nathrakh: Terror in the mind of god
90 Magrudergrind: Bridge burner
90 Queen: The show must go on
91 Amorphis: Highest star
91 Xiron: I rule my destiny
91 Acid Witch: Witchblood cult
91 Meshuggah: Electric red
91 Amorphis: Skyforger
91 Killswitch Engage: Starting over
91 Bathory: 13 candles
91 Amorphis: Course of fate
91 Armored Saint: Can u deliver
91 Lamb Of God: In your words
91 Metal Church: Anthem to the estranged
91 Trail Of Tears: Once kissed by the serpent
91 Devildriver: Pray for villains
91 Armored Saint: Envy
91 Graveworm: Hell's creation
91 Metal Church: The spell can't be broken
92 Strapping Young Lad: Underneath the waves
92 The Gathering: All you are
92 Tankwart: Viva Espana
92 Glittertind: Nordafjells
92 The Crown: At the end
92 The Gathering: The west pole
92 Unleashed: I am god
92 Chris Caffery: Seasons change
92 Warbringer: Severed reality
92 The Gathering: No one spoke
92 Testament: Down for life
92 Korpiklaani: Vodka
92 Hypocrisy: Necronomicon
92 Trivial Hate: Forsaken
92 Testament: True believer
92 Inmoria: Haunting shadows
92 Paramaecium: The killing
92 Testament: Legions of the dead
93 Artillery: 10000 devils
93 Dream Theater: A rite of passage
93 Anthrax: Room for one more
93 Glorior Belli: The forbidden words
93 Artillery: When death comes
93 End Of Green: Killhoney
93 Ahab: O father sea
93 Artillery: Damned religion
93 Sepultura: Beneath the remains
93 Death Angel: Evil priest
93 Machine Head: Davidian
93 Tracer: Harvest the seed
93 Syrach: The river's rage
93 Sepultura: Slaves of pain
93 Onslaught: Let there be death (live)
93 Chris Caffery: House of insanity
93 Sepultura: Stronger than hate
93.1 Doro: We are the Metalheads
93.1 Ahab: The Divinity Of Oceans
93.1 Dream Theater: The Count Of Tuscany
93.1 Opeth: Hessian Peel
93.1 Meshuggah: Dancers to a Discordant System
93.1 Skyline: W:O:A
93.1 Death Angel: The ultra-violence
93.1 Sunn O))): Hunting&Gathering (Cydonia)
93.1 Gorefest: La Muerte
93.1 The Gathering: Black Light District
94 U.D.O.: The bogeyman
94 Caliban: Caliban's revenge
94 J.B.O.: Gänseblümchen
94 Der W: Geschichtenhasser
94 Heaven & Hell: Follow the tears
94 Lacuna Coil: I won't tell you
94 Walls Of Jericho: Home is where the heart is
94 Airbourne: Hellfire
94 Napalm Death: Work to rule
94 Doro: We are the Metalheads
94 U.D.O.: Dominator
94 Rage: From the cradle to the grave
94 Pain: Nailed to the ground
94 Volbeat: The human instrument
94 Saxon: Killing ground
94 U.D.O.: Devil's rendezvous
95 Megadeth: Headcrusher
95 J.B.O.: I don't like Metal, I love it
95 Pestilence: Bacterial surgery
95 Gwar: Metal Metal land
95 Flotsam & Jetsam: Iron tears
95 Saltatio Mortis: Ebenbild
95 Morbid Angel: Covenant of death
95 Leaves' Eyes: Froyas theme
95 Mercyful Fate: Curse of the Pharaohs
95 Der W: Mein bester Feind
95 Ensiferum: Stone cold metal
95 Graveworm: New disorder
95 J.B.O.: Geh mer halt zu Slayer
95 Saltatio Mortis: Salome
96 Ozzy Osbourne: The ultimate sin
96 Leaves' Eyes: Emerald island
96 Death: Baptized in blood
96 Slayer: Black magic (live)
96 Sahg: Pyromancer
96 Bullet Monks: We're all fucked
96 The New Black: Why we burn
96 Dezperadoz: Days of thunder
96 Edguy: Dead or rock
96 J.B.O.: Es muss ein Rock (durch Deutschland gehen)
96 Saltatio Mortis: La jument de Michao
96 Cripper: I
96 Dio: Fever dreams
96 Accept: Balls to the wall
96 Tarja: I walk alone
96 Marduk: The fleshly void
96 Carnivore: Sex and violence
97 Bolt Thrower: No guts – no glory
97 Manimal: Human nature
97 The Fire: Abra cadabra
97 Theatre Of Tragedy: Hollow
97 Nightmare: Eternal winter
97 Kreator: Take their lives
97 Insomnium: Down with the sun
97 Savage Messiah: The serpent tongue of divinity
97 The Atlas Moth: One amongst the wheat fields
97 Cirith Ungol: The fire
97 Danger Danger: That's what I amtalking about
97 House Of Lords: Desert rain
97 Lynch Mob: 21st century man
97 Powermad: Absolute power
97 Illusion Suite: Scarlet skies
97 Red Circuit: Fall from the skies
97 Axxis: Utopia
97 Krypteria: For you I'll bring the devil down
97 Ensiferum: Heathen throne
98 Destruction: Thrash till death (live)
98 Testament: Electric crown
98 Tarja: Lost northern star
98 At Vance: Last in line
98 Bathory: Baptized in fire and ice
98 Phial: Inside
98 Machine Head: Imperium
98 Destruction: D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. (live)
98 Tarja: The seer
98 Motörhead: Back at the funny farm
98 Rammstein: Reise Reise
98 Queen: Bohemian rhapsody
98 Disturbed: Indestructible
98 Phial: Underwater sounds
99 Savage Messiah: Insurrection rising
99 Megadeth: This day we fight
99 Darzamat: Pain collector
99 Illdisposed: To those who walk behind me
99 Rebellion: From Ginnungagap to Ragnarök
99 Edge Of Serenity: Inside
99 Morgoth: White gallery
99 Saltatio Mortis: Letzte Worte
99 Queensrÿche: Nightrider
99 Megadeth: How the story ends
99 Opeth: Porcelain heart
99 Vader: When the sun drowns in dark
99 Queensrÿche: No sanctuary
99 Queensrÿche: Home again
99 Megadeth: Endgame
100 Queensrÿche: I remember now & Anarchy X & Revolution calling
100 Iron Maiden: Wasted years
100 Pain: Nailed to the ground
100 After Forever: Energize me
100 J.B.O.: Verteidiger des Blödsinns
100 AC/DC: For those about to rock
100 Black Sabbath: Heaven and hell
100 Candlemass: Solitude
100 Queensrÿche: Home again
100 Metallica: Ride the lightning
100 Communic: Waves of visual decay
100 Nocturnal Rites: Never again
100 Anthrax: Indians
101 Sacred Steel: Wargods of Metal
101 Hellfueled: Monster
101 Claustrofobia: War stomp
101 Edguy: Superheroes (live)
101 Hatebreed: In ashes they shall reap
101 Foreigner: Break it up
101 Legion Of The Damned: Cult of the dead
101 The Fire: Abra cadabra
101 Volbeat: Sad man's tongue
101 Destruction: The damned
101 Destruction: Cracked brain
101 Judas Priest: Victim of changes (live)
101 Metallica: Master of puppets
101 Hammer: Infernal waves
101 Machine Head: Davidian
101 Mangoo: Blinders
101 Overkill: Blood money
101 Suicide Commando: Bind torture kill
102 Metal Church: Human factor
102 Saltatio Mortis: Salome
102 Metallica: For whom the bell tolls
102 Agonoize: Bis das Blut gefriert
102 Iron Maiden: Somewhere in time
102 Immortal: All shall fall
102 The Fire: Wasted
102 Haggard: The sleeping child
102 Jimi Hendrix: All along the watchtower
102 Brainstorm: Shiver
102 Steinkind: Warum
102 Lahannya: Dying inside
102 Death: Living monstrosity
102 Nevermore: Poison god machine
102 Tarja: Lost northern star (Peter Tägtgren Remix)
102 AC/DC: TNT
102 Schelmish: Boulevard
103 Primal Fear: Battalions of hate
103 Vader: Rise of the undead
103 AC/DC: Bad boy boogie
103 Defiance: The war inside
103 J.B.O.: Dio in Rio
103 Sacred Steel: Carnage victory
103 Whitesnake: Walking in the shadow of the blues (live)
103 Alice In Chains: Check my brain
103 Brainstorm: Cross the line
103 The 11th Hour: One last smoke
103 Primal Fear: Killbound
103 Kittie: Cut throat
103 Dio: Evil eyes
103 Anthrax: Aftershock
103 Foreigner: Can't slow down
103 Bleeding Red: Launch damnation
103 The Fire: Lady motorcycle
103 Gorgoroth: Prayer
103 Finntroll: Trollhammaren
103 Symphony Cult: Confess
AS001 Pandemia: Twisted faith
AS001 The Final Harvest: Obedience (messiah?)
AS001 Kittie: Forgive anf forget
AS001 Metalium: Heavy Metal
AS001 Mob Rules: Children of the flames
AS001 W.A.S.P.: The heretic
AS001 The 11th Hour: In the silent grave
AS001 Paradox: Evolution reset
AS001 Forgery: Black the sky
104 Iced Earth: Burning times
104 Hammer: Drinking with the devil
104 Nuclear Assault: Nuclear war
104 Arkona: Goi, rode, goi!
104 Iron Savior: Coming home
104 Lita Ford: Scream 4 me
104 Primal Fear: Riding the eagle
104 Possessed: Evil warriors
104 SITD: Frontal
104 Darkane: Fatal impact
104 Mangoo: Birds of prey
104 Frei.wild: Frei.wild
104 Frei.wild: Land der Vollidioten
104 Mercyful Fate: Come to the Sabbath
104 Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult: Saldorian Spell
104 Saltatio Mortis: Wirf den ersten Stein
104 Lahannya: Adrenaline
104 Suicidal Tendencies: Trip at the brain
105 Amon Amarth: Twilight of the thunder god
105 City Of Fire: Carve your name
105 Lividity: Mass genocide
105 Loud At Least: Take me along
105 Lahannya: Burn
105 Lahannya: Open your eyes
105 Iron Maiden: Run to the hills
105 Fear Factory: Replica
105 Immortal: Norden on fire
105 System Of A Down: Chop Suey
105 Frei.wild: Weiter immer weiter
105 Dimmu Borgir: The serpentine offering
105 Rammstein: Liebe ist für alle da
105 Soundgarden: Spoonman
AS002 Mangoo: Blinders
AS002 Mangoo: Not yourt dog
AS002 Bleeding Red: Soul of Loss
AS002 Bleeding Red: Bird of the dead
AS002 Loud At Least: Take me along
AS002 Loud At Least: Let's start the show
AS002 Overkill: Wrecking crew
AS002 Doomsday Diva: God & Evil
AS002 Doomsday Diva: My world
AS002 Arkona: Nevidal (The Wonder)
AS002 Arkona: Goi, Rode, Goi!!!
106 Hypocrisy: Valley of the damned
106 Winger: Deal with the devil
106 Acid Witch: The black witch
106 Dio: Rock 'n' Roll children
106 Slayer: World painted blood
106 Jon Oliva's Pain: Before I hang
106 Jag Panzer: Fate's triumph
106 Cinderella: Gypsy road (live)
106 Annihilator: W.T.Y.D.
106 Rammstein: Waidmanns heil
106 Asphyx: Pages in blood
106 Annihilator: Wicked Mystic
106 Stryper: Murder by pride
106 Communic: On ancient ground
106 Annihilator: Human insecticide
106 Doro: The last goodbye (classic)
106 Misery Index: Demand the impossible
107 Slayer: Hate worldwide
107 Hypocrisy: No tomorrow
107 City Of Fire: Carve your name
107 Manegarm: Nattsjäll-Drömsjäl
107 Gary Moore: Nuclear attack
107 Doro: We are the Metalheads
107 Dark Funeral: Stigmata
107 Doomsday Diva: Roll to hell
107 In Slumber: Fellow believers follow
107 Emil Bulls: Here comes the fire
107 Exilia: Deleted
107 Slipknot: Dead memories
107 Der W: Gewinnen kann jeder
107 Lääz Rockit: In the name of the father and the gun
107 Disturbed: Facade
107 J.B.O.: Ein bisschen Frieden
107 Aosoth: Ashes of angels
107 Keel: The right to rock
107 Burning Black: Our sentence
108 Metallica: Trapped under ice
108 Claustrofobia: War stomp
108 Symphony Cult: This devastation
108 Leverage: Worldbeater
108 Bigelf: The evils of Rock 'n' Roll
108 Forgery: Harboring hate
108 Motörhead: Stone dead forever
108 Swallow The Sun: Falling world
108 Sacred Steel: By vengeance and hatred we ride
108 Mob Rules: Trial by fire
108 Dark Age: Devour yourself to nothing
108 Katatonia: Forsaken
108 Paradox: Riptide
108 Fragments Of Unbecoming: Vast
108 Exilia: My own army
108 Sonic Syndicate: Burn this city
108 Callejon: Zombified
108 S.O.D.: The crackhead song
109 Overkill: Thunderhead
109 Armored Saint: After me the flood
109 Nevermore: Narcosynthesis
109 Rammstein: Ich will
109 Pain: Shut your mouth
109 Böhse Onkelz: Keine Amnestie für MTV
109 ASP: Ich will brennen
109 Arch Enemy: Dead eyes see no future
109 Amon Amarth: Fate of norns
109 J.B.O.: Gänseblümchen
109 Bruce Dickinson: Tyranny of souls
109 Corvus Corax: Fortuna
109 Slayer: Cult
109 The Gathering: Alone
109 Foreigner: Can't slow down
109 Nightwish: Amaranth
109 Tankard: Sexy feet under
109 Tankard: Chemical invasion
109 Lacrimosa: Feuer
109 Böhse Onkelz: Ihr hättet es wissen müssen
109 Communic: Waves of visual decay
110 Exciter: Heavy Metal maniac
110 Hypocrisy: Global domination
110 Saxon: Live to rock
110 Kreator: Amok run
110 Candlemass: House of thousand voices
110 Queensrÿche: Home again
110 Artillery: Delusions of grandeure
110 Heaven & Hell: Bible black
110 Breschdleng: Roschdbrohda
110 Anvil: Metal on metal
110 Amorphis: Skyforger
110 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Der Weg (live)
110 Ihsahn: Frozen lakes on Mars
110 Orden Ogan: Nobody leaves
110 Tyr: Hold the heathen hammer high
111 Death Angel: Thrashers
111 Blaze Bayley: Watching the night sky
111 Mirror Of Deception: Frozen fortune
111 Accept: Monsterman
111 Iron Mask: Shadow of the Red Baron
111 Volbeat: Guitar gangsters & cadillac blood
111 Machine Head: The blood, the sweat, the tears (live)
111 Savatage: When the crowds are gone (live)
111 Forgery: Equilibrium
111 AC/DC: Sin city
111 Acacia Avenue: Hold on
111 Rob Zombie: Sick bubblegum
111 Death: Spiritual healing
111 Iron Maiden: The rime of the Ancient Mariner
111 Grave Digger: Witch hunter
111 H.I.M.: In joy and sorrow
112 Jon Oliva's Pain: Death rides a black horse
112 Dream Evil: Bang your head
112 Black Sabbath: War pigs
112 Jon Oliva's Pain: Living on the edge
112 Blaze Bayley: Faceless
112 Scorpions: The Zoo
112 Asphyx: Eisenbahnmörser
112 Blaze Bayley: God of speed
112 Sandstone: The road to Guantanamo
112 Heaven Shall Burn: Endzeit
112 Coronatus: Der Fluch
112 Blaze Bayley: City of bones
AS003 Savatage: Power of the night
AS003 Jon Oliva's Pain: Living on the edge
AS003 Jon Oliva's Pain: Now
AS003 Jon Oliva's Pain: Death rides a black horse
AS003 Savatage: Living for the night
113 Blaze Bayley: Watching the night sky
113 Blaze Bayley: Letting go of the world
113 Blaze Bayley: Faceless
113 Slayer: Postmortem / raining blood
113 Keel: Streets of rock 'n' roll
113 Izegrim: Point of no return
113 Undertow: Smoke garden
113 Deep Purple: Highway star
113 Crematory: Infinity
113 Fear Factory: Mechanize
113 Suicide Silence: Lifted
113 Excalion: Sun stones
113 Cirith Ungol: Frost and fire
113 Autumn Hour: Techcceleration
113 Wig Wam: Walls come down
114 Overkill: The green and black
114 AC/DC: Rock 'n' roll singer
114 Forcentury: Bottom line zombies
114 Overkill: Ironbound
114 Guerilla: Into the mire
114 Motörhead: Ace of spades
114 Varg: Viel Feind viel Ehr
114 Treat: The war is over
114 Overkill: Endless war
114 Blind Guardian: Traveler in time
114 Izegrim: Angel of demise
114 AC/DC: Overdose
114 Blind Guardian: Goodbye my friend
114 October File: Crawl
114 Voodoocult: Killer patrol
114 Jon Oliva's Pain: Now
114 Blind Guardian: The last candle
AS004 Rob Zombie: Sick bubblegum
AS004 Orden Ogan: Nobody Leaves
AS004 Orden Ogan: We are pirates
AS004 Ishan: The barren lands
AS004 Ishan: After
AS004 Sepultura: Beneath the remains
AS004 Dream Aria: The rhythm of now
AS004 Dream Aria: Transcend
AS004 Serj Tankian: The charade (orchester version)
AS004 Izegrim: No place like home
AS004 Izegrim: End of time
115 Heathen: Dying season
115 Charred Walls Of The Damned: Ghost town
115 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Es wird schlimmer (live)
115 Mastermind: Meltdown
115 Black Sabbath: Iron man
115 Fear Factory: Fear campaign
115 Slayer: Beauty through order
115 Subway To Sally: Judaskuss
115 Subway To Sally: Umbra
115 Heathen: Silent nothingness
115 Astoryas: Freedom
115 Arkona: Yarilo
116 Annihilator: W.T.Y.D.
116 Eluveitie: Everything remains (as it never was)
116 Overkill: Bring me the night
116 Vicious Rumors: Don't wait for me
116 Finntroll: Den frusta munnen
116 Heathen: No stone unturned
116 Eisbrecher: Eiszeit
116 Eluveitie: The essence of the ashes
116 Vicious Rumors: Down to the temple
116 Gamma Ray: Beyond the black hole
116 Airbourne: Get busy livin'
116 Eisbrecher: Segne deinen Schmerz ([-SITD-] Remix)
116 Eluveitie: Sempiternal embers
116 Vicious Rumors: Hellraiser
116 Alestorm: That falous ol' spiced
116 Undertow: Threedouble chime
AS005 Blaze Bayley: Watching the night sky
AS005 Blaze Bayley: Letting go of the world
AS005 Blaze Bayley: Faceless
AS005 Eisbrecher: Eiszeit
117 Forbidden: Chalice of blood
117 Annotations Of An Autopsy: In snakes I bathe
117 Alestorm: Keelhauled
117 Eluveitie: Thousandfold
117 Airbourne: My dynamite will blow you skyhigh
117 Heaven Shall Burn: Endzeit
117 Helloween: Ride the sky
117 Inhume: Cadaverous abortion
117 Eisbrecher: Eiszeit
117 Saxon: 747 (live)
117 Galar: Paa frossen mark
117 Avantasia: Dying for an angel
117 Scorpions: Blackout
117 Overkill: The head and the heart
117 Kalmah: Bullets are blind
117 Murder Of My Sweet: Revolution
118 Morgana Lefay: Child of time
118 Jon Oliva's Pain: Lies
118 Hellish Crossfire: Into the old and evil
118 Black Sun Aeon: Frozen
118 Armored Saint: Chemical euphoria
118 Jon Oliva's Pain: Festival
118 The Foreshadowing: Oionos
118 Jon Oliva's Pain: Afterglow
118 Saxon: Stand up and be counted
118 The Vision Bleak: The demon of the mire
118 Odenwrath: A curse upon all humanity
118 Saxon: Street fighting gang
118 Mutiny Within: Awake
118 Dismember: Override of the overture
118 Saxon: Wheels of steel
AS006 Slayer: Beauty through order
AS006 Subway To Sally: Judaskuss
AS006 Subway To Sally: Umbra
119 Anthrax: Metal thrashing mad
119 Divinity: Beg to consume
119 Spirit Of The Future Sun: Chronicles of the 21st century
119 Eisbrecher: Eiszeit
119 Accept: Up to the limit
119 Indica: Straight and arrow
119 Voices Of Destiny: Twisting the knife
119 Demonica: Demon class
119 Manowar: Each dawn I die
119 Eisbrecher: Böse Mädchen
119 Eisbrecher: Gothkiller
119 Eisbrecher: Dein Weg
119 Iron Maiden: Phantom of the opera
AS007 Eisbrecher: Böse Mädchen
AS007 Eisbrecher: Gothkiller
AS007 Eisbrecher: Dein Weg
120 Soilwork: Weapons of vanity
120 Type O Negative: Bloody kisses
120 Eisbrecher: Böse Mädchen
120 Solution.45: The close beyond
120 The Vision Bleak: He who paints the black of night
120 Breschdleng: Schdeffala
120 Whitesnake: Fool for your lovin'
120 Overkill: The goal is your soul
120 Trouble: At the end of my daze
120 ShEver: Doomsky
120 Eisbrecher: Gothkiller
120 Die Krupps: To the hilt
120 Van Canto: To sing a metalsong
120 Grave: Scars
120 Eisbrecher: Dein Weg
120 The Vision Bleak: A romance with the grave
121 Testament: Practice what you preach
121 Scorpions: Raised on rock
121 Pro Pain: Unrestrained
121 After Forever: Energize me
121 Heidefolk: Nehalennia
121 Type O Negative: Christian woman
121 Scorpions: Sting in the tail
121 Pantera: Walk
121 Catamenia: Quantity of sadness
121 Accept: The abyss
121 Triptykon: Goetia
121 Prong: Snap your fingers, snap your neck
121 Bullet For My Valentine: Begging for mercy
121 Van Canto: My voice
121 Scorpions: Lorelei
AS008 Ereb Altor: Myrding
AS008 ShEver: Doomsky
AS008 Black Sabbath: Hand of Doom
AS008 The 11th Hour: In the silent grave
AS008 Trouble: Victim of the insane
122 Dio: Stand up and shout
122 Diary About My Nightmares: Deathinfection
122 Motörhead: Make my day
122 Betontod: Nichts
122 Debauchery: There is only war
122 Lacrimas Profundere: Lips
122 Metal Law: Lawbreaker
122 Judas Priest: Jawbreaker
122 Subway To Sally: Henkersbraut
122 Master: Human Machine
122 Eisbrecher: Bombe
122 Skillet: Monster
122 Eisregen: Schlangensonne
122 Cheeno: See you next Sunday
122 Scorpions: Rockzone
123 Crystal Viper: Metal nation
123 Triosphere: Human condition
123 Blood Of Kingu: Guardians of gateways to outer void
123 Agent Steel: Chosen to stay
123 Pretty Maids: Pandemonium
123 Soulfly: Rise of the fallen
123 Iron Maiden: To tame a land
123 Circle Of Dead Children: Earth and lye
123 Umbra Et Imago: Ohne Dich
123 Rammstein: Du riechst so gut
123 Tarot: Satan is dead
123 Grand Magus: I, the jury
123 Eisbrecher: Vergissmeinnicht
123 Callejon: Dieses Lied macht betroffen
123 Exodus: The ballad of Leonard and Charles
124 Iced Earth: The hunter
124 Anthrax: Caught in a mosh
124 Grand Magus: Hammer of the North
124 Black Majesty: Far beyond
124 Grave: Semblance in black
124 Karma To Burn: Fourty-two
124 Dreamscape: Deja vu
124 Heaven Shall Burn: I was I am I shall be
124 Y&T: On with the show
124 Vanden Plas: Sound of blood
124 Scorpions: Bad boys running wild
124 Scorpions: Loving you Sunday morning
124 Eisbrecher: Phosphor
124 Nachtmystium: Nightfall
124 Cheeno: Macy's anthem
AS009 Morbid Carnage: Warlust
AS009 Triumfall: Allegiance of thy fall
AS009 Nefarium: Seven whores of Magdala
AS009 Mandrake: Among the demons
AS009 Fall Of Empyrean: Vast but desolate
AS009 Masterplan: Under the moon
AS009 Mastercastle: Last desire
AS009 Nàttsòl: Ved aas i haustmoerket
AS009 Lantlôs: Coma
AS009 Another Perfect Day: For you … forever
125 Overkill: Fast junkie
125 Mandrake: Save us from ourselves
125 Sulphur: True father of lies
125 Metallica: The thing that should not be
125 Tesla: Modern day cowboy (live)
125 Cheeno: One mile ahead
125 Cheeno: Chemical attraction
125 Cheeno: See you next Sunday
125 Iron Maiden: Prowler
125 Pain: Nailed to the ground
125 Eisbrecher: Ohne dich
125 Callejon: Dieses Lied macht betroffen
125 Rammstein: Engel
125 Exodus: Hammer and life
125 Nomad Son: Seven notes in black
126 Sacred Steel: Charge into overkill
126 Enforcer: Midnight vice
126 Sabaton: Screaming eagles
126 Grand Magus: Hammer of the North
126 Treat: All in
126 Darkane: Layers of lies
126 The New Black: Everlasting
126 The Haunted: Bury your dead
126 Destruction: Mad butcher (live)
126 Fates Warning: The apparition
126 Dew-Scented: Have no mercy on us
126 Loudness: Dream fantasy
126 Artillery: Khomaniac
126 Dark Tranquility: Hedon
AS010 Gary Moore: Victims of the future
AS010 Triumph: Ordinary man
127 Amon Amarth: For the stabwounds in our backs
127 Elvis Jackson: Against the gravity
127 J.B.O.: Liebe ist süß
127 Undertow: File under unexpected
127 Breed77: Wake up
127 U.D.O.: The punisher
127 H.E.A.T: I can't look the other way
127 Subway To Sally: Geist des Kriegers
127 Withershin: Wherein I exalt
127 Danzig: On a wicked night
127 Umbra Et Imago: Perfect baby
127 Periphery: The walk
127 Korn: Oildale
127 Rammstein: Ich tu dir weh
128 Exciter: Rule with an iron fist
128 Magica: On the side of evil
128 Korzus: Discipline of hate
128 Gallows End: Nemesis divine
128 Krohm: Sentinel monolith
128 9mm: Schwarz Rot Gold
128 Reckless Love: Romance
128 Fir Bolg: Celtic death pagan ritual
128 Devin Townsend Project: Hyperdrive!
128 Forte: Stronger than fiction
128 The Xiphoid Process: No minutes
128 Primal Fear: Riding the eagle (live)
128 Primal Fear: Six times dead (live)
128 Primal Fear: Fighting the darkness (live)
128 Gamma Ray: To the Metal
AS011 Tesla: Modern day cowboy (live)
AS011 Cheeno: One mile ahead
AS011 Cheeno: Chemical attraction
AS011 Cheeno: See you next Sunday
AS011 Iron Maiden: Prowler
129 Unleashed: Before the creation of time
129 Accept: Aiming high
129 Annihilator: Refresh the demon
129 Megadeth: Hook in mouth
129 Mercyful Fate: The Oath
129 Doro: We are the Metalheads
129 Iron Maiden: Brave new world
129 Nightwish: Bless the child
129 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Es wird schlimmer (live)
129 Cannibal Corpse: Staring through the eyes of the dead
129 Fear Factory: Self bias resistor
129 Alice Cooper: Bed of nails
129 Soilwork: Two lives worth of reckogning
129 Virgin Steele: Noble savage
129 Amorphis: Silver bride (live)
130 Entombed: To ride, shoot straight and speak the truth
130 Danzig: Hammer of the gods
130 36 Crazyfists: Reviver
130 Kickhunter: Mine all mine
130 Demiurg: The cold hand of death
130 Amon Amarth: Fate of norns
130 Blind Guardian: A voice in the dark
130 Subway To Sally: Kleid aus Rosen
130 Morowe: Tylko pieklo, labirynty i diably
130 J.B.O.: Fahrende Musikanten
130 Mad Max: Big wheel
130 Hell Militia: The ultimate deception
130 Jettblack: Slip it on
130 Lacuna Coil: Senzafina
131 Judas Priest: Painkiller
131 Danzig: Rebel spirits
131 Arch Enemy: Revolution begins
131 Rainbow: Stargazer
131 Limbonic Art: Crypt of bereavement
131 Lord: Set in stone
131 Vince Neil: Tattoos & tequila
131 Grand Magus: Hammer of the North
131 Suicidal Tendencies: How will I laugh tomorrow … when I can't even smile today
131 Stillers Tod: Katharsis
131 AC/DC: Problem child
131 Heaven & Hell: Bible black
131 Powerwolf: Catholic in the morning … satanist at night
131 J.B.O.: Gänseblümchen
131 Juvaliant: Heroes (we will be)
131 Nox Aurea: Ascending in triumph
131 The Gathering: On most surfaces (Inuït)
AS012 Devin Townsend Project: Hyperdrive!
AS012 Forte: Stronger than fiction
AS012 The Xiphoid Process: No minutes
AS012 Primal Fear: Riding the eagle (live)
AS012 Primal Fear: Six times dead (live)
AS012 Primal Fear: Fighting the darkness (live)
132 Saxon: Forever free
132 Demon: Night of the demon
132 Savatage: Edge of thorns
132 Darkane: Demonic art
132 Hammerfall: The dragon lies bleeding
132 Artillery: Back in the trash
132 The New Black: Everlasting
132 Hades: Bloast
132 Iron Fate: Resurrection
132 Nevermore: Moonrise
132 Queensrÿche: Deliverance
132 Twisted Sister: We're not gonna take it
132 Front Line Assembly: Angriff
133 Flotsam & Jetsam: The master sleeps
133 Psycho Choke: Swamp
133 Svartahrid: Ex inferni
133 Overkill: Fatal if swallowed
133 Empires Of Eden: Total devastation
133 Doomshine: River of January
133 Thornium: Archetype of death
133 Burden Of Grief: The arms of death
133 Constantine: Jihad
133 Immortal: The rise of darkness
133 Stillers Tod: Blutiger Schnee
133 Stillers Tod: Demian
AS013 Xerión: Onde a victoria agarda
AS013 Harasai: I-Conception
AS013 Killing Joke: In excelsis
AS013 Gloria Morti: The final framework
AS013 Redrum Inc.: Free hope for nothing
AS013 Magna Mortalis: Antithesis of Creation
AS013 Doomshine: Doomshine Serenade
134 U.D.O.: Heavy Metal W:O:A
134 Mötley Crüe: Looks that kill
134 Iron Maiden: The alchemist
134 Amorphis: Sky is mine
134 Orphaned Land: Sapari
134 Arch Enemy: Ravenous
134 Grave Digger: Scotland united
134 Slayer: Chemical warfare (lice)
134 Unleashed: Wir kapitulieren niemals
134 Lock Up: Afterlife in purgatory
134 Edguy: Vain glory opera (live)
134 Cannibal Corpse: Dead human collection
134 Fear Factory: Martyr
134 Tiamat: Visionaire
134 Immortal: Tyrants
134 The Devil's Blood: I'll be your ghost
135 Death Angel: River of rapture
135 Argantyr: Skyggespil
135 Accept: Beat the bastards
135 Magnus: Essence
135 Shadowgarden: Way down low
135 Moon: Torches begin to burn
135 Ghost Machinery: Mask of madness
135 Non Opus Dei: The prisoner of the worlds
135 Iron Maiden: The final frontier
135 Gallowbraid: Ashen eidolon
135 Spirit Descent: Land of tears
135 9mm: Respektlos
135 Disturbed: Another way to die
135 Malevolent Creation: Corruptor
136 Pantera: Domination
136 Nion: Wizard and sage
136 Pestilence: Anthropomorphia
136 Circle II Circle: Redemption
136 Trouble: Pray for the dead
136 Liv Kristine: Skintight
136 Tool: Stinkfist
136 Volbeat: Caroline leaving
136 Voivod: Tribal convictions
136 Meltgsnow: Crown of serpents
136 Pantera: Cemetery gates
136 Capilla Ardiente: Solve
136 Dream Theater: Take the time
136 Eilera: Don't go fight
136 Sepultura: From the past comes the storms
136 Made Of Hate: Lock 'n' load
137 Megadeth: Take no prisoners
137 Volbeat: The mirror and the ripper
137 Carcass: Corporal jigsore quandary
137 Soundgarden: Superunknown
137 Ansur: Phobos anomaly
137 Testament: As the seasons grey
137 9mm: Champagner, Koks & Nutten
137 9mm: Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht
137 Pantera: The will to survive
137 Athorn: The ferryman
137 Terrorizer: Ripped to shreds
137 Volbeat: 7 shots
137 Totenmond: Freischwald
137 Metal Church: Badlands
137 Hail Of Bullets: On divine winds
137 Type O Negative: Wolf moon
137 Volbeat: A warriors's call
137 Ozzy Ozbourne: I don't know
AS014 Constantine: Jihad
AS014 Immortal: The rise of darkness
AS014 Stillers Tod: Blutiger Schnee
AS014 Stillers Tod: Demian
AS014 W.A.S.P.: I wanna be somebody
138 Tankard: The morning after
138 End Of Green: Goodnight insomnia
138 Paradise Lost: Mortals watch the day
138 Austrian Death Machine: Hello California / Get to the choppa
138 King Diamond: Arrival
138 Kiske-Somerville: Nothing left to say
138 Samael: After the sepulture
138 Stahlmann: Hass mich … lieb mich
138 Psychotic Waltz: Another prophet song
138 Volbeat: A new day
138 Eastern Front: Battle of Smolensk
138 Van Halen: Light up the sky
138 Abigail Williams: In death comes the great silence
138 Black Sabbath: Into the void
138 Kiske-Somerville: Second chance
138 Morgoth: Selected killing
138 Till Burgwächter: Von Rockern und Kickern
138 Accept: Rolling Thunder
138 Exumer: Possessed by fire
139 Iced Earth: Violate
139 Mustach: The audience is listening
139 Death: Open casket
139 Krashkarma: Hole in my soul
139 Corrosion of Conformity: Vote with a bullet
139 Jon Oliva's Pain: Death rides a black horse
139 Stahlmann: Hass mich … lieb mich
139 Annihilator: Sixes and sevens
139 Empty Tremor: breaking the mirror
139 In Extremo: Spielmannsfluch
139 Symphorce: Visions
139 Bruce Dickinson: Chemical wedding
139 Necronaut: The lie in which the truth is buried
139 Unruly Child: Neverland
139 Solstice: Cleansed of impurity
139 Gallowbraid: Oak and aspen
139 ZZ Top: La Grange
139 Volbeat: Heaven nor hell
139 S.O.D.: Free dirty needles
140 Judas Priest: Screaming for vengeance
140 Crystal Viper: The ghost ship
140 Gardenian: If tomorrow's gone
140 Ross The Boss: Kingdom arise
140 Nanowar: Blood of the queens
140 Helloween: A little time
140 Unlight: Pale rider - pale horse
140 Gary Moore: End of the world
140 Tankwart: Schöne Maid
140 Stahlmann: Teufel
140 Kiske-Somerville: A thousand suns
140 Mistheria: Now it's never
140 Gotthard: Lift u up
140 Edge Of Sanity: Darkday
140 Dark Order: Blood fire
140 Chroming Rose: Gods of noise
141 At The Gates: Blinded by fear
141 Mirror Of Deception: The riven tree
141 Die Krupps: Metal machine music
141 Helstar: Angels fall to hell
141 Metallica: Ride the lightning
141 Jon Oliva's Pain: Maniacal renderings
141 Savatage: Power of the night
141 Die So Fluid: Mercury
141 Amberian Dream: Arctica
141 Stench: Breath of the rottenness
141 Mirror Of Deception: Sojourner
141 Jag Panzer: Harder than steel
141 Die So Fluid: The world is too big for one lifetime
141 Bolt Thrower: The IV crusade
141 Sieges Even: Apocalyptic disposition
142 Flotsam & Jetsam: Iron tears
142 Orange Goblin: Hounds ditch
142 Facebreaker: Torn to shreds
142 Monster Magnet: Gods and punks
142 Dissection: Where dead angels lie
142 Volbeat: Radio girl
142 Frei.wild: Allein nach vorne
142 Rammstein: Mein Teil
142 The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Faith healer
142 AC/DC: Thunderstruck
142 Metallica: Master of puppets
142 Vanderbuyst: Tiger
142 Asphyx: Asphyx II (They died as they marched)
142 Forbidden: Forsaken at the gates
AS015 Dissection: Where dead angels lie
AS015 Volbeat: Radio girl
AS015 Frei.wild: Allein nach vorne
AS015 Rammstein: Mein Teil
AS015 AC/DC: Thunderstruck
AS015 Metallica: Master of puppets
143 Manowar: Wheels of fire
143 The Haunted: Bullet hole
143 Mindsplit: Presence of time
143 Asphyx: Last one on earth
143 Die So Fluid: How vampires kiss
143 Die So Fluid: Mercury
143 Die So Fluid: What a heart is for
143 Sepultura: Roots bloody roots
143 Savatage: Believe
143 Fejd: Drängen Och Kråkan
143 Ozzy Osbourne: Soulsucker
143 Star One: Songs of the ocean
144 Assassin: Revolution 588
144 Evocation: Psychosis warfare
144 Iron Savior: Condition red
144 Cliteater: Daryl Rhea
144 Defloration: The real massacre of knife
144 Volbeat: Evelyn
144 Iced Earth: Melancholy
144 Dust & Bones: Zero is king
144 Amorphis: Leaves scar
144 System Of A Down: Toxicity
144 The Graviators: Storm of creation
144 Queensrÿche: NM 156
144 Gräfenstein: Halls of doom
144 Kreator: To the afterborn
144 Alice Cooper: Bed of nails
144 A Life [Divided]: Heart on fire
144 Metallica: Enter sandman
145 Carcass: Carnal forge
145 Atrocity feat. Yasmin: Black mountain
145 Iron Fire: Back in the fire
145 Star One: Earth that was
145 Quiet Riot: Let's get crazy
145 Böhse Onkelz: Heilige Lieder
145 Annihilator: The trend
145 Blind Guardian: Time what is time
145 Hail Of Bullets: Strategy of attrition
145 Die So Fluid: Sound in colour
145 Volbeat: Devil or the blue cat's song
145 General Chaos: Black Belt
145 System Of A Down: B.Y.O.B.
145 Tristania: Sirens
145 Cradle Of Filth: Lilith immaculate
145 Obsidian: Point of infinity
146 Slayer: Evil has no boundaries
146 Motorjesus: Wheels of purgatory
146 Horned Almighty: Illuminated void
146 Iced Earth: I died for you
146 Finntroll: Ellytres
146 Thriven: Pure
146 Veni Domine: Wisdom calls
146 Callejon: Dieses Lied macht betroffen
146 Green Jellÿ: Three little pigs
146 Gojira: From the sky
146 Sodom: In war and pieces
146 Katra: If there is no tomorrow
146 Saint Vitus: Born too late
146 Kreator: The pestilence (live)
146 Alice Cooper: Ballad of Dwight Fry
146 Doro: Unholy love
AS016 Asphyx: Last one on earth
AS016 Die So Fluid: How vampires kiss
AS016 Die So Fluid: Mercury
AS016 Die So Fluid: What a heart is for
AS016 Sepultura: Roots bloody roots
147 Tankard: Rules for fools
147 Dust & Bones: Pyramid heads
147 Ektomorf: Last fight
147 Postmortem: Drop another body
147 Motörhead: Marching off to war
147 Neverdream: Amistad
147 Darkblack: Power monger
147 Seventh Void: Heaven is gone
147 Judas Priest: Exciter (live)
147 Sodom: The art of killing poetry
147 Sin7Sins: Dead world
147 Machinae Supremacy: Force feedback
147 Waking The Cadaver: Sadistic Tortures
147 Pantera: Psycho holiday
147 Seventh Wonder: Wiseman
147 Diamond Eyed Princess: Korgueläal
148 Metal Church: Date with poverty
148 Evocation: Sweet obsession
148 Dritte Wahl: Keine Angst
148 Children Of Bodom: Warheart
148 Exodus: The sun is my destroyer
148 Tankard: Rules for fools
148 Tankard: Weekend warriors
148 Tankard: Time warp
148 Overkill: Killing for a living
148 Death Angel: Relentless revolution
148 Sodom: In war and pieces
149 As I Lay Dying: Nothing left
149 Saltatio Mortis: Manus manum lavat
149 Onslaught: The sound of violence
149 The New Black: The king I was
149 AC/DC: Rock 'n' roll damnation
149 Crucifyre: Kiss the goat
149 Eisbrecher: Adrenalin
149 Morgoth: Exit to temptation
149 Seven Thorns: Through the mirror
149 Desultory: Counting our scars
149 Atlantean Kodex: Pilgrim
149 Death: Leprosy
149 Eisbrecher: Willkommen im Nichts
149 Sirenia: My mind's eye
AS017 Crucifyre: Kiss the goat
AS017 Eisbrecher: Adrenalin
AS017 Morgoth: Exit to temptation
AS017 Seven Thorns: Through the mirror
AS017 Eisbrecher: Willkommen im Nichts
AS017 Sirenia: My mind's eye
150 Legion Of The Damned: War is in my blood
150 Stratovarius: Darkest hours
150 Mygrain: Of immortal aeons
150 Lonely Kame: Lady Mushroom
150 Savatage: Gutter ballet (live)
150 Izegrim: Psychopathic mind
150 Tombstones: Realms of oblivion
150 No Inner Limits: Judas in us
150 Pessimist: Call to war
150 A Life [Divided]: Heart on fire
150 Crushing Caspars: Terror & pain
150 Dreamshade: Wide awake
150 The  Divine Baze Orchestra: They rise
150 Onslaught: Code black
150 Devildriver: Dead to rights
150 Times Of Grace: Strength in numbers
150 Stonewall Noise Orchestra: The showdown
150 Nidingr: Baldrs Draumar
150 Desultory: Dead ends
AS018 Artas: The grim behind the mirror
AS018 Infinity Overture: The stand
AS018 Battlelore: Olden gods
AS018 Sideblast: The shape
AS018 Falkenbach: Sunnavend
AS018 Mother Misery: Fade away
AS018 But We Try It: City of ghosts
AS018 The Crystal Caravan: I'm a stone
AS018 Puteraeon: Whispers Of The Dead
AS018 Katanga: Lemuria
AS018 Six Reasons To Kill: Awaken
AS018 Seven Thorns: Freedom call
AS018 Overdrive: Angelmaker
151 Overkill: Time to kill
151 Times Of Grace: Live in love
151 Bloodwritten: Bullet overdose
151 While Heaven Wept: Vessel
151 Sinister: The enemy of my enemy
151 A Life [Divided]: Heart on fire
151 Deathstars: Mark of the gun
151 Metallica: Fight fire with fire
151 Black Label Society: Overlord
151 Primus: Jerry was a racecar driver
151 Izegrim: Victim of honor
151 Rob Zombie: Dragula
151 Eisbrecher: Eiszeit
151 The Devil's Blood: Christ or cocaine
151 Pantera: Walk
151 Dalriada: Hajdútánc
AS019 While Heaven Wept: Vessel
AS019 Sinister: The enemy of my enemy
AS019 A Life [Divided]: Heart on fire
AS019 Deathstars: Mark of the gun
AS019 Rob Zombie: Dragula
AS019 Eisbrecher: Eiszeit
AS019 The Devil's Blood: Christ or cocaine
152 Destruction: The price
152 Overkill: Elimination
152 Hurtsmile: Set me free
152 Cavalera Conspiracy: Killing inside
152 AC/DC: For those about to rock
152 Benedictum: Bang
152 Stratovarius: Black diamond
152 Scheepers: Locked in the dungeon
152 Monster Magnet: Spacelord
152 The Bridal Procession: Shroud of the end
152 Iron Maiden: Flight of Icarus
152 Cherished: Life of suffering
152 Volbeat: 16 Dollars
152 Obituary: Chopped in half
152 A Life [Divided]: Other side
152 Rob Zombie: Superbeast
152 40 Watt Sun: Restless
152 Iced Earth: Slave to the dark
153 Kreator: Hordes of chaos (live)
153 Anthrax: Imitation of life
153 Hurtsmile: Just war theory
153 Der W: Fleisch
153 Iced Earth: I died for you
153 Before The Dawn: Decade of darkness
153 Helloween: Warrior
153 Varg: Wolfskult
153 Graveyard: Hisingen Blues
153 Overkill: Overkill II (the nightmare continues)
153 Crowbar: The cemetary angels
153 Bruce Dickinson: Tears of the dragon
153 Pale Chalice: Carressed by a feeble flame
153 Nevermore: This sacrament
153 40 Watt Sun: Open my eyes
153 Scorpions: He's a woman, she's a man (live)
153 Dream Of Illusion: Spiked rain
154 At The Gates: Suicide nation
154 Twinspirits: Blind soul
154 Cherished: The forgotten
154 Candlemass: Bewitched
154 Uriah Heep: Nail on the head
154 Gary Moore: Wild frontier (12' Version)
154 Wolfchant: Black fire
154 Manowar: Gloves of metal
154 Days Of Anger: Spit on your grave
154 Gary Moore: Over the hills and far away (12' Version)
154 Accept: Locked and loaded
154 Obituary: Killing victims found
154 Hell: On earth as it is in hell
154 Shakra: B true b you
154 Betzefer: Bestseller
154 Gary Moore: The loner
155 Sepultura: Mass hypnosis
155 U.D.O.: Leatherhead
155 Suicidal Tendencies: Suicyco mania
155 Whitesnake: Love will set you free
155 Manowar: Warriors of the world
155 We Are The Damned: Throne of lies
155 Paradise Lost: Shadow kings
155 Place Of Skulls: Psalm
155 Metallica: Eye of the beholder
155 Twisted Sister: We're not gonna take it
155 Debauchery: Bloodslaughter onslaught
155 System Of A Down: Toxicity
155 Crimfall: Frost upon their graves
155 Overkill: Elimination
155 Hammerfall: One more time
155 Volbeat: Guitar gangsters & cadillac blood
155 Purgatory: Reaping the diseased
155 In Extremo: Zigeunerskat
155 Gotthard: Lift u up
156 Vicious Rumors: Minute to kill
156 Bloodbound: Message from hell
156 Testament: Do or die
156 Pain: Dirty woman
156 Cathedral: Utopian blaster
156 Suidakra: Dowth 2059
156 Motörhead: Bomber
156 Manowar: Revelation (death's angel)
156 Maim: Nuclear funeral
156 Vengeance: Arabia
156 Virgin Steele: Symphony of steele
156 Curse: Infernal visions
156 Eisbrecher: Leider
156 Bruce Dickinson: Kill devil hill
156 Rev 16:8: The chase
156 Hassliebe: Wo bist du?
156 Saxon: 747 (live)
156 Protest The Hero: C'est la vie
156 Amon Amarth: Töck's taunt (Loke's treachery part II)
156 Anthrax: Soldiers of metal
157 Kreator: Coma of souls
157 Leaves' Eyes: Kråkevisa
157 Death Angel: Bored
157 Uriah Heep: Into the wild
157 Disturbed: Asylum
157 Judas Priest: Breaking the law
157 Demonical: Ravenous
157 Grave Digger: The ballad of Mary
157 Bullet: Dusk till dawn
157 Illdisposed: The taste of you
157 Mercyful Fate: A dangerous meeting
157 King Kobra: This is how we roll
157 Eisbrecher: Kein Mitleid
157 W.A.S.P.: The headless children
157 Funeral Circle: The Hexenhammer
157 Iron Maiden: Flight of Icarus
157 Cruachian: Thy kingdom gone
157 Type O Negative: Pyretta Blaze
157 Savatage: Follow me
158 Cavalera Conspiracy: Thrasher
158 Hades: The leaders?
158 Faith No More: Midlife crisis
158 Gun Barrel: Front Killers (live)
158 Gun Barrel: Roll of the dice (live)
158 Morbid Angel: Where the slime live
158 Sum 114: Immer gleich
158 Funeral For A Friend: Sixteen
158 Legio Mortis: Buried love
158 Ozzy Osbourne: Over the mountain
158 Jon Oliva's Pain: The answer
158 Judas Priest: Dreamer deceiver / Deceiver
158 The Band Apart: We are
158 No Gravity: Religious beliefs
158 U.D.O.: Rock 'n' roll soldiers
158 Nevermore: The sanity assassin
159 Gorefest: The glorious dead
159 Michael Monroe: '78
159 Houston: Misery
159 Trouble: Run to the light
159 Lake Of Tears: Taste of hell
159 Scorpions: Sails of Charon
159 In Extremo: Viva la vida
159 Flotsam & Jetsam: Suffer the masses
159 Katana: Blade of Katana
159 Entombed: Evilyn
159 Thinning The Herd: Chill in the air
159 Bullet: Highway pirates
159 Doro: You're my family (live)
159 AC/DC: High voltage
159 Insidead: Blood 4 blood
159 Midnattsol: A poet's prayer
159 Anvil: Motormount
159 Amorphis: You I need
160 Death Wolf: Circle of domination
160 U.D.O.: Rev-Raptor
160 Armored Saint: Raising fear
160 Borealis: Where we started
160 Death: Denial of life
160 Amorphis: My enemy
160 Saxon: Out of control
160 Xerath: Nuclear self eradication
160 U.D.O.: I give as good as I get
160 Vengeance: Take it or leave it
160 Horde of Hel: Förintelsens Flod
160 UFO: Doctor doctor (live)
160 Marduk: Warschau 2 - headhunter halfmoon
160 Galactic Cowboys: I'm not amused
160 Straight Line Stitch: Laughing in the rearview
160 Prong: Beg to differ
160 Deep Purple: Fireball
160 U.D.O.: Terrorvision
160 Total Annihilation: 84
160 Warrant: Innocence gone
160 Straight Land: Road to Vegas
161 Lake Of Tears: Floating in darkness
161 Communic: The distance
161 Megadeth: Angry again
161 Anaal Nathrakh: Le Diabolique Est L'ami Du Simple
161 The Flight of Sleipnir: Nine worlds
161 Rammstein: Heirate mich
161 Roxxcalibur: Heads will roll
161 Black Sabbath: Sabbra cadabra
161 Lake Of Tears: Illwill
161 Nomad: Identify with personification
161 Bolt Thrower: World eater
161 Finnr's Cane: The lost traveller
161 Loverboy: Turn me loose
161 Harm: Demon
161 Lake Of Tears: Behind the green door
161 Danzig: Her black wings
161 Helheim: Dualitet og ulver
161 Judas Priest: Angel of retribution
162 U.D.O.: Leatherhead
162 U.D.O.: I give as good as I get
162 U.D.O.: Go back to hell
162 Dio: Holy diver
162 U.D.O.: Underworld
162 Lake Of Tears: Floating in darkness
162 Iron Maiden: The rime of the Ancient Mariner
162 Gamma Ray: Armageddon
162 Savatage: Somewhere In Time / Believe
162 Flotsam & Jetsam: Doomsday for the deceiver
162 Ayreon: Age of shadows
163 Metal Church: Over my dead body
163 Straight Line Stitch: Tear down the sky
163 Black Sabbath: Snowblind
163 Blind Guardian: Mirror Mirror
163 Sepultura: Kairos
163 Praying Mantis: Praying Mantis 2010
163 Rammstein: Mutter
163 Mercyful Fate: Melissa
163 Kneipenterroristen: Das jüngste Gericht
163 Tyr: Flames of the free
163 Arkona: Stenka na stenku
163 Sabaton: Screaming eagles
163 Karma To Burn: Fourty-seven
163 Gary Moore: Nuclear attack
163 Helloween: How many tears
163 Marienbad: Roslins Fluch
AS020 U.D.O.: Leatherhead
AS020 U.D.O.: I give as good as I get
AS020 U.D.O.: Go back to hell
AS020 Dio: Holy diver
AS020 U.D.O.: Underworld
164 Morgana Lefay: I roam
164 Crystal Ball: Queen of the night
164 Manowar: Heart of steel
164 Marienbad: Roslin's curse
164 AC/DC: Nervous shakedown
164 Catalepsy: Bleed
164 Pretty Maids: Future world
164 Slayer: Mandatory suicide (live)
164 Whitesnake: Slide it in (live)
164 Powerwolf: Catholic in the morning … satanist at night
164 Sun Caged: Lotus
164 Iced Earth: Travel in Stygian (live)
164 Kreator: Under the guillotine
164 The Spiral Of Desire: Liar
164 Ingested: Castigation and rebirth
164 Communic: Destroyer of bloodlines
164 Wolverine: Your favourite war
165 Iron Savior: I've been to hell
165 Byfrost: Buried alive
165 Headshot: Fallen from grace
165 Turbonegro: Are you ready (for some darkness)?
165 Seven Witches: Call upon the wicked
165 Amorphis: Black winter day
165 Alestorm: Rum
165 Red Hot Chili Peppers: Suck my kiss
165 Onkel Tom: Auf nach Wacken
165 Cirith Ungol: Chaos descends
165 Heart In Hand: Three fifteen
165 Guns 'n' Roses: Sweet child o' mine
165 Pain: You only live twice
165 Night Ranger: Lay it on me
165 Celtic Frost: Into the crypts of Rays
165 Saxon: Chasing the bullet
165 Medeia: We all fail
165 Reece / Kronlund: Paint the mirror black
165 Sinner: I can't stop the fire
165 The Gathering: Heroes for ghosts
166 Megadeth: Holy wars
166 Buried in Black: 7.405.926
166 Agent Steel: Rager
166 Sanctuary: Sanctuary
166 Theatre Of Tragedy: Der Tanz der Schatten (live)
166 Sensles: Suicidal dreams
166 AC/DC: Soulstripper
166 Complex 7: Why-who-where
166 Van Halen: Panama
166 Shining: Förtvivlan min arvedel
166 In Flames: Deliver us
166 Not Called Jinx: Gravity
166 Unleashed: Into glory ride
166 Doro: Für immer (live)
166 Spearhead: Pray to the conqueror
166 Oxist: Gazing into the void
166 Elevener: Tearing me down
166 Running Wild: Gods of iron
167 Amon Amarth: For victory of death
167 The Devil Wears Prada: Born to lose
167 Zed Yago: The spell from over yonder
167 Dark Tranquillity: Focus shift
167 Frei.wild: Allein nach vorne
167 Chthonic: Oceanquake
167 Consortium Project V: Life on earth
167 Nuclear Assault: After the holocaust
167 Wolfpakk: The crow
167 Einvera: Invariably transient
167 Graveyard: Evil ways
167 Scorpions: Dynamite
167 Iced Earth: Jack
167 Kreator: Flag of hate
167 Epysode: Obsessions
167 Böhse Onkelz: Freddy Krüger
167 Volbeat: Thanks
167 Azarath: Behold the Satan's sword
167 Amorphis: Mermaid
167 Crystal Ball: Lay down the law
168 Testament: Into the pit
168 Pro Pain: Damnation
168 Bai Bang: We're united
168 Immortal: Damned in black
168 In Flames: Sounds of a playground fading
168 Def Leppard: Photograph (live)
168 Anthrax: Fight 'em til you can't
168 Dokken: Unchain the night
168 Deadend in Venice: Long way home
168 Terrorizer: Dead shall rise
168 Metallica: Blackened
168 Communic: Denial
168 Scorpions: Another piece of me
168 Isolation: This moment
168 Breschdleng: Roschdbrohda
168 Motörhead: No voices in the sky
168 The Resurrection Sorrow: Pale kiss (endless storm)
168 Helloween: I'm alive
168 Trivium: In waves
168 S.O.D.: Kill yourself
169 Dark Angel: Welcome to the slaughterhouse
169 Love.Might.Kill: Brace for impact
169 Titan Force: Blaze of glory
169 Taletellers: Kings of death
169 W.A.S.P.: Thunderhead
169 Communic: Denial
169 Communic: On ancient ground
169 Dio: Don't talk to strangers
169 Reflection: Advertising violence
169 Pantera: I'm broken
169 Lock Up: The embodiment of paradox and chaos
169 Dominanz: As I shine
169 Foreigner: Love on the telephone
169 Outloud: We came to rock
169 Skanners: Never give up
170 Iron Maiden: Somewhere in time
170 Voodoo Highway: Till it bleeds
170 Ministry: N.W.O.
170 Thunder And Lightning: Horizon
170 Voivod: The unknown knows
170 Communic: Flood river blood
170 Communic: In silence with my scars
170 U.D.O.: Unknown traveller
170 Triptykon: In shrouds decayed
170 Psychotic Waltz: Mosquito
170 Alice Cooper: Under my wheels
170 Tokyo Blade: Thousand men strong
AS021 Bleeding Red: Calling for your downfall
AS021 Naglfar: I am vengeance
AS021 Be'lakor: Sun's delusion
AS021 Sentenced: Luxury of a grave
AS021 Bleeding Red: Wasted screams
170.1 Gamma Ray: Insurrection
170.1 Mercyful Fate: Satan's Fall
170.1 Altar of Plagues: Neptune is dead
170.1 UFO: Rock bottom (live)
170.1 Oomph!: Gekreuzigt
170.1 Fates Warning: Epitaph
170.1 Atlantean Kodex: Fountain of Nepenthe
170.1 Opeth: Blackwater Park
170.1 Lord Vicar: The fear of being crushed
170.1 Exodus: Deathamphetamine
171 Grave Digger: Wacken will never die
171 Blind Guardian: Majesty
171 Ozzy Osbourne: Bark at the moon
171 Suicidal Tendencies: You can't bring me down
171 Morbid Angel: Immortal rites
171 Van Canto: Master of puppets
171 Morgoth: Burnt identities
171 Judas Priest: Hell bent for leather (live)
171 Celtic Frost: Procreation (of the wicked)
171 Airbourne: No way but the hard way
171 Saltatio Mortis: Prometheus
171 Powerwolf: We drink your blood
171 Iced Earth: Vengeance is mine
171 Sepultura: Arise
171 Avantasia: The wicked symphony
172 Grave Digger: Wacken will never die
172 Kreator: Violent revolution
172 Motörhead: In the name of tragedy
172 Ghost: Ritual
172 Subway To Sally: Veitstanz
172 The Gathering: Shortest day
172 Scorpions: Coast to coast
172 Machine Head: Locust
172 Kiss: I was made for loving you
172 Mastodon: Curl of the burl
172 Savatage: Dead winter dead
172 J.B.O.: Nein Mann
172 Van Canto: Rebellion
172 Opeth: The Devil's orchard
173 Brainstorm: below the line
173 The Rotted: The hammer of witches
173 Edguy: Nobody's hero
173 Discreation: Plague and fire
173 The Treatment: Drink fuck fight
173 Hallow's Eve: Metal merchants
173 Subway To Sally: Das scharze Meer
173 Protest The Hero: Hair trigger
173 J.B.O.: Kalaschnikow
173 Desalmado: Condenados Pelo Ódio
173 ASP: Wechselbalg
173 Exodus: Braindead
173 Gotthard: The train
173 Stagewar: Living on trash
173 Edguy: Aleister Crowley memorial boogie
173 Zombie Inc.: Planet zombie
173 J.B.O.: Killer
173 Fyrnask: Ein eld i djupna
173 Svartsot: Dødedansen
173 Iced Earth: Dante's Inferno 2011
AS022 Airrace: Keep on going
AS022 John Wetton: Raised in captivity
AS022 Toby Hitchcock: I should have said
AS022 Work Of Art: Never love again
AS022 Xorigin: This is it
AS022 Jorn: War of the world (live)
AS022 House of Lords: Run for your life
AS022 Sebastian Bach: My own worst enemy
AS022 Uriah Heep: Look at yourself (live)
AS022 Night Ranger: Growin' up in California
174 Anthrax: The devil you know
174 Amorphis: From earth I rose
174 Jesus on Extasy: Lost in time
174 W.A.S.P.: L.O.V.E. machine
174 Volbeat: Sad man's tongue
174 Grönholm: Cross of mind
174 Complex 7: Soulbutchers
174 Complex 7: Why-who-where
174 Death: Spirit crusher
174 Star One: Songs of the ocean
174 Van Canto: The seller of souls
174 Iron Maiden: Die with your boots on (live)
174 Cripper: Faqu
174 Pretty Maids: Red, hot and heavy
174 Hammerfall: Glory to the brave
174 Powerwolf: Werewolves of Armenia
174 Grave Digger: Excalibur
174 Sabaton: Ghost division
174 Stahlmann: Hass mich … lieb mich
174 Vader: Decapitated saints
175 Unleashed: Metalheads
175 Brainstorm: Still insane
175 Kittie: Whisper of death
175 Judas Priest: Heading out to the highway
175 Hämatom: Neandertal
175 ASP: Wechselbalg
175 Iced Earth: Anthem
175 Amon Amarth: Vs the world
175 Lucky Thir13n: Amazing
175 The Gathering: Adrenaline
175 The Gathering: Great ocean road
175 Arch Enemy: Yesterday is dead and gone
175 Saltatio Mortis: Ode an die Feindschaft
175 Edguy: Fire on the downline
175 Bolt Thrower: … for victory
175 Lunatic Soul: Impression II
176 Vicious Rumors: Abandoned
176 Brainstorm: Where your actions lead you to live
176 Arkona: Odna
176 Anthrax: The giant
176 Helstar: The king is dead
176 Deathstars: Blitzkrieg
176 Arven: On flaming wings
176 Trouble: The skull
176 Machine Head: I am hell (sonata in C#)
176 Soulhealer: Kings of bullet alley
176 Brainstorm: No sinner - no saint
176 Bathory: For all those who died
176 Metallica: Orion
176 Anthrax: In the end
176 Machine Head: Locust
177 Manowar: Hail to England
177 The House Of Capricorn: Illumination in Omega
177 Venom: Don't burn the witch
177 Iced Earth: Days of rage
177 Soulhealer: Blind faith
177 Torture Division: Vampire empire
177 Deathstars: Blitzkrieg
177 Deathstars: Cyanide
177 Rainbow: Stargazer
177 Megadeth: Public enemy No. 1
177 Tokyo: Tokyo
177 Paradise Lost: As I die
177 Dream Theater: Build me up, break my down
177 Pain: Feed the demons
177 Tanzwut: Phönix aus der Asche
177 Complex 7: Like I was
AS023 The Gathering: Adrenaline
AS023 The Gathering: Great ocean road
AS023 Arch Enemy: Yesterday is dead and gone
AS023 Complex 7: Soulbutchers
AS023 Complex 7: Why-who-where
178 Slayer: Angel of death
178 Almah: Days of the new
178 The House Of Capricorn: Illumination in Omega
178 Hypocrisy: Fractured millennium
178 Texas In July: Magnolia
178 Morton: Oblivion
178 Messenger: See you in hell
178 Cynic: Carbon-based anatomy
178 Subway To Sally: Nichts ist für immer
178 Don Fernando: The setting sun
178 Aerosmith: Nine lives
178 Alice Cooper: I am made of you
178 Guns 'n' Roses: Coma
178 Slayer: Raining blood
179 Iron Maiden: Purgatory
179 Deathstars: METAL
179 Skálmöld: Sorg
179 Down: Stone the crow
179 Textures: Singularity
179 Bonfire: Never mind (live)
179 Trillium: Bow to the ego
179 Trillium: Machine gun
179 Under That Spell: Black zenith
179 Led Zeppelin: Dazed and confused
179 Five Finger Death Punch: Under and over it
179 Jorn: Rock 'n' Roll angel (live)
179 Dismember: Casket garden
179 Hardcore Superstar: We don't need a cure
180 Judas Priest: Painkiller
180 East Of The Wall: False built
180 Iced Earth: Dark city
180 Danzig: Mother
180 Metsatöll: Muhu õud
180 Like Moths To Flames: GNF
180 Alice Cooper: No more Mr. Nice Guy
180 Amaranthe: Hunger
180 Obrero: So of Tutankhamun
180 Hypocrisy: Roswell '47 (live)
180 Hardcore Superstar: Dreamin' in a casket
180 Hardcore Superstar: Wild boys
180 Hardcore Superstar: We don't need a cure
180 Guns 'n' Roses: My Michelle
180 Slayer: Cult
180 The Devil's Blood: Fire burning
181 Accept: Love child
181 Descending: The energy
181 My Black Light: The abstainer
181 Dissection: Black horizons
181 Callejon: Dieses Lied macht betroffen
181 Jack Starr's Burning Starr: When blood and steel collide
181 Metsatöll: Küü
181 Avantasia: Stargazers
181 Hate Squad: Hatebomb
181 Johnny Engstrom Band: Magnetic force
181 Hear 'n' Aid: Stars
181 Lonely Kamel: Roadtrip with Lucifer
181 Sandstone: Litte forgeries
181 Communic: They feed on our fear
181 Graveworm: See no future
182 Pantera: The great southern trendkill
182 Iron Savior: Heavy Metal never dies
182 Nevermore: What tomorrow knows
182 Consortium Project I: Criminals & kings
182 Carcass: Blind bleeding the blind
182 Master Castle: Dangerous diamonds
182 Sacred Reich: Crawling
182 Volbeat: Fallen
182 Volbeat: Who they are
182 Slayer: Skeletons of society
182 Grave Digger: The ballad of Mary
182 Nine Covens: Ascension pt. 1
182 J.B.O.: Schlumpfozid im Stadtgebiet
182 Nightwish: Storytime
182 Scorpions: Lovedrive
182 Mythological Cold Towers: Akakor
182 Svölk: Miss Alcohol
183 Testament: The haunting
183 Morton: Oblivion
183 Oz: Dominator
183 Vauxdvihl: Comedy of errors
183 Eisbrecher: Wie tief?
183 Venom: Hammerhead
183 The Devil's Blood: Unending singularity / On the wings of gloria
183 Machine Head: This is the end
183 Watain: Malfeitor
183 Black Sabbath: Children of the grave
183 Whitechapel: Section 8
183 The Devil's Blood: Cruel lover
183 Anti-Trust: My own troubles
183 Magma Rise: Tombstone eyes
184 Motörhead: I know how to die
184 Gamma Ray: Short as hell
184 Gonoreas: Facing the enemy
184 Kreator: Material world paranoia
184 Everrain: Head under water
184 Annihilator: Knight jumps queen
184 Deathstars: Death is wasted on the dead
184 Blind Guardian: Somewhere far beyond
184 Xell: Voices
184 Savatage: Turns to me
184 Diabolus Dust: Ruins of mankind
184 Armored Saint: The laugh
184 Doro: Merry Metal Xmas
184 Pestilence: Land of tears
184 The Devil's Blood: Madness of serpents
184 Gotthard: Remember it's me
184 Edge Of Sanity: Livin' hell
184 Biohazard: Come alive
184 S.O.D.: The crackhead song
185 Helloween: Reptile
185 Consortium Project I: Banquet for thieves
185 Alice In Chains: Angry chair
185 Ancient Bards: Gates of Noland
185 Diabolus Dust: Judgement day
185 Helloween: Heavy Metal (is the law)
185 Skull Fist: Head öf the pack
185 Nightwish: I want my tears back
185 Soilwork: Like the average stalker
185 D.A.D.: The last time in Neverland
185 Pantera: This love
185 Ayscobe: Illusion
185 Ayscobe: Good mood
185 Heaven & Hell: Breaking into heaven
185 S.O.D.: We all bleed red
186 Metallica: Phantom lord
186 Abnormal Thought Patterns: Velocity and acceleration movement 2
186 Helloween: Gorgar
186 Coronatus: Vor der Schlacht
186 Sacred Steel: Reborn in steel
186 Nightwish: Last ride of the day
186 Oomph!: Feiert das Kreuz
186 Elm Street: Elm St's children
186 Unleashed: Shadows in the deep
186 Van Halen: Bottom's up
186 Eisregen: Bewegliche Ziele
186 Bobby Kimball & Jimi Jamison: Find another way
186 Cannibal Corpse: Beyond the cemetery
186 Primal Fear: Bad guys wear black
186 Dream Theater: The dance of eternity
186 Kambrium: A sinner's remorse
186 Saxon: And the bands played on (live 1981)
186 Prey For Nothing: Treachery
187 AC/DC: Guns for hire
187 Trash Amigos: Divided
187 Samael: Worship him
187 Doro: Merry Metal Xmas
187 Root: Fiery message
187 L'Âme Immortelle: Du siehst mich nicht
187 Blut aus Nord: Epitome VII
187 Iron Maiden: Phantom of the opera (live)
187 Vendetta: Tremendous brutality
187 Led Zeppelin: Stairway to heaven
187 Hemoth: Disgrace
187 Volbeat: Light a way
187 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Wir sind das Licht (live)
187 Herratik: Bottom feeder
187 Mr. Big: Stranger in my life
187 One Morning Left: Hermione's Panties
187 Running Wild: Raise your fist
187 Venom: Pedal to the metal
188 Mastodon: Dry bone valley
188 Mordant: Black evil master
188 Megadeth: Wrecker
188 Profane Omen: Feed on the wasted
188 Fates Warning: Traveler in time
188 Defense: Cross the line
188 Volbeat: Pool of booze, booze, booza (live)
188 Slayer: South of heaven
188 Doomdogs: Save e
188 Eluveitie: Meet the enemy
188 Carcass: No love lost
188 Coroner: Sirens
188 Death: Leprosy
188 Eluveitie: A rose for Epona
188 Devin Townsend: Regulator
188 Palace: Dream evilizer
188 Japanese Voyeurs: Cry baby
AS024 Eluveitie: Meet the enemy
AS024 Carcass: No love lost
AS024 Coroner: Sirens
AS024 Death: Leprosy
AS024 Eluveitie: A rose for Epona
AS024 Devin Townsend: Regulator
AS024 Palace: Dream evilizer
AS024 Japanese Voyeurs: Cry baby
AS024 Slayer: Silent scream
189 Primal Fear: Unbreakable
189 Portrait: Beast of fire
189 Lyriel: Leverage
189 Rituals Of The Oak: Here
189 Blind Guardian: Valhalla (New Recording 2011)
189 Overkill: Gasoline dream
189 The Wounded Kings: The private labyrinth
189 Eluveitie: A rose for Epona (acoustic version)
189 Soulfly: World scum
189 Blood Ceremony: My demon brother
189 Lilian Axe: Death comes tomorrow
189 Vinum Sabbatum: Disillusioned pilgrims
189 Blind Guardian: The last candle (Remix 2011)
189 Van Halen: Hot for teacher
190 Sacred Reich: Surf Nicaragua
190 Sear Bliss: Great cosmic disorder
190 Metal Church: The dark
190 Eisbrecher: Verrückt
190 King Giant: Appomattox
190 Kreator: Winter martyrium
190 Unisonic: Unisonic
190 Augrimmer: The coffin host
190 Bruce Dickinson: Tears of the dragon
190 Orange Goblin: Save me from myself
190 Judas Priest: Stained class
190 Kreator: Reflection
190 Belenos: Enscrelé
190 Unisonic: I want out (live)
190 Black Messiah: Windloni
190 Blind Guardian: Majesty (Remix 2011)
190 Rage: Twenty one
190 Kreator: Karmic wheel
191 Airbourne: Born to kill
191 Consortium Project II: The catalist
191 Unleashed: Winterland
191 Orange Goblin: Stand for something
191 Eisbrecher: Tanz mit mir
191 Paradise Lost: Your hand in mine
191 Angels Of Babylon: Night magic
191 Power Theory: Pervaricator
191 Type O Negative: Blood & fire
191 Epica: Storm the sorrow
191 Dyscarnate: Cain enable
191 Accept: Bulletproof
191 Bonfire: Fireworks (live)
191 Bonfire: You make me feel (live)
191 Eluveitie: Havoc
191 Exhorder: Law
192 Slayer: Snuff
192 Huntress: Eight of swords
192 Iron Maiden: Only the good die young
192 Xandria: Valentine
192 While Heaven Wept: To wander the void
192 Vanden Plas: On my way to Jerusalem
192 Slayer: Bloodline
192 Jimi Hendrix: Hey Joe
192 Eisbrecher: Die Hölle muss warten
192 Izegrim: Victim of honor
192 Nightwish: The crow, the owl and the dove
192 Accept: Pandemic
192 Unisonic: My sanctuary
192 Black Sabbath: Supernaut
192 Slayer: Necrophilicac
AS025 Slayer: Snuff
AS025 Huntress: Eight of swords
AS025 Iron Maiden: Only the good die young
AS025 While Heaven Wept: To wander the void
AS025 Vanden Plas: On my way to Jerusalem
193 Overkill: Killing for a living
193 Corrosion Of Conformity: Psychic vampire
193 Lacuna Coil: Trip the darkness
193 Deicide: Crucifixion
193 Biohazard: Reborn
193 Judas Priest: Genocide (live)
193 Woods Of Ypres: Traveling alone
193 Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath
193 L'Âme Immortelle: Absolution
193 Sepultura: Territory
193 Crow7: Symphony of souls
193 Biohazard: Skullcrusher
193 Paradise Lost: Crucify
193 Bad Brains: Banned in D.C.
193 shEver: Je suis née
193 Legion Of The Damned: Malevolent rapture
194 Running Wild: Pile of skulls
194 Accept: Stalingrad
194 Black Sabbath: Hole in the sky
194 Neosis: Unwilling fate
194 Xandria: A prophecy of worlds to fall
194 Hypocrisy: Burnt by the cross
194 Eisbrecher: Exzess Express
194 Eisbrecher: Prototyp
194 Seita: The awakening
194 Pantera: Hollow
194 Overkill: Electric rattlesnake
194 Primus: Here come the bastards
194 Crow7: The guide
194 Volbeat: A better believer
194 Godslave: Scholar eclipse
194 Risk: Eclipse
195 Bleeding Red: Bloodforce + Running man
195 Wintersun: Battle against time
195 Bleeding Red: Thoughtcrime
195 Dissection: Night's blood
195 Bleeding Red: Nameless
195 Unleashed: Odalheim
195 Immortal: All shall fall
195 Ozzy Osbourne: Suicide solution (live)
195 Bleeding Red: Frequencies
195 Emperor: With strength I burn
195 Bleeding Red: Involution
196 Overkill: Electric rattlesnake
196 Diabulus In Musica: Blazing a trail
196 Exodus: Bonded by blood
196 Heidevolk: In het woud gezworen
196 Overkill: Deathrider (live)
196 Judas Priest: Victim of changes
196 Overkill: Wish you were dead
196 Cannibal Corpse: Demented aggression
196 Lacuna Coil: I don't believe in tomorrow
196 Before The Dawn: Phoenix rising
196 Powerwolf: Raise your fist, evangelist (live)
196 Rainbow: Mistreated (live)
196 Rage: Forever dead
196 Meshuggah: Do not look down
AS026 Exodus: Bonded by blood
AS026 Overkill: Deathrider (live)
AS026 Judas Priest: Victim of changes
AS026 Overkill: Wish you were dead
AS026 Rainbow: Mistreated (live)
197 Accept: Hung, drawn and quartered
197 Gravety: Decay of life
197 Epica: Monopoly on truth
197 Primal Rock Rebellion: No place like home
197 Dyscarnate: Cain enable
197 Grand Magus: Iron will
197 Murdoc: Devon
197 Judas Priest: Grinder
197 Swallow The Sun: Cathedral walls
197 Lord Of The Lost: Sex on legs
197 Crossplane: No win situation
197 Accept: Shadow soldiers
197 Rage: Serial killer
197 Rainbow: Man on the silver mountain (live)
197 Total Annihilation: Extinction
197 Five Finger Death Punch: Remember everything
198 Brainstorm: Shadowland
198 Accept: Hellfire
198 Kissin' Dynamite: Monex, Sex & Power
198 Swallow The Sun: Cathedral walls
198 A Life [Divided]: Heart on fire
198 Diablo Swing Orchestra: Voodoo mon amour
198 Eye Beyond Sight: That hurts
198 Horn Of The Rhino: Pile of severed heads
198 Anathema: Untouchable Part 1
198 Municipal Waste: The fatal feast
198 Sigh: The transfiguration fear
198 Deals Death: Fearless
198 Barren Earth: As it is written
198 Horse Lattitudes: Dissolution
198 Seven Ends: Bloodfields
198 Crystal Viper: Crimen excepta
198 The Treatment: The doctor
198 Another Perfect Day: Pour some hope
199 Kreator: Phantom Antichrist
199 Iron Maiden: The talisman (live)
199 Star One: Digital rain
199 The 11th Hour: We all die alone
199 A. A. Lucassen: Parental procreation permit
199 A. A. Lucassen: Yellowstone Memorial Day
199 Rammstein: Dalai Lama
199 Guns 'n' Roses: Night train
199 Sabaton: Carolus Rex
199 Anathema: Untouchable Part 2
199 Overkill: Electro-violence
199 At Vance: Eyes of a stranger
199 A. A. Lucassen: Lost in the new real
200 Saxon: Wheels of steel (live)
200 Gotthard: Lift u up
200 Overkill: Welcome to the gutter
200 Edguy: King of fools
200 Finntroll: Trollhammaren
200 Agonoize: Koprolalie
200 Cinderella: Fallin' apart at the seams
200 Pain: Nailed to the ground
200 Accept: Metal heart
200 Doro: You're my family
200 After Forever: Energize me
200 Amorphis: Silver bride
200 Swallow The Sun: Cathedral walls
200 Unheilig: Ein großes Leben
200 Anthrax: Indians
200 Rainbow: Catch the rainbow
200 Iron Maiden: Flight of Icarus
201 Warrior: Fighting for the earth
201 Bullet For My Valentine: Tears don't fall
201 Metallica: Disposable heroes
201 Eisbrecher: Keine Liebe
201 Trouble: The tempter
201 J.B.O.: Gänseblümchen
201 AC/DC: For those about to rock
201 In Flames: Only for the weak
201 The Gathering: Nighttime birds
201 Volbeat: Guitar gangsters & cadillac blood
201 Slayer: Cult
201 U.D.O.: Man & machine
201 Communic: Waves of visual decay
202 Gorefest: Murder brigade
202 Axxis: Message in a bottle (The Police cover)
202 Crucified Barbara: Losing the game
202 Huntress: Spell eater
202 Moonless: Mark of the dead
202 Crucified Barbara: Into the fire
202 Crucified Barbara: The midnight chase
202 Obituary: World demise
202 Amon Amarth: Children of the grave (Black Sabbath cover)
202 Blood Mortalized: The heretic possession
202 Dio: The last in line
202 Testament: The new order
202 Asaru: Under the flag
202 The Devil's Blood: She
202 Watch Me Bleed: Here come the red
203 Crucified Barbara: The crucifier
203 Armored Saint. Long before I die
203 Alice In Chains: Check my brain
203 5 Star Grave: Lemmings
203 Gotthard: Remember it's me
203 Exodus: Impact is imminent
203 Disaffected: 1460 steps to divine
203 Mantic Ritual: Panic
203 Powerwolf: Raise your fist, evangelist (live)
203 Sabaton: Carolus Rex
203 Grand Magus: Valhalla rising
203 Pain: Let me out
203 Bonfire: Cry for help
203 The Iniquity Descent: The invisible
203 Edguy: Out of vogue
203 Venom: Sons of satan
203 Ewigheim: Morgenrot
203 The Devil's Blood: The graveyard shuffle (live)
204 Empires Of Eden: Hammer down
204 Fear Factory: Recharger
204 Sodom: City of god
204 Blind Guardian: The script for my requiem
204 Jorn: Bring Heavy Rock to the land
204 Rage: Don't fear the winter (live)
204 Children Of Bodom: Follow the reaper
204 J.B.O.: Bejonze
204 Nile: The fiends who came to steal the magick of the deceased
204 Jaded Heart: My destiny
204 Volbeat: Making believe
204 U.D.O.: X-T-C (remix)
204 In Extremo: Viva la vida
204 Jorn: Time to be king
204 Ministry: Just one fix
204 Secrets Of The Moon: Seven bells
204 Crucified Barbara: Shut your mouth
204 Oomph!: Zwei Schritt vor
205 Kreator: Phantom Antichrist
205 Queensrÿche: Queen of the reich
205 Kobra And The Lotus: Forever one
205 Ewigheim: Schmutzengel
205 Battle Beast: Iron hand (live)
205 Meshuggah: The demon's name is surveillance
205 Docker's Guild: The mystic technocracy
205 Kreator: Civilisation collapse
205 J.B.O.: Ich liebe dir
205 Candlemass: The sound of dying demons
205 Mortillery: MurderDeathKill
205 Blind Guardian: The bard's song (orchestral radio version)
205 Children Of Bodom: I'm shipping up to Boston (Dropkick Murphys cover)
205 Kreator: Amok run (live)
205 Hamburger Jungz: Fußballgötter
206 Testament: True American hate
206 Orchid: Capricorn
206 Bonfire: Just follow the rainbow (live)
206 Savatage: Devastation
206 Armored Saint: Left hook from right field
206 Powerwolf: Sanctified with dynamite
206 Arch Enemy: Bloodstained cross
206 Venom: In league with satan
206 The Devil's Blood: The thousandfold epicentre
206 Deep Purple: Crazy
206 Tankard: A girl called cerveza
206 Axxis: Kingdom of the night
206 Primordial: No grave deep enough
206 Sabaton: Ghost division
206 Jess And The Ancient Ones: Prayer for death and fire
207 Testament: Native blood
207 Turbonegro: You give me worms
207 Marduk: Serpent sermon
207 Pain: End of the line
207 Zodiac: Carnival
207 Edguy: Robin Hood
207 Sabaton: Carolus Rex
207 Dew-Scented: Sworn to obey
207 Exciter: Heavy metal maniac
207 Anvil: 666
207 Tankard: A girl called cerveza
207 Riot: Outlaw
207 Tankard: (Empty) tankard
207 23rd Grade Of Evil: Take my life
207 Mortillery: Evil remains
208 Fear Factory: Recharger
208 Onkel Tom: Auf nach Wacken
208 U.D.O.: They want war
208 Saxon: Hammer of the gods
208 Sacred Reich: Love … hate
208 Oomph!: Unzerstörbar
208 Overkill: Come and get it
208 In Flames: The chosen pessimist
208 Graveyard: Goliath
208 Witchcraft: It's not because of you
208 Satan's Wrath: Between Belial and Satan
208 Grave: Perimortem
208 Cockroach: Return to present day
208 Killing Age: Out of this
208 Katatonia: Dead letters
208 Jess And The Ancient Ones: Sulfur giants
209 Warbringer: Total war
209 Torment Tool: ??? Track 2
209 Dust Bolt: Opulence contaminated
209 Torment Tool: Pieces of perversion
209 Municipal Waste: Party hard
209 Torment Tool: ???
209 Bitterness: Face the lie
209 Torment Tool: ???
209 Korn: One more time
209 Torment Tool: Party crasher
209 Slayer: Angel of death
209 Torment Tool: Til death
210 Die Hard: Satanic uprise
210 Orden Ogan: The things we believe in
210 Napalm Death: Utilitarian
210 Testament: Burnt offerings
210 Amon Amarth: Live for the kill
210 Machine Head: Locust
210 Ministry: Jesus built my hotrod
210 Ex Deo: I, Calligula
210 Grave: Passion of the weak
210 Nightwish: Slaying the dreamer
210 Kiss: Take me down below
210 The Gathering: Heroes for ghosts
210 Rammstein: Nebel
210 G/Z/R: Drive by, shooting
210 Iron Maiden: Moonchild
211 Destruction: Cyanide
211 Metallica: No remorse
211 The Gathering: Paper waves
211 Judas Priest: Breaking the law
211 Rob Zombie: Thunderkiss '65
211 Betontod: In Sekunden
211 Varg: Guten Tag
211 Overkill: Deny the cross
211 Threshold: Staring at the sun
211 Black Abyss: As long as I'm bleeding
211 Pestilence: Echoes of death
211 Black Sabbath: Sweet leaf
211 Baroness: Take my bones away
211 Iron Maiden: The prisoner
211 Ensiferum: Burning leaves
211 Mercyful Fate: Nightmare
211 Decline Of The I: Art or cancer
212 Slayer: Show no mercy
212 Black Abyss: Ripper's punch
212 Amon Amarth: The pursuit of vikings
212 Black Abyss: The final call
212 Flotsam & Jetsam: Iron tears
212 Black Abyss: The aim
212 Rainbow: Stargazer
212 Black Abyss: Streams of sorrow
212 Savatage: Jesus saves
212 Black Abyss: Possessed by hate
212 In Flames: Pinball map
212 Black Abyss: Conquering of fate
213 Annihilator: King of the kill
213 Cradle Of Filth: For your vulgar delectation
213 Machine Head: Darkness within
213 Paradise Lost: The last fallen saviour
213 L'Imperio Delle Ombre: Diogene
213 Doro: Raise your fist in the air
213 Swallow The Sun: Hate, lead the way
213 Pain: Bitch
213 Frei.Wild: Land der Vollidioten
213 Running Wild: Bad to the bone
213 The Devil's Blood: Die the death
213 Obituary: Rotting ways
213 Subway To Sally: Sabbat
213 Iron Maiden: Remember tomorrow
213 Focus Indulgens: Un profeta dal cosmo
213 The Gathering: Paralized
213 Motörhead: Sacrifice
214 Hellfueled: Born to rock
214 Enforcer: Mezmerized by fire
214 Soilwork: Spectrum of eternity
214 Judas Priest: Saints in hell
214 Powerwolf: Saturday satan (live)
214 J.B.O.: Dio in Rio
214 Amorphis: Hopeless days
214 Mötley Crüe: Knock 'em dead kid
214 Blind Guardian: Imaginations from the other side
214 Dust Bolt: Jump in the fire (Metallica cover)
214 J.B.O.: Mudder
214 Danzig: Mother
214 Hypocrisy: End of disclosure
214 Jess And The Ancient Ones: Astral Sabbat
214 Evergrey: Lost
214 Lost Society: Trash all over you
215 Blind Guardian: Banish from sanctuary
215 Soilwork: Rise above the sentiment
215 Dokken: Into the fire
215 Iron Maiden: Gangland
215 Entombed: Through the collonades
215 Saxon: Sacrifice
215 Black Sabbath: Time machine
215 Callenish Circle: Sweet cyanide
215 Avantasia: Invoke the machine
215 Running Wild: Jenning's revenge
215 Saxon: Made in Belfast
215 Der W: Geschichtenhasser (live)
215 Slayer: Ghosts of war
215 Reckless Love: Romance
215 Saxon: Warriors of the road
215 Iron Maiden: Total eclipse
215 Candlemass: Well of souls
216 Iced Earth: Last laugh
216 Hypocrisy: Tales of thy spineless
216 W.A.S.P.: School daze
216 Orchid: Wizard of war
216 Frei.Wild: Land der Vollidioten
216 Saxon: Crusader (orchestrated version)
216 Breschdleng: Seiferts Fritz
216 Amorphis: Hopeless days
216 Iron Maiden: Starblind
216 Volbeat: 7 shots
216 Kadavar: Doomsday machine
216 Finsterforst: Nichts als Asche
216 Mono Inc.: After the war (Gary Moore cover)
216 Gary Moore: After the war
216 Lock Up: Accelerated mutation
216 Saxon: Requiem (acoustic version)
216 Bathory: For all those who died
216 Metallica: Motorbreath
217 Primal Fear: Play to kill
217 Hatebreed: Put it to the torch
217 Morgana Lefay: Dragon's lair
217 Grip Inc.: Curse (of the cloth
217 Hardcore Superstar: One more minute
217 AC/DC: Flick off the switch
217 Volbeat: Cape of our hero
217 Hellhammer: Messiah
217 Alison: From the ashes
217 Suicidal Tendencies: Shake it out
217 Machine Head: The blood, the sweat, the tears
217 J.B.O.: Ich liebe dir
217 Killswitch Engage: In due time
217 AC/DC: Landslide
217 Destruction: Carnivore
217 Volbeat: The hangman's bodycount
217 Arch Enemy: Savage messiah
217 Artillery: Bombfood
217 AC/DC: This house is on fire
218 Pantera: Yesterday don't mean shit
218 Amon Amarth: Deceiver of the gods
218 Annihilator: Set the world on fire
218 Emil Bulls: Between the devil and the deep blue sea
218 Mangoo: The shit
218 Scorpion Child: Polygon of eyes
218 Heavymartl Project: Hooray Harry
218 Guns 'n' Roses: Don't cry
218 Stahlmann: Schwarz
218 Strapping Young Lad: Shitstorm
218 Faith No More: King for a day
218 Morbid Angel: World of shit
218 Annihilator: Snake in the grass
218 Volbeat: Room 24
218 Amorphis: The wanderer
218 Ministry: Lava
218 Annihilator: Don't bother me
218 System Of A Down: Fuck the system
218 Jess And The Ancient Ones: More than living
219 Sodom: Epitome of torture
219 Anthrax: The enemy
219 Battle Beast: Into the heart of danger
219 Black Sabbath: God is dead?
219 Carcass: Buried dreams
219 Airbourne: Live it up
219 Entrails: In pieces
219 Annihilator: Time bomb
219 Kadavar: Doomsday machine
219 Gorefest: Putrid stench of human remains
219 The Ocean: The wish in dreams
219 Ereb Altor: Myrding
219 Breed77: Bring on the rain
219 Iced Earth: Ghost of freedom
219 Immolation: Kingdom of conspiracy
219 Ghost B.C.: Year zero
219 Carcass: Blind bleeding the blind
220 Leatherwolf: Street ready
220 Satan: Siege of mentality
220 Emil Bulls: Here comes the fire
220 Black Star Riders: Bound for glory
220 Caliban: Caliban's revenge
220 Metal Church: Gods of second chance
220 Eluveitie: Home
220 Saltatio Mortis: La ride (live)
220 The Bullet Monks: We're all fucked
220 Volbeat: My body
220 Suicidal Tendencies: Send me your money
220 Terror: Hard lessons
220 Process Of Guilt: Harvest
220 Black Abyss: As long as I'm bleeding
220 Amorphis: Into the abyss
220 Lacuna Coil: I don't believe in tomorrow
220 Iced Earth: Dystopia
221 Quiet Riot: Metal Health
221 Alpha Tiger: From outer space
221 Accept: TV war
221 Judas Priest: White heat, red hot
221 Power Theory: Pervaricator
221 Artillery: Khomaniac
221 Slayer: Die by the sword
221 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Auf die Liebe (live)
221 Entombed: Crawl
221 Exumer: Destructive solution
221 Hell: Save us from those who would save us
221 Iced Earth: The path I choose
221 Colorstone: Silverspoon
221 Lordi: Would you love a monsterman?
221 Dio: I could have been a dreamer
221 Morgana Lefay: What am I
221 Pretty Maids: Mother of all lies
221 Saxon: Stand up and fight
221 Slayer: At dawn they sleep
222 Anvil: Juggernaut of justice
222 Deep Purple: Vincent price
222 Rammstein: Liebe ist für alle da
222 Powerwolf: Son of a wolf
222 Lamb Of God: Redneck
222 Stahlmann: Die Welt verbrennt
222 Mustasch: Deep in the woods
222 Danzig: Dirty black summer
222 Anthrax: A skeleton in the closet
222 Candlemass: Ancient dreams
222 Torture Killer: Devil's rejects
222 Chthonic: Supreme pain for the tyrants
222 J.B.O.: Die Freuden des breiten Sports
222 U.D.O.: Steelhammer
222 Pretty Maids: Who what when where why
222 Audrey Horne: Youngblood
222 Children Of Bodom: Halo of blood
222 Kadavar: Come back life
223 Dokken: Kiss of death
223 Vengeance: Rock 'n' roll shower
223 Rob Zombie: Dragula
223 Black Sabbath: God is dead?
223 Ramones: Blitzkrieg bob
223 Queensrÿche: Revolution calling
223 Pain: Nailed to the ground
223 AC/DC: For those about to rock
223 J.B.O.: Ich liebe dir
223 Judas Priest: Freewheel burning
223 Volbeat: Cape of our hero
223 W.A.S.P.: Mean man
223 Amorphis: Narrowpath
223 Subway To Sally: Auf Kiel
223 Swallow The Sun: Cathedral walls
223 Finntroll: Trollhammaren
223 The Gathering: Capital of nowhere
223 Slayer: Seasons in the abyss
224 S.O.D.: March of the S.O.D. & Sargent D.
224 Judas Priest: Killing machine
224 Gardenian: Small electric space
224 Metallica: Phantom lord
224 Oliva: Soul chaser
224 Obituary: The end complete
224 Audrey Horne: Redemption blues
224 Agent Steel: Agents of steel
224 Black Sabbath: Dear father
224 The Devil's Blood: Christ or cocaine
224 Overkill: Horror show
224 Oliva: Armageddon
224 Eisbrecher: Willkommen im Nichts
224 Audrey Horne: Youngblood
224 Trouble: The beginning
224 Iced Earth: Prophecy
224 Iron Maiden: The rime of the Ancient Mariner
225 Nitrovolt: Pay the price
225 Annihilator: Bloodbath
225 Powerwolf: In the name of god (Deus vult)
225 Black Abyss: As long as I'm bleeding
225 Grave Digger: Excalibur
225 Lacuna Coil: Spellbound
225 Iced Earth: Dystopia
225 Amon Amarth: Father of the wolf
225 Kalmah: Windlake tale
225 Nergard: Memorial for a dream
225 Oliva: Soldier
225 Motörhead: Iron fist
225 Doro: We are the Metalheads
225 Audrey Horne: The open sea
225 Blues Pills: Devil man
225 Nitrovolt: Rock it out
226 Sodom: Agent orange
226 Airbourne: Ready to rock
226 Ashes Of Ares: Dead man's plight
226 Overkill: The years of decay
226 ReVamp: The Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown: On The Sideline
226 Carcass: Unfit for human consumption
226 Oomph!: Augen auf
226 Airbourne: No one fits me (better than you)
226 Kataklysm: Kill the elite
226 Journey: Separate ways
226 Watain: The wild hunt
226 Blues Pills: Black smoke
226 Beelzefuzz: Reborn
226 Celtic Frost: Circle of the tyrants
226 The Vision Bleak: The wood hag
226 Airbourne: Black dog barking
226 Devildriver: Winter kills
226 Witherscape: Dead for a day
226 Type O Negative: Love you to death
226 Nevermore: Lost
227 Venom: Black Metal
227 Amon Amarth: Deceiver of the gods
227 Tenside: Here and now
227 Ayreon: The castle hall
227 Annihilator: I am in command
227 Deep Purple: Vincent Price
227 Rammstein: Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen
227 Dream Theater: In the presence of my enemies part 1
227 TYR: Blood of heroes
227 Asphyx: Der Landser
227 Amon Amarth: Hel
227 Mono Inc.: Heile, heile segen
227 In Solitude: Sister
227 Entombed: Sinners bleed
227 Skid Row: Monkey business
227 Carcass: Captive bolt piston
227 Amon Amarth: Snake eyes
227 Fleshgod Apocalypse: Elegy
228 Judas Priest: Rapid fire
228 Overkill: The rip 'n' tear
228 Amon Amarth: Burning anvil of steel
228 Deadlock: The great pretender
228 Lingua Mortis Orchestra: Lament
228 Aerosmith: Love in an elevator
228 Akercocke: Verdelet
228 Mustasch: Blackout blues
228 Black Sabbath: Age of reason
228 Heaven & Hell: Follow the tears
228 Van Halen: Somebody get me a doctor
228 Nine Inch Nails: Heresy
228 Jon Oliva's Pain: City beneath the surface/sirens
228 Pestilence: Lost souls
228 Nuclear Assault: Nuclear war
228 Disturbed: Ten thousand fists
228 Oomph!: Feuert das Kreuz
228 Mekong Delta: Promenade/Gnomus
228 Böhse Onkelz: Erkennen Sie die Melodie
228 Acid Witch: Stoned to the grave
229 Pretty Maids: Red, hot and heavy
229 Annihilator: Bloodbath
229 Savatage: Power of the night
229 Hell: The age of Nefarious
229 Amon Amarth: Satan rising
229 Iron Maiden: Another life
229 The Ruins Of Beverast: Daemon
229 Black Star Riders: Kingdom of the lost
229 Savatage: Somewhere in time/Believe
229 Testament: Native blood (live)
229 Journey: Anywhere you want it
229 Kvelertak: Blodtørst
229 The Vintage Caravan: Expand your mind
229 Hail Of Bullets: Pour le merite
229 Place Vendome: Talk to me
229 Metallica: The thing that should not be
229 Primus: Tommy the cat
229 Savatage: When the crowds are gone
230 Saxon: Never surrender
230 Megadeth: In my darkest hour
230 Avatarium: Moonhorse
230 Iced Earth: Among the living dead
230 Guns 'n' Roses: Out to get me
230 Bolt Thrower: Powder burns
230 Six Feet Under: TNT
230 Savatage: Can you hear me now
230 Artillery: Legions of Artillery
230 Judas Priest: The sentinel
230 Ghost: Year zero
230 Sepultura: Mass hypnosis
230 Volbeat: The hangman's bodycount
230 Avatarium: Lady in the lamp
230 Guns 'n' Roses: Coma
231 Testament: Rise up
231 Annihilator: Schizos (are never alone)
231 Van Halen: D.O.A.
231 Caliban: Devil's night
231 Böhse Onkelz: Deutschland im Herbst
231 Behemoth: Blow your trumpets Gabriel
231 Motorjesus: The run
231 Exumed: Trapped under ice (Metallica cover)
231 Metal Church: Down to the river
231 Axel Rudi Pell: Tower of lies
231 Rob Zombie: Superbeast
231 Grand Magus: Triumph and power
231 Slayer: War ensemble (live)
231 Triptykon: In shrouds decayed
231 Transatlantic: Black as the sky
231 Black Sabbath: Age of reason
231 Soundgarden: Spoonman
231 Colorstone: Never too late
232 Anthrax: Armed and dangerous
232 Adrenaline Mob: House of lies
232 UFO: Crystal light
232 Motörhead: Dancing on your grave
232 Terrorblade: Evil & Malice
232 In Extremo: Santa Maria
232 Savage Messiah: Hellblazer
232 Sodom: Nuclear winter
232 Grand Magus: Triumph and power
232 Audrey Horne: There goes a lady
232 Trouble: Wolf
232 Bloodspot: The legend of Butch Miller
232 UFO: Rock Bottom
232 Terrorblade: Gates of hell
232 Black Sabbath: Sweet leaf
232 Bloodspot: Burst black
232 Def Leppard: Die hard the hunter
232 Sodom: Procession to Golgatha / Christ passion
233 Iron Savior: Ascendance / Last hero
233 Metal Inquisitor: Confession saves blood
233 Nocturnal: Preaching death
233 The Devil's Blood: The heavens cry out for the Devil's Blood
233 W.A.S.P.: The last command
233 Helloween: Twilight of the gods
233 Iron Savior: From far beyond time
233 UFO: Let it roll
233 Vampire: Howl from the coffin
233 The Devil's Blood: On the wings of Gloria
233 Triumphant: Triumphant
233 Cannibal Corpse: The bleeding
233 Iron Savior: Iron warrior
233 UFO: Out in the street
233 Heavy Tiger: Girls got balls
233 Unleashed: I am god
233 Cynic: Infinite shapes
233 Jon Oliva's Pain: Festival
233 The Devil's Blood: The anti-kosmik magick
234 Gamma Ray: Pale rider
234 Exciter: Violence and force
234 Machine Head: Left unfinished
234 UFO: Natural Thing
234 Lacuna Coil: Nothing stands in our way
234 Gotthard: Get up 'n' move on
234 W.A.S.P.: I wanna be somebody
234 Ayreon: E= MC2
234 Lost Society: Lethal pleasure
234 Alice Cooper: Bed of nails
234 Faith No More: Be aggressive
234 Avatarium: Avatarium
234 W.A.S.P.: School daze
234 Eluveitie: Inis mona
234 UFO: On with the action
234 Mötley Crüe: Shout at the devil
234 Delain: Stardust
234 Alice Cooper: Why trust you
234 W.A.S.P.: Sleeping in the fire
234 Brainstorm: Firesoul
234 Nocturnal: Preaching death
235 Armored Saint: Reign of fire
235 Brainstorm: Firesoul
235 AC/DC: Put the finger on you
235 Black Label Society: My dying time
235 I: Mountains
235 Ghost: Zombie Queen
235 Massacre: As we wait to die
235 Kiss: Hotter than hell
235 Klogr: Draw closer
235 Brainstorm: Shadowseeker
235 Brainstorm: Recall the real
235 In Flames: Only for the weak
235 UFO: Love to love
235 GWAR: America must be destroyed
235 Iron Maiden: The clairvoyant
235 Volbeat: Sad man's tongue
236 Gamma Ray: Hellbent
236 U.D.O.: Heart of gold
236 Magnum: Burning river
236 Triumphant: Devotion
236 Queensrÿche: Screaming in digital
236 Accept: Rolling thunder
236 UFO: Only you can rock me
236 Brainstorm: The chosen
236 Illdisposed: Slave
236 Gamma Ray: Demonseed
236 The Oath: All must die
236 Voodoocult: Killer patrol
236 The Treatment: Emergency
236 UFO: You don't fool me
236 Sepultura: The vatican
236 Type O Negative: Everyone I love is dead
236 Voodoocult: Jesus killing machine
236 Gamma Ray: Avalon
237 Subway To Sally: Veitstanz
237 Gamma Ray: Empire of the undead
237 Raise Hell: Dance with the devil
237 Lacuna Coil: Zombies
237 Aerosmith: Ragdoll
237 Epica: The essence of silence
237 Type O Negative: Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
237 Whitechapel: The saw is the law
237 Candlemass: Crystal ball
237 Mos Generator: Break
237 Lacuna Coil: Die & rise
237 Sentenced: Dance on the graves
237 The Skull: Sometime yesterday mourning
237 Pet The Preacher: Kamikaze knight
237 AC/DC: Big gun
237 Lacuna Coil: One cold day
237 J.B.O.: Medtl-Gschdanzl '97
237 Corrosion Of Conformity: Dance of the dead
238 Edguy: Sabre & torch
238 Portrait: We are not alone
238 Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Freiheit, Gleichheit, Brüderlichkeit
238 Prong: Chamber of thought
238 The Gathering: The May song
238 Machine Head: Locust
238 Judas Priest: Redeemer of souls
238 Triptykon: Breathing
238 The Milestones: Oh my soul
238 Metallica: Wherever I may roam
238 Edguy: Space police
238 Black Sabbath: Lord of this world
238 Arch Enemy: War eternal
238 Sabaton: To hell and back
238 Slayer: Implode
238 Danzig: How the gods kill
238 Edguy: The eternal wayfarer
239 Kissin' Dynamite: Monex, Sex & Power
239 Hellyeah: Sangre por sangre (blood for blood)
239 Arch Enemy: War eternal
239 W.A.S.P.: Chainsaw Charlie
239 Watch Out Stampede: In pictures
239 Orden Ogan: To new shores of sadness
239 Sepultura: The age of the atheist
239 Kreator: Phantom Antichrist
239 Saxon: Lionheart
239 Anthrax: Madhouse
239 Ambush: Don't shoot (let 'em burn)
239 Skid Row: Youth gone wild
239 Obituary: Chopped in half
239 Stryper: Spldiers under command 2013
239 Atlantean Kodex: The Atlantean Kodex
239 U.F.O.: Doctor doctor
239 Uniconic: Unisonic
239 Grave: You'll never see
240 Overkill: Armorist
240 Blues Pills: High class woman
240 Grand Magus: Like the oar strikes the water
240 Crucified Barbara: Shut your mouth
240 Carcass: Cadaver pouch conveyor system
240 Hypocrisy: Fractured millennium
240 Devin Townsend Project: Hyperdrive!
240 Eluveitie: King
240 Arch Enemy: You will know my name
240 Down: Bury me in smoke
240 Caliban: Memorial
240 The New Black: Everlasting
240 Obituary: World demise
240 In Extremo: Vollmond
240 Callejon: Dieses Lied macht betroffen
240 Brainstorm: Firesoul
240 Cripper: Not dead yet
240 Hail Of Bullets: General winter
240 Sahg: Repent
240 J.B.O.: Verteidiger des Blödsinns
240 Testament: Trial by fire
240 Gamma Ray: Pale rider
241 Accept: Stampede
241 Entombed A.D.: Bedlam attack
241 Black Trip: Voodoo Queen
241 Madball: DNA
241 Arch Enemy: War eternal
241 Rival Sons: Open my eyes
241 Dokken: Breaking the chains
241 Bury Tomorrow: Of glory
241 Sonic Syndicate: Black hole halo
241 Kreator: People of the lie
241 Channel Zero: Burn the nation
241 The Dagger: Skygazer
241 Scorpions: Another piece of meat
241 In Flames: Through oblivion
241 Eluveitie: The call of the mountains
241 Goatwhore: FBS
241 Dokken: Live to rock (rock to live)
241 Tankard: R.I.B.
241 Colorstone: Gotto grove
242 Killer Be Killed: Face down
242 Suicide Silence: Cease to exist
242 Dokken: Tooth and nail
242 Megadeth: Set the world on fire
242 Dissection: Soulreaper
242 The Dagger: Ahead of you
242 Iron Maiden: Sun and steel
242 Alestorm: Drink
242 Judas Priest: Sword of Damocles
242 Neopera: The marvel of chimera
242 Morbid Angel: Fall from grace
242 Dokken: Into the fire
242 Deathstars: Explode
242 Wovenwar: Tempest
242 Judas Priest: Down in flames
242 Belphegor: Black winged torment
242 Eluveitie: De ruef vo de Bärge
242 Savatage: Hard for love
242 Vallenfyre: Scabs
243 Anthrax: Gung ho
243 Accept: Trail of tears
243 Stam1na: Panzerfaust
243 Saxon: Watching the sky
243 Fuck You And Die: Natural death
243 Dokken: Lightning strikes again
243 Astral Doors: Wailing wall
243 Wovenwar: Profane
243 Audrey Horne: Out of the city
243 Cannibal Corpse: Sadistic embodiment
243 Twisted Sister: Burn in hell
243 Bullet: Storm of blades
243 Aeternitas: Ethelred
243 The Haunted: Cutting teeth
243 Kissin' Dynamite: DNA
243 Dokken: Unchain the night
243 The Durango Riot: Paranoia's rock
243 Wovenwar: Prophets
243 Puteraeon: The dreamdead sleep
243 Eluveitie: L'appel des Montagnes
244 Wolf: My demon
244 Armored Saint: On the edge
244 In Flames: Rusted nail
244 Xerath: I hunt for the weak
244 Dokken: Standing in the shadows
244 Grai: Mlada
244 Death Angel: Stop
244 Rainbow: Starstruck
244 Nachtmystium: Tear you down
244 Motörhead: Stone dead forever
244 King 810: Kill 'em all
244 Bruce Dickinson: Jerusalem
244 Death Penalty: Immortal by your hand
244 Dokken: Kiss of death
244 Santiano: Santiano
244 Dictated: The basher
244 Def Leppard: Comin' under fire
244 The Pineapple Thief: Simple as that
244 Manowar: Secret of steel
245 Sepultura: Refuse/resist
245 Audrey Horne: Volcano girl
245 Faith No More: Zombie eaters
245 Q-Box: Sleeping god
245 Crimsen Shadow: Rise to power
245 Dokken: Standing in the shadows (live)
245 J.B.O.: Metal No. 666
245 Dream Theater: Afterlife
245 Xerath: Veil Part 1
245 L'Âme Immortelle: Aus den Ruinen
245 Kissin' Dynamite: DNA
245 Corrosion Of Conformity: Damned for all time
245 The SixxiS: Out alive
245 The Haunted: Time (will not heal)
245 Dokken: Turn on the action (live)
245 Xerath: Veil Part 2
245 Herman Rarebell & Friends: You give me all I need (feat. Don Dokken)
245 Loverboy: Turn me loose
245 Deicide: In hell I burn
246 Judas Priest: Nightcrawler
246 Crobot: Nothing to hide
246 Savatage: Sirens
246 In Flames: Siren charms
246 Jag Panzer: Spectres of the past
246 Zombiefication: The divine door
246 Whitesnake: Don't break my heart again
246 The SixxiS: Long ago
246 Herman Rarebell & Friends: Loving you Sunday morning (feat. Michael Voss)
246 Rammstein: Sehnsucht
246 Rise Of The Northstar: Welcame (furyo state of mind)
246 Running Wild: Prisoner of our time
246 In Flames: When the world explodes
246 Ace Freley: I wanna hold you
246 Zombiefication: Infestation
246 Metal Church: Losers in the game
246 Herman Rarebell & Friends: Another piece of meat (feat. Tony Martin)
246 Volbeat: Lonesome rider
246 Eluveitie: Il richiamo dei monti
AS028 Savatage: Sirens
AS028 In Flames: Siren charms
AS028 Jag Panzer: Spectres of the past
AS028 Zombiefication: The divine door
AS028 The SixxiS: Out alive
AS028 In Flames: When the world explodes
AS028 Ace Freley: I wanna hold you
AS028 Zombiefication: Infestation
AS028 Metal Church: Losers in the game
247 Iron Maiden: Where eagles dare
247 Annihilator: King of the kill
247 Blues Pills: High class woman
247 Saxon: Power and the glory
247 Kissin' Dynamite: DNA
247 Helloween: Heavy Metal (is the law)
247 Doro: We are the Metalheads
247 Frei.wild: Allein nach vorne
247 Skillet: Monster
247 Metallica: Fade to black
247 Exodus: Blood in – blood out
247 Armored Saint: Reign of fire
247 In Flames: Rusted nail
247 Judas Priest: Electric eye
247 The Gathering:On most surfaces (Inuït)
247 Volbeat: Guitar gangsters & cadillac blood
247 Slayer: Show no mercy
247 Cannibal Corpse: Hammer smashed face
247 Avatarium: Lady in the lamp
247 Eluveitie: Il clom dallas muntognas
248 SIXX:A.M.: Let's go
248 Thomsen: Fools of fortune
248 Stud: Rust on the rose
248 Kissin' Dynamite: God in you
248 Kadavar: Doomsday machine
248 Evergrey: Hymns for the broken
248 Kissin' Dynamite: Legion of the legendary
248 Audrey Horne: Into the wild
248 Megaherz: Himmelsstürmer
248 Dismember: Casket garden
248 J.B.O.: Sakradi mei Sack is hi
248 Lordi: Nailed by the hammer of Frankenstein
248 Hull: Legend of the swamp goat
248 AC/DC: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
248 X-Drive: Get your rock on
248 White Empress: A prisoner unleashed
248 Unleashed: Before the creation of time
248 Moonland feat. Lenna Kuurmaa: Poison angel
248 Horn Of The Rhino: Deliverance prayer
248 Zodiac: Sonic child
AS029 Thomsen: Fools of fortune
AS029 Stud: Rust on the rose
AS029 Kissin' Dynamite: God in you
AS029 Kadavar: Doomsday machine
AS029 Evergrey: Hymns for the broken
AS029 Kissin' Dynamite: Legion of the legendary
AS029 Audrey Horne: Into the wild
AS029 Megaherz: Himmelsstürmer
AS029 Dismember: Casket garden
AS029 J.B.O.: Sakradi mei Sack is hi
249 Amon Amarth: Deceiver of the gods
249 Spitanger: Hurricane moments
249 Zodiac: Holding on
249 Ordo Inferus: Lingua silentium
249 AC/DC: Dog eat dog
249 Sanctuary: Arise and purify
249 Storage5: Goodbye
249 Nothgard: Black witch venture
249 Queensrÿche: Warning
249 Striker: City of gold
249 Ferium: Change of winds
249 The Moon And The Nightspirit: Égnyitó
249 Tankwart: Dschinghis Khan
249 Seven Impale: Extraction
249 Steak: Coma
249 Soundgarden: Superunknown
249 Primitive Man: Rags
249 Motörhead: Queen of the damned
249 Wolfbone: Stars are eyes
250 Kreator: Phantom Antichrist
250 Iced Earth: Burning times
250 Black Sabbath: Heaven and hell
250 Metallica: The thing that should not be
250 Amon Amarth: Fate of norns
250 J.B.O.: Gänseblümchen
250 Slayer: Cult
250 Saxon: Wheels of steel (live)
250 AC/DC: For those about to rock
250 Overkill: The years of decay
250 Eisbrecher. Eiszeit
250 Volbeat: Sad man's tongue
250 Judas Priest: The Sentinel
250 Iron Maiden: Flight of Icarus
250 Pain: Nailed to the ground
250 Finntroll: Trollhammaren
250 Communic: Waves of visual decay
251 Flotsam & Jetsam: Hammerhead
251 Orange Goblin: Demon blues
251 Amon Amarth: Gods of war arise
251 Vega: Stereo messiah
251 Warrior: Mind over matter
251 Machine Head: Now we die
251 Agent Steel: Guilty as charged
251 Vesania: Disillusion
251 In Flames: When the world explodes
251 Guns 'n' Roses: Civil war
251 Amaranthe: Digital world
251 Halford: Locked and loaded
251 Vallenfyre: Gorgon bride
251 Jon Oliva's Pain: Maniacal renderings
251 Wanted Inc.: King for a day
251 XThirt13n: Born in chains
251 Anaal Nathrakh: Unleash
251 The Skull: Till the sun turns black
AS030 Blues Pills: High class woman
AS030 Captain Beyond: Dancing madly backwards (on a sea of air)
AS030 Blues Pills: Devil man
AS030 Black Sabbath: Tomorrow's dream
AS030 Blues Pills: River
AS030 Fleetwood Mac: The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)
AS030 Blues Pills: Ain't no change
AS030 Jose Gonzales: Far away
AS030 Blues Pills: Time is now
AS030 Kiss: Black diamond
251.1 Saxon: 20000 feet
251.1 Lordi: Scare force one
251.1 Triosphere: Departure
251.1 Gorefest: False
251.1 Winterfilleth: Whisper of the elements
251.1 Falloch: I shall build mountains
251.1 Foreigner: Love on the telephone
251.1 Storage5: Doing wrong
251.1 In Love Your Mother: Blue planet came into existence
251.1 U.D.O.: Future land (live)
251.1 Krautschädl: GemmaGemma
251.1 No Mercy: We're evil
251.1 Ancient VVisdom: City of stone
251.1 Annihilated: Eyes in the sky
251.1 Airbourne: Cradle to the grave
251.1 Autumnal: One step … and the rest of our lives
251.1 20DarkSeven: Come undone
251.1 Exodus: Piranha
251.1 Mr. Big: Satisfied
251.1 Divine:Zero: The sinister and the sane
251.1 Pantera: This love
AS031 Machine Head: How we die
AS031 Caronte: Wakan tanka riders
AS031 Sinners Burn: Facebreaker
AS031 Overkill: I hate
AS031 Divine:Zero: Awake
AS031 How To Disappear Completely: Prozac smile
AS031 Unzucht: Unendlich
AS031 In Flames: Only for the weak
AS031 Postmortem (Ger): Pagan god
AS031 Universe 217: Harm
AS031 Motörhead: No class

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