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2011-2013 Past Guests Featured

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Child Centered Teaching

Dr. Harry Kuchah Kuchah, teacher, trainer and researcher in the field of child education, speaks of his experience teaching young learners in West and Central Africa and as well as in the UK and his teacher training at international conferences. An old time family friend joins the conversation from his homeland Cameroon.

More Info: Dr. Harry Kuchah Kuchah

Partner city friendship with Pessac

Wolfgang Klein, President of Freunde Göppingen-Pessac, discusses Göppingen’s French partner city, the annual Beer Fest and Wine Festival celebrations, boule in the city center, "Joie de Vivre" and the building bridges art project.

More Info: Freunde Göppingen-Pessac.de

Intercultural Weeks 2013

Dragica Horvat, integration affairs Göppingen returns for her yearly announcement of cultural and art events taking place for this year's Intercultural Weeks celebrations.

More Info: Stadt Göppingen

Hochschule Esslingen celebrates diversity

Sandokhan Kučić, engineering student, talks of the international student body at the Hochschule Esslingen and exchange programs offered (Göppingen Festival of Diversity).

More Info: www.hs-esslingen.de

In Der Einen Welt

Annette Laube, Schuldekan Kreis-Göppingen, and Karl Heinz Held, teacher Schillerrealschule and KMZ, discuss the event “In einen Welt – einfach (Er) Leben Evang. Kirchenbezirk” which focusses on sustainability and fair trade and features visitors from Cameroon.

More Info: www.ev-kirche-goeppingen.de


Leila Kadi & Hamdo Hurtic, Internations embassadors, discuss the international expat network, learning about new cultures and travel.

More Info: www.internations.org

Halloween Celebrations and Irish Traditions

Liam Cassidy, owner of Writer’s Irish Pub, gives insights into Halloween and other Irish traditions. He also tells us about the history of the pub and its international public. Events such as Quiz night, whiskey tasting and music performance are all mentioned in our talk.

More Info: Writer's Irish Pub

Preserving Jewish history

Christine Lipp-Wahl, advocate for Haus Lauchheimer, reminds us of the importance of Jewish history and preservation.

More Info: Haus Lauchheimer

Bürgerhaus Göppingen and volunteering

Chris Berger, städtische Beauftragte für Bürgerschaftliches Engagement, discusses the community center's groups at Bürgerhaus Göppingen.

More Info: Bürgerhaus Göppingen

Princess gives with style

Princess Maria von Sachsen-Altenberg, author and charity founder, discusses her book ”Der feine Unterschied” on international etiquette and her children’s charity. Musical instruments were also donated to Mörike-Gymnasium.

More Info: Prinzessin von Sachsen-Altenburg

International world of English teaching

Michelle Hunter, Chair of the English Language Teacher’s Association of Stuttgart (ELTAS), discusses the organization its goals and its internationality.

More Info: www.eltas.de

Intercultural Weeks 2011

Dragica Horvat, integration affairs Göppingen returns for her yearly announcement of cultural and art events taking place for this year's Intercultural Weeks celebrations.

More Info: www.goeppingen.de

Living Library and Finnish way of life

Armi Roth-Bernstein, tells us about the Scandinavian history of the Living Library and its introduction to Göppingen at the Stadt Bibliothek. The concept has been fruitful in bringing people together who might otherwise not have contact with one another. Sharing experiences from different cultures, religions, abilities or alternative lifestyles. Here we can learn about the human experience by "borrowing" a living "book" for a talk over a cup of coffee or tea.

More Info: Stadtbibliothek Göppingen

Intercultural Performance with heart

Natasa Rikanović, studied clown and stage performer, revisits her home town of Göppingen on special request, to give a unique multicultural performance for the local cultural community. She gives insights into her Serbian-Croation cultural background, studies with the well reputed theater clown Frieder Nögge and her intimate and personal approach to dealing with sick children.

More Info: Natasa Rikanovic

Exerpts from the Fair Tade Messe Stuttgart

Ingo Schlotter, dwp representative, discusses wholesale assortment and changes in this year fair.
Nils Hemmen, Greenpeace Stuttgart, tells us about the structure of organization and environmental conservation.
Nora Papajewski, designer, elaborates on cofounding EcoCarrots, a fashion company inspired by fun and fair fashion.

More Info: www.messe-stuttgart.de

Kultur-Nacht Göppingen 2013

Brigitte Mauch, Galerie Mauch, collected paintings. Chapel, Fabrik der Kunst und Kultur, Multimedia Installation. Iris Lierheimer, Fotographische Gesellschaft Göppingen, reflects upon the photo club's theme “excess” from the Stadtkirche.

More Info: www.kultur-nacht-gp.de

Fest der Vielfalt und Demokratie

Monika Pandikow, discusses inclusion and children's activities at SOS Kinderdorf. Deacon Jochen Baral, Evangelischer Gemeinschafts- verband Württemberg, welcomes the international community on behalf of the Apis. Christian Stock, migration services, discusses the German Red Cross migration services at DRK Migration Göppingen.
More Info: www.goeppingen.de

Women's Immigrant Network for Turkish speakers

Melek Kandilli, president of the women’s immigrant network, talks about Migrantinnenverein Göppingen e.V., its purpose, activities and members.

More Info: Migantinnen Verein Göppingen

Roter Teppich für Toleranz

Alex Maier, founder of Nazifrei Göppingen, discusses the “Red Carpet for Tolerance / Roter Teppich für Toleranz” event in Göppingen city center.

More Info: Roter Teppich für Toleranz

An International Christmas

Global Players, members of the multicultural theatre group talk about how Christmas traditions are celebrated by various cultures in Göppingen and abroad. Sarah Ward Krause tells about UK Christmas traditions.

Festival of Democracy and Diversity

Gerry Zoller, Jugendkulturcafé Göppingen CVJM, talks about the drumming for tolerance event “Trommeln für Toleranz.” Verein Bosnia Herzegovina Göppingen shows presence at estival of diversity and democracy in Göppingen. Katrin Stange, Straßensozialarbeit-GP, discusses Graffiti Art exhibit displayed in the Göppingen market center.

Weltladen Göppingen

Eckhard Stübler, Weltladen Göppingen, discusses fair trade, sustainability and purchasing decisions. Various educational events hosted in the "Globalen Klassenzimmer" are also mentioned.

More Info: www.weltladen-goeppingen.de

Met Club Stuttgart

Dennis O’Donohue, President of Metropolitan Club, talks about this international cultural and sport organization. His Irish/American cultural background, changing diversity of the group as well as outdoor and art events are all mentioned in our talk. Founded to create mutual understanding after WW2, the official language of the club continues to be English.

More Info: www.metclub.de

Helfen Kostet Nix Benefit Concert

Andreas Veljkovic, founder of online charity platform Helfen kostet nix, gives listeners alternative methods for charitable giving.

More Info: www.helfen-kostet-nix.de

Thailand high school exchange

Lorenz Manthey, language teacher at Freihof-Gymnasium, recalls experiences with his students during their stay in Thailand through ENSA exchange program with Princess-Chulabhorn-College in Phitsanulok/Thailand.

More Info: www.collegeoftaste.blogspot.de / ENSA

The other side of Canada

David Thibault, Canadian engineer, discusses the other side of Canada – A Maritimer’s experience in Schwabenland. Nova Scotia's history, the Canadian connection to nature and diversity are also discussed.

More Info: www.novascotia.com

Fest der Vielfalt

At this festival we hear from varoud Göppingen groups celebrating multiculturalim. We hear from various cultural clubs and institutions in this space for multicultural interactions. Local and international partners celebrate diversity and culture in the city center.

More Info: Fest der Vielfalt

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