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2014 Past Guests Featured

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Intercultural Weeks 2014

Dragica Horvat, integration affairs Göppingen, returns for her yearly visit and tells us what cultural and art events will take place during this year's Intercultural Weeks celebrations.

More Info: Stadt Göppingen

Christmas and the spirit of giving

Father Angelo Unegbo, Pastoral Minister at Christ König Church, completing his doctorate in theology at University of Tübingen, reflects on cultural norms in Nigeria and speaks of building a Nigerian health center in his home town with the help of Göppingen Freunde für Nigeria association.

More Info: Contact / Freunde für Nigeria - Enyioma

Helfen Kostet Nix

Andreas Veljkovic, founder of Helfen kostet nix, discusses his main charity in Gambia with the Sukuta-Wannsee, the upcoming annual benefit concert and how every day purchases can help charities at no cost.

More Info: Helfen Kostet Nix

Greenpeace Founder in Göppingen

Rien Achterberg, founder of Greenpeace Netherlands, visits Göppingen and talks about the organization’s early years, his passion for sailing and environmental activism past and present. Rein also acts as mentor to other young activistas as he visits our local group Greenpeace Esslingen.

More Info: Greenpeace Esslingen

Thailand exchange

Lorenz Manthey, teacher at Freihof-Gymnasium and his students, talk about their trip to Thailand. Lorenz's love of exotic languages brought him to organize an unforgettable experience. Witnessing Vesak, the celebration of Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment, special foods and rituals as well as the ENSA program are discussed. A special thanks go out to their partner school Princess-Chulabhorn-College in Phitsanulok/Thailand for their wonderful hospitality.

More Info: student blog

Tauschen ohne Geld

Ingeborg Lindauer, Talentbörse Göppingen e.V. president, discusses how LETS (Local Exchange and Trading Systems) help build a strong community in Göppingen and LETS Canadian origin.

More Info: Talentbörse Göppingen

#Bring Back our Girls

Barbara Gilchrist Feyl, educator, and Ezinne Okorie, native Nigerian here on scholarship, discuss the situation in Nigeria and the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, as well as the relevance 6 months after the girls were abducted from their school.

More Info: Bring Back our Girls

English Breakfast's New Look

Michael Babic, graphic designer, poet and musician, talks about local social projects he has designed for, his Croatian roots and artistic approach. The new look of English Breakfast is also discussed.

More Info: Michael Babic

Cross Cultural Performance

Ninel Çam, this muti-facited artist discusses her love for traditional Azerbaijan music, her performance in Göppingen as well as her love of dance and stage performance. Photography, poetry and other musical projects are also mentioned.

More Info: Ninel

Intercultural Women's Council

Eva Epple, Intercultural Women's Council of Göppingen, and Melek Kandilli, president of Migrantinnenverein Göppingen e.V. discuss the women's movement in Göppingen, their group's activities and other actions planned throughout the year such as 1 billion rising campaign and International Womens’ Day.

More Info: One Billion Rising

Amnensty International Göppingen

Claus Fischer and Sibylle Gatter, from Amnesty International Göppingen, talk about human rights issues and various ways in furthering political change as well as their choice to focus on Turkey.

More Info: Amnesty Göppingen

International Desk & Intercultural Competence

Miriam Parisotto, international desk rep., discusses the Akademisches Auslandsamt at University of Esslingen, the changing student body, high demand for foreign internships as well as the International Friends Group.

More Info: Akademisches Auslandsamt

English and French Club Göppingen

Kewal Lekha, president of the English and French Club, talks about the history of the English Club Göppingen, the Deutscher Diabetiker Bund Göppingen and recalls his career as nurse and mentor at Klinik am Eichert.

More Info: Englischer Club Göppingen

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