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2016 Past Guests Featured

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The perfect Christmas gift

Tony Falconieri, teacher, artist and illustrator, discusses a unique international cook book entitled "Grenzenlos Genießen" (limitless enjoyment). Great care was taken producing this cosy intercultural cook book, which after two years of production is now available in local stores. Working closely with the partner cities, Tony Falconieri and his team, collected recipies from Göppingen, Pessac, Foggia, Klosterneuburg and Sonnenberg. All recipies are presented in German, French and Italian languages. Illustrations of landscapes and traditional architectural landmarks are also presented, many of which Tony has done himself. The inspiration behind the book and the working process are discussed in our conversation. All profits go towards ALS research. An easy recommendation; a gift which gives twice.

More Info: Grenzenlos Geniessen

Bunten Länderabend - An Eclectic Evening

"Begegnung der Kulturen" A Meeting of Cultures coordinated by Katarina Ockert, District Office for the Göppingen region, is reviewed in this program. Organized by refugees, speeches, food music and dance are all part of this celebration of diversity. Gambia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria, are just a few of the countries presented to the general public. Cultural aspects as well as human rights injustices, war and persecution are themes of the program. Musical contributions, culinary delights and dance round out the evening. Begegnung der Kulturen

Orchester der Kulturen in Göppingen

We review the sounds of "respect and peace" in this eclectic ensemble lead by Adrian Werum, composer and conductor. Okan Yavuz, the main organizer wants to bring people together "Music is humanity's common language." Ethnic instruments and exotic sounds combined with classical European compositions creates something familiar and yet new. All benefits went to Freundeskreis Asyl Göppingen, Arche Intensiv Kinder and a development project in Mali. Special thanks go out to the organizer Okan Yavuz for allowing us to air the music from this live event. Enjoy!

More Info: Orchester der Kulturen
2400 € for a good cause

Inge Auerbacher - witness of the NS times

Inge Auerbacher, chemist and educator, joins us for a personal interview at the radiofips studios. She recalls her early childhood, in Jebenhausen and her eventual deportation from the Schiller Schule in Göppingen. Human compassion and civil courage in contemporary times are themes she brings in educating youth in the face of history. We also talk about some of her publications including "Ich bin ein Stern." As a special treat she also reads some of her poetry which can bring even the hardest of souls to tears.

More Info: Inge Auerbacher

Intercultural Weeks in review

Marius Seitz brings us to the 21st intercultural weeks in Göppingen. Impressions of the varied events including music, official greetings as well as internationally oriented projects are all combined with the theme "one world for all of us." The intercultural weeks continue until October 15th.

More Info: IKW 2016 brochure

Anne Frank Exhibition

Aline Kling & Jana Hruza, city of Göppingen, meet with guest reporter Marius Seitz to discuss an upcoming Anne Frank exhibition called "Ein Mädchen schreibt Geschichte" - a girl writes history. A special highlight in the series of events is that Inge Auerbacher, survivor and witness of the Nazi time, will also be present. Aimed specifically at youth and the Göppingen public, these events aim to foster understanding between cultures, religion and ethnicities, with a focus on human compassion and civil courage in contemporary times. Events run through October 7th until 27th.

More Info: Deine Anne.
Stolperstein GP

Intercultural Weeks 2016

Dragica Horvat, Integration Affairs Göppingen, returns for her yearly visit to tell us all about this year's 21st Intercultural Weeks celebrations. Always a highlight, the motto this year is "Unsere Heimat eine Welt" - our home, one world. From book readings to art installations, film and music, there is plenty of room for reflection, contemplation but also a chance to meet and celebrate diversity in between individuals and cultural communities.

More Info: Stadt Göppingen

Toleranz Wochen Uhingen

Martina Bartos, city of Uhingen and Roswitha Heinemann Agenda 21, introduce the very first Tolerance Weeks. The inspiration behind the initiative as well as the various events are introduced. Exhibitions, music, book readings and podium discussion, are just a few of the stations which await visitors. This program introduces concepts of sustainability, body image and ability, civil courage and invites participants to reflect on their own behaviours and prejudices.

More Info: Uhingen Toleranz Wochen

Guest Resident at Schoss Solitude

Amandeep Sandhu, Indian author and artist in resident at the Schloss Solitude, reveals the autobiographical content of his books with personal and sometimes startlingly real life events which drove him to create his novels. Themes such as marginalization, psychological illness as well as German colonialization all create a gripping read in his novels and texts.

More Info: Amandeep Sandhu

Nepal Delegation Event

Renate Mütchler, activist from Courage, Lucia D'Amaro Italienischer Elternverein, Hacer Basoglu Alivetische Kultur Verein and Christel recall their experiences after a recent visit to Nepal for the second Women's World Conference in Nepal. Development, women's rights and participation, action events and workshops are part of what they recall as well as colourful impressions of people and sights during their visit. This year's motto "Women are climbing to the top."

More Info: Nepal Women's Conference

Alevitische Gemeinde Göppingen

With over 500 families in Göppingen, the Alevi is one of the largest religious and cultural groups in Göppingen. During this celebration we hear about the huministic approach of this religious community, the stress on equality of the sexes and civil duty. In particular this group has a strong history in Göppingen with intercultural projects and promoting religious freedom for the various faiths. More Info: Alevi Germany

Iftar Fest

Deutsche Rote Kreuz, along with other partners host the annual Iftar Event to celebrate fast breaking during the holy month of Ramadan. The event took place in Uhingen Uditorium with a full house. Dignitaries from the Turkisch Consulate, the Mayor of Göppingen, music from the Ney-Flute, and other prominate guests including speeches and podium discussion, traditional and modern music all are part of this event inviting cultural and religious understanding. We hear speeches from Aykut Düzgüner (Deutsch-Türkische Gesellschaft Stuttgart), Vedat Dağ (Vereinigung Türkischer Vereine im Landkreis Göppingen) as well as other guests.

More Info: Iftar DRK

Global Connect

Regions and firms, involved in global connections are interviewed by guest moderator Andrea Grözinger, at the international export trade fair. We begin with a visit to the entrepreneur organization JCI Junior Chamber International (Wirtschaftjunioren), and discuss crosss cultural projects and seminars. Later we move on to stands presenting investment opportunities in Moldova, the Danube region and Elsass. Visitors are also asked to comment on expansion plans into new markets.

More Info: Global Connect

Peace for Syria

MC Manar, Syrian rapper, Grenzganger as well as other project members, introduce a special event in Göppingen called Peace for Syria. With the motto "Dein bester Freund war gestern ein Fremder", "your best friend was a stranger yesterday". This youth group wants to further understanding between people. Beginning with a freedom march with animals and children, they will meet at in the Göppingen city center where music, speeches and poetry slam will take place. Games will also be provided so different cultures can get together recreationally. We will hear music throughout the program featuring McManar from Syria, Grenzganger and Acutus.

More Info: Peace for Syria

Banned and Burned

Wolfgang Klein, actor, communication consultant and educator, talks about the relevance of book burning during Nazi times and some of the parallels in society today. Creativity, freedom of the press, education, critical thought and artistic freedom are just some of the topics we cover in our discussion. Nothing is taboo in our conversation, as we discuss where restriction, freedom and responsibilty meet and sometimes clash. Join me for insights from this truly entertaining guest. Enjoy the music we play in this edition ... all banned in Germany at one point: including Jewish produced, Jazz and Avant Garde music.



Steve Bimamisa, musician and producer, describes the student involved project "Hoffnung Europa - Flüchtlinge aus Afrika" which combines theatre and music to create greater sensitivity of the journey and experiences of refugees. In particular, from an African perspective. After undergoing a series of workshops and discussions, students along with musicians and dance mentors, perform together on stage. Schools often integrate this project in using authentic language and experiencing first hand diversity in French language.

More Info: Bimsum


Dr. Gabriele Michel, president of the human aid organization AMICA, discusses the organization's work for women in war torn and post war areas. Women as the agents of change and peacemaking are discussed. This Freiburg based group has activities in Bosnia-Herzegowina, Kosovo, Palistine, Chechechia, Libia and Lebanon, offering medical and psychological support, as well as education helping women rebuild themeselves and these societies.

More Info: Amica e.V.

Stamping and Jewish history

Peter Ritz, English and history teacher, stamping enthusiast and culturally interested, talks about his long passion for stamping and cross cultural exchange. Through collaborative participatory and intercultural art projects, he formed connections from the United States to Japan. Creating record of Jewish history though translating biographies into English he has also created connection, to those relatives of the deported. Enthusiasm for life, learning, culture and language continue into his current work with refugees.

More Info: Stolpersteine Göppingen
mail art

Hospital for Kobane

Renate Mutschler, nurse and humanitarian, explains the work being done by helpers in the war torn region and their plans of building a medical center. How she came to political activism as well as the local Göppingen solidarity organization are also mentioned. Obstacles and roadblocks in getting much needed medical equipment and supplies across the border to those in need are also part of our talk. Her plea: open the borders - Kobane must thrive! Öffnet die Grenze - Kobanê muss leben!

More Info: Kobane Brigade
More Info: Göppingen Rojava

Spoken word with musical touch

Lisa Tuyala, spoken word and jazz artist, drops by the studio after performing for the Intercultural Women's Council Göppingen. Her personal style and varied repertoire of African American musical sounds mixed with Afro-German texts, all part of our conversation. Growing up in Germany with German and Kongolese roots, she reveals some of the twists and turns bringing her to jazz and spoken word. The idea behind her passion project SonntagsMusik and the Spoken Word Impro Orchestra are also explained.

More Info: Lisa Tuyala

Interkulturell Aktiv

Silke Grupp, Deutsche Rote Kreuz, talks about intercultural opening at the German Red Cross. Hosting the fast breaking of Ramadan, organizing children's activities as well as hosting an intercultural breakfast are all part of what the InKa does. One of the main highlights was the diversity day "Tag der Vielfalt."

More Info: InkA

Mexican traditions explained

José Santiago Zenil Araiza, engineering student at Hochschule Esslingen, talks about food and rituals surrounding the most prevalent Mexican holidays. In our talk he also reflects upon his student experience in Göppingen, international friends and future plans.

More Info: Hochschule Esslingen

Korean student experience in Göppingen

Suejung Kang, engineering student attending the Hochschule Esslingen in Göppingen, tells us of her experience in Göppingen. Student lifestyle differences, food and friends are just some of the topics covered in our conversation. Korean pop music can also be heard.

More Info: Hochschule Esslingen

ERASMUS Guest from Poland

Maria Rzeszow, English teacher from Poland, explains the ERASMUS program and her travels while teaching abroad. The gift of teaching and what she has learnt through the process are also themes of our conversation. Impressions of her revisit to Germany and the international community are also discussed.

More Info: ERASMUS

Philippinischer Freundeskreis Göppingen

Roselyn Tschritter, Philippinischer Freundeskreises Göppingen, shines light on this small but active club. She reflects on their yearly Christmas party and charity drives as well as the astonishing brutal 2013 typhoon which caught the world's attention. Their relief campaign providing food access and and their luck in connecting with local partner "Couples for Christ" are all part of her recollections. She stresses that the generosity of the Göppingen public was a major success factor, but that sustainable help over years will be nec cessary to rebuild the country. Cultural dance, food and traditions are also discussed.

More Info: Philippinischer Freundeskreis Göppingen


Suresh Subra, introduces an Indian tea ritual "chappadhu" meaning eating of tea. At this event Suresh describes how the delicious Indian chai masala is prepared and how eating tea with sweet and salty treats can create a space for understanding and dialog. Intercultural storytelling from participants and their unique experiences are are shared and continue with this ongoing tezere project.

More Info: Tezere stories

Pro-Diversity in Göppingen

Alex Maier, Green party, joins us for a for a chat. Founder of both Göppingen Nazifrei the Young Greens, he recalls his entry into politics and his motivations towards founding these groups and their actions. Tolerance and diversity between cultures, sexual orientation and religious education are all themes of our talk.

More Info: Alexander Maier, Landtagskandidat LK-Göppingen
Kreis Göppingen Nazifrei
Grüne Jugend
EXIT Deutschland


Students from the Hochschule Esslingen showcase Uzbekistan, Russian, Georgian and Brazilian dishes as well as share the culinary traditions of Belerus and the Ivory Coast, Brazil and the United States as well as Romanian specialties on this tour through tastes from around the world at this unique event.

More Info: Hochschule Esslingen

French visit from partner city Pessac

Clemence Leclair, student from our partner city Pessac, visits the radiofips studio and recalls her internship with the city of Göppingen for the department of culture. Her generous host family, events and exhibitions and future plans and festivals are all discussed.

More Info: Freunde Göppingen-Pessac

Refugees welcome

Guido Till, Göppingen mayor, gives a welcome speech for refugees during a Christmas event at the Stadthalle along with English, Arabic, Armenian, Albanian, Urdu and Russian translations in which he also thanks volunteers supporting refugees. Monika Maichl, Freundeskreis Asyl, offers insight into the laborinth of processing procedures and the varying status given to people who come to us seeking refuge.

More Info: Café Asyl Göppingen

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