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2015 Past Guests Featured

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English Breakfast Christmas special

TRIMUM event in Göppingen. "What does your belief sound like?" in the spirit of Christmas, we review an interreligious event hosted by Ingrid Held, Evangelische Schuldekanat, and Dragica Horvat, Integrationsauschuss, with funding from Demokratie Leben! This unique event featured Christian, Jewish and Muslim songs performed and sung together in Arabic, Turkisch, German, English and Hebrew. Vedat Dağ, president of the Vereinigung Türkischer Vereine im Landkreis Göppingen cohosted the event.

More Info: TRIMUM

Culture and media

Dejan Vasic, co-producer and founder of the local PIG city magazine and R2, speaks briefly about his Serbian/Bosnian heritage, as well as various projects including designing the Intercultural Weeks program and an installation featuring the entrepreneurial spirit of migrants. In his spare time, Dejan also DJs in local clubs around town.

More Info: PIG Magazin

Thailand exchange

Lorenz Manthey, teacher at Freihof-Gymnasium and his students, talk about their trip to Thailand. Lorenz's love of exotic languages brought him to organize an unforgettable experience. Witnessing Vesak, the celebration of Buddha’s birth, death and enlightenment, special foods and rituals as well as the ENSA program are discussed. A special thanks go out to their partner school Princess-Chulabhorn-College in Phitsanulok/Thailand for their wonderful hospitality.

More Info: student blog

Plant for the Planet

Amos and Friso, environmental ambassadors for Plant for the Planet, and my youngest guests to date, talk about CO2 impact of consuming meat, and driving cars as well as the uneven distribution of weath in the world. What they learnt at a workshop day in Göppingen, planting trees, and the inspiring founder Felix are all part of our conversation. Empowering children and youth to educate adults, parents and politicians for a better world.

More Info: Plant for the Planet

Local High School hosts Spanish Special

Cornel Eckert spanish teacher, along with his 10th grade students, from Mörike Gymansion lead this all Spanish special radio show. Students show their knowledge of the Spanish language, introduce Spanish genres and music makers while giving brief discriptions in German. Be warned: in this special no English!

More Info: Mörike Gymnasion

Intercultural Weeks 2015 - 20 year anniversary celebration!

Dragica Horvat, Integrationsbeaufträgte, intergration affairs for the City of Göppingen, visits the radiofips studio for her yearly announcement for the intercultural weeks. For the 20 year anniversary celebration, this year's motto is "Erlebten Vielfalt" (diversity experienced). The Göppingen community is invited to experience diversity though music, exhibits, cultural dance, book readings, podium discussions and other events. 23. September until 11. October.

More Info: For the complete program visit Intercultural Weeks 2015

Willkommen - locals and refugees meet up

René Niess & Philipp Siemer, Linksjugend [´solid] Göppingen & Geislingen, discuss their motivation for initiating the meetup between asylum seekers and locals. Monika Maichl Café Asyl & Freundeskreis Asyl, explains the current situation for asyulm seekers and how we can help. Marc Stehle, Antifa, stresses why solidarity with refugees is important. Yaser Bakoor, Serbian refugee, expresses his heartfelt thanks to Göppingen. Radiofips moderator, Steffen Schenk accompanied by Iranian artist Alireza Azimi (Gitarre & E-Piano) and ProAsyl music round out the program.

More Info: Linksjugend solid Café Asyl

Street Food Market Göppingen

Benjamin Staubach, event and PR expert, introduces the first "Street Food Market" in Göppingen, at the newly renovated Schlossplatz. Originally from America, this trend of specialized food trucks is receiving cult status in Germany. Newly renovated school buses or military trucks serve freshly prepared foods before your eyes. Regional specialities with an eclectic mix of international cuisine: from Swabian maultaschen to Hungarian, Italian or American specialities, people in the neighbourhood are invited to enjoy a unique food culture.

More Info: Street Food Market Göppingen Jamstream

Children and bilingualism

Ramona Scharpf, teacher and trainer, gives insight from her over 20 years of experience teaching German as a second language. Bilingualism in the home, as well as her experiences teaching parents and children in Kindergartens, Haus der Familie and advice to multilanguage families are all discussed in our talk.

More Info: Scharpf Coaching

2015 Kultur-Nacht

Wolfram Hosch, cultural council of Göppingen and Uwe Mayer, photographer, talk about the long awaited Kulturnacht. Göppingen comes to life with artists, multimedia presentations and cultural events with 30 stations to choose from. The newest addition: theme bus shuttles including poetry slam, media and music as guests travel from one station to the next.

More Info: Göppinger Kultur-Nacht

The Gambian Connection

Juma Jallow, Gambian radio host and manager, (pictured 3rd from the left) discusses his connection to Klaus Wiesenborn, (pictured second from the left) who has been instrumental in building schools and fostering education for those in need. Distributing rice, building community and accessing tribal heads and of course radio are all part of our talk.

More Info: Klaus Wiesenborn Kinderhilfe
More Info: Radio Al Faya

Freundeskreis Asyl Göppingen

Monika Maichl, Der Freundeskreis Asyl Göppingen, advocate for asylum seekers, discusses issues affecting refugees living in the region and explains common misconceptions.

More Info: Freundeskreis Asyl Göppingen / Café Asyl

Hui Chun Gong healing method

Frauke Schütte, health coach, sculptor and trainer, explains the benefits of Chinese Hui Chun Gong “the return to spring.” The history of secrecy regarding this health practice and its origins from Taoist monks and Chinese royalty. She also reflects on her journey to becoming a health coach.

More Info: Frauke Schütte

Göppingen shows Solidarity for Refugees

Various groups participated in the anti-Pregida demo in Stuttgart, including many Göppingen individuals and groups. We review statements and speeches from the Schossplatz in Stuttgart. Showing a sign for solidatiry and tolerance in this 8.000 strong demo.

More Info: No Pegida Stuttgart

Kinderhilfe International

Lilian Keulen, Vice Chair and Lalan Korala, Program Manager visiting from Sri Lanka, celebrate the NGO's 20 year anniversary. Lilian recalls heart breaking and heart warming stories of her visit to Sri Lanka with her family. Helping Sri Lankan children gain an education and personal insights are all part of our conversation. music, family and teaching.

More Info: Friends Kinderhilfe

Music and Conversation at Shelby Studios

Andor Shelby, pianist and composer, discusses music, family and teaching. Stemming from a lineage of musicians Andor began as a musical prodigy in Hungary, but abruptly left to take refuge in the US. Civil unrest, natural catastrophe and impressive accolades including an oscar for film music are all themes of this distinctive individual's life.

More Info: Shelby Studios

Regional meets International with Fair Trade

Structural changes in the developing world, experiences from developing countries such as Peru, the "Hope Theatre" tour for the Kenya Project, extensive Open Fair and events including Colibri youth theatre, empowering impoverished children through Fair Mail and critical voices against TIPP are some of the topics from this year's Fair Trade Fair.

More Info: DEP Hope Theatre Schueler Helfen Leben Open Fair Colibri Fair Mail Bund Stuttgart Mehr Demokratie

International Women's Day

Natasa Rikanović, theatre, musical performer and studied clown, gives a unique multicultural performance on International Women's Day in Göppingen. Natasa's approach to performing, her new found love of Mongolian throat singing, as well as a breadth of accordian music are presented.

More Info: Natasa Rikanovic

Global Players

Joachim Scheufele-Leidig, Migration Services Göppingen (zebra) and Irina Heizenreder, leading actress, speak about Global Players project and consultation services for migrants. The internationality of the cast as well as theater as tool for learning German and as a means of integration are the focus of our talk.

More Info: Global Players

A Taste of Irish - Whiskey Tasting at KMZ

Ursula Weingart-Brodbeck, English teacher and travel guide, tells us how her love of travel inspired her to organize trips to England, Ireland and Scotland for her loyal adult students. On this day she hosted a Whiskey tasting event with film viewing of Pygmalion.

More Info: Ursula Weingart-Brodbeck

Australians visit Göppingen

Yannick Heinmann, radiofips intern (back-row-center), explores the friendship of two families, springing from a high school exchange between the two towns of Armidale and Göppingen. The tradition of student exchange (Armidale High School, Hohenstaufen Gymnasium), cultural differences and learning experiences are recalled.

More Info: Armidale High School / Hohenstaufen Gymnasium

1 Million Stars

1 Million Sterne, a Caritas event helping traumatised child soldiers in the Congo and fund extra curricular activities for Göppingen children. Gabriele Zull - Vice Major, Lisa Kappes-Sassano - Caritas International, Steffen Schenk - radiofips, Dario Zeitler - Christkönig Kinderhaus, Philip Emerson - Pathfinders, Nicole Röhrig - Ort des Zuhörens,SojaB band, and Celebrations choir are part of the program.

More Info: Caritas international / Rückenwind Göppingen

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