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It is a pleasure to interview active and interesting guests and hear their voices. What could be more inspiring than learning about the good work of people in the community and their personal stories.
My thanks go out to all my guest who took the time to come into the studio and the listeners who
join us each week. Here is an (incomplete) list of guests who have appeared on the show:

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MC Manar

MC Manar, young upcoming rap artist, introduces his premier album "live without pain." Manar recalls his remarkable journey to music and the inspiration behind his songs. Of Palestinian-Syrian decent, was first discovered in Italy by film director and journalist Gabriele Del Grande who later produced "An der Seite der Braut". This debut album consists of many collaborations with other local artists. including songs from the Peace for Syria project. MC Manar was also awarded the publics choice in the "Bunt statt Braun" competition in Waiblingen.

More Info: MC Manar

Italienische Elternverein bring in the New Year

Lucia D'Amaro and Carlos Simonte chair and treasurer from the Italienischer Elternverein Göppingen discuss the club's history, Gastarbeiter and Interculture as well as celebrations including the New Year's Ball (Silvester Ball) and Carnevale. Contribution to education and culture expanding over 20 years has lead to some recognition including the Bundesverdienstkreuz awarded to Lucia in 2012 and the Bürgermedale in 2013. More recently the club received the Kulturpreis in 2017. We also discuss further activities and plans for the upcoming year.

Winter Special

For the holiday season I get sentimental while beating the cold and drinking my hot English Breakfast tea. I introduce some of my favourite winter music; much from Canadian women artists. Snow, icicles and warm fires are some of the themes as special thanks go out to family and friends as well as our intercultural guests who join us each week. Most of all, thanks to our our listeners. We continue our interfaith and intercultural programing in the future. See you in 2018! Angeline

DIDF Jugend

Roya Volkan, DIDF Jugend, tells us about this Turkish-Kurdish youth club in Geislingen and Göppingen. The organization deals with topics such a migration and integration, education, work, racism and peace. DIDF Jugend offers extra curricular activities such as instruction in the traditional string instrument sas, theatre, dance and soccer. Our guest moderator Zeren Salman guides us through the program in German and presents Turkish and Kurdish pop and dance songs.

More Info: DIDF Jugend
DIDF Jugend Eislingen

Alivetische Gemeinde

Hacer Basoglu, winner of the Bürgermedal and other Alevitische Gemeinde members give insight into the Muharrem fasting celebrations, which differ from other Muslim communities. Although a large group in Germany, many know little about their belief system. World open, this highly active community which has taken part in many intercultural activities over the years including the Intercultural Frauenrat, Intercultural Festivals as well as taking part in the council for migrants for the city of Göppingen (Integrationsausschuss). We are lucky enough to be accompanied by Saz players and religious clerics who introduce us to Alevitik spiritual world and traditional music.

More Info: IKW Program

Two for one

Rolf Graser, founder of Forum der Kulturen in Stuttgart, is the honoured guest at the opening of the 22nd Intercultural Weeks in Göppingen. We hear exerpts of his inspiring speech covering migrants in society, representation and particpation. Ralf Czerwonka interviews Étienne Gillig, a cabaret artist and French-German performer who uses humour and song in his performance "Die Französisch Stunde" - The French Hour.

More Info: IKW Program
Forum der Kulturen Stuttgart

Interkulturelle Wochen 2017

Dragica Horvat, Integrationsbeauftragte city of Göppingen, drops by the studio for her yearly visit for the Intercultural Weeks celebrations. Now in its 22nd year, the motto for 2017 is "Vielfalt Verbindet" - diversity connects. There is so much to talk about. From book readings to art installations, film and music, there is plenty of room for reflection, contemplation but also a chance to meet and celebrate diversity between individuals and their communities. The official opening begins Wednesday 27 September in the Göppingen city hall with events throughout the city ending with live music from Pippo Pollina Trio “Il sole che verrà” on 14 October.

More Info: IKW Program

Tunisian youth volunteer

Alaeddine Kandil, youth social worker, from Tunisia joins us to tell of his experiences during his social year in Germany. Working to help children and youth, Alaeddine wants to continue gaining intercultural experience and developing projects for youth and children including refugees.

More Info: AWO Würtenberg

Cycle Cause for Doctors without Borders

Ian Maurath, discusses his adventurous bicycle trip planned with travel partner and girlfriend Lena Friedrich. Their route involves stop overs in Usbekistan, Kirgisistan and Tadschikistan, the silk road as well as China and Afghanistan borders. Combining camping with overnight stays with locals, all while carrying equipment on their backs, they plan a total of approximately 3000 kilometres and reaching altitudes of 4655 meters. Discovering new cultures, focussing on health and resilience are some of the themes of our talk. Listeners can also follow their route and contribute to doctors without borders by following the links below. Wishing Ian and Lena a safe journey. We will keep in touch! Oh.. and thanks for the hot sauce.

More Info: Cycle Cause on Facebook
Cycle Cause Blog in German
Crowd Funding

Frei-Zadi Theatre Premier

Kimia Mokari, actress and assistant producer of the theatre group Frei-Zadi, tells us about founding this project with her father producer Mehdi Mokari. Iranian roots, language learning as well as refugee theatre troupe, are all topics of our conversation. "Ich bin nicht wie du, aber wir sind gleich!" (I am not like you, but we are the same) is a theatre performance interpreting the experiences of escape, adapting in Germany as well as hope and future dreams.

More Info: Aufbruch Dokumentary about Kimia

Heart ELT

Michelle Hunter, English language teacher and personal coach, joins us to present a learning tool for displaced children residing in refugee camps in Iraq. Through collaboration, its founder, Julie Pratten Kacmaz, brought together an international group of English teachers to author teaching activities for low resource areas. The initial publication, promoting safe learning spaces for children, gives hope and providing structure to those children fleeing war. The first book "Hope Peace Respect" a book of rap songs Jason R. Levine has been followed by "A to Z of Hope" a photocopiable book for early learners. How Michelle decided to contribute the lesson for the letter "F" and positive ripple effects, are all part of our conversation.

More Info: Heart ELT
Heart ELT on Facebook

Meet and understand one another better

Deutsche Rote Kreuz Kreisverband Göppingen, along with Vereinigung Türkischer Vereine im Landkreis Göppingen e.V. and Deutsch-Türkische Gesellschaft e.V. Stuttgart put together the 5th Ifar celebration in Uhingen Uditorium. We review this evening of podium discussion, intercultural and spiritual music as well as the call to break fast at sunset. Podium guests features include Landrat Edgar Wolf, Firat Arslan (Profi Boxer and world champion in Cruiser weight) , Ingrid Held (Studienleiterin Prodestant church), Sevda Perihan Yildirim (Socialogist specializing in refugee and family law) Aykut Düzgüner (Chair of the German-Türkish association of Stuttgart), Vedat Dağ (Chair of the association of Turkisch clubs in Göppingen), Peter Hofelich (Chair of the German red cross)

More Info: German red cross Göppingen
Vereinigung Türkischer Vereine im Landkreis Göppingen e.V.
Deutsch-Türkische Gesellschaft e.V. Stuttgart

Kulturnacht 2017

Wolfram Hosch, Kulturat Göppingen und Uwe Mayer the main organizers of this extensive "Evening of Culture" visit us in Studio 1. 2017 marks the 8th Göppingen Kulturnacht with 27 stations profiling the best of the Göppingen art world. What we can expect at these locations including installations, sounds, images and musical artistry are all part of the show. Well established cultural institutions as well as some new participants all make an interesting mix. A not to be missed night filled with something for the general public as well as those art enthusiasts. Shuttle busses provide even more extensive route that in previous years.

More Info: Kulturnacht Göppingen

Kulturnacht 2017

Stuttgart Refugee Radio

Silvia Korkmaz, visits our studio and gives us update on how she got involved in the Good Morning radio refugee radio program in Stuttgart. Her background in media and her experience as a migrant were all things which lead her to join the team. Operating out of a container directly outside the refugee residencies in Killesberg keeps their program dynamic and somewhat unpredictable. The founder of the project, Karim, came to Germany as a war refugee from Lebanon.

More Info: Good moring Deutschland
about Good morning Deutschland

Arndt Peltner reports on FGM from Somaliland

Arndt Peltner, award winning journalists and interculturalist, reports from Somaliland on the prevalent practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). Arndt meets with inspirational Edna Adan, a women's health practitioner and activist who has dedicated over 40 years in providing health care counselling services to women. Personal accounts by women traumatised from this procedure as children and lasting health ailments involving menstruation, kidney problems, marital relations, as well as childbirth complications are revealed. Activists are aware that further education and actions are necessary in shedding light on this taboo subject in order to break the cycle of this harmful and damaging practice.

More Info: NAGAAD network
Terre des Femmes

MC Manar guest in studio

MC Manar young rap artist, recalls his remarkable journey to music and the inspiration behind his songs. Of Palestinian-Syrian decent, we touch on the emotional moment of reuniting with his family. Collaboration in the Peace for Syria project as well as his discovery and role in the film "On the Bride's side" are all topics in our conversation. Manar continues to develop his craft and plans to participate in the "Voice Kids Lebanon" talent contest. Manar also speaks of the recent imprisonment by the Turkish government of his friend Gabriele Del Grande, film maker and journalist. After 14 days in jail, we are all happy of his release. Guest reporter Fatima joins in to help guide us though the program.

More Info: Gabriele Del Grande

BBQ Education and Vocational Training

Eva and Andreas Koglin discuss programs relating to refugees and asylm seekers. Through training mentors specialized in their fields of expertise, refugees are able to gain support in searching for internships and employment. With over thirty years of experience in training, BBQ is now helping these refugees in the integration process by matching people from countries such as Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq with job positions. Language acquisition, resume writing and skill assessment coupled with company support and feedback during the internship and job search process, are steps on the rode to a successful integration.

More Info: BBQ Göppingen

Trio Mara

Trio Mara, consisting of Sakina Teyna, Nure Dlovani and Naze Isxan, talk about their Kurdish roots, multi-language texts as well as their composition and lyrics involving traditional Kurdish songs interpreted through European classical instruments. Feminism, peace and politics are all part of our discussion. Many of the songs featured on this program are from their album "behind the doors" giving us insights into a musical interpretation connecting us to an forgotten and sometimes forbidden ancient world.

More Info: Trio Mara
More Info: Quiner und Kaya Events

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Intercultural women's council, and twenty one organizations, give speeches relating to women's rights around the world. We hear from local and international women living in Germany regarding the injustices and violence still perpetrated today. From Migrantinnen Verein, to the massive protests in Spain, barbaric practices of female mutilation, child marriage and domestic violence as well as the situation for refugee women, these activists make it clear: there is much improvement needed to be made in the fight for safe access and protection for women.

Kreisfrauenrat Göppingen

1 billion rising 2017

Intercultural women's council, discuss the importance of feminism today and their participation in the 1 billion rising demonstration taking place worldwide on 14 February 2017. Eva Epple explains how refugee women and international women need safe spaces to meet such as the monthly Frauen Treff. Melek Kandilli talks about how non violent protest through dance can be effective. The Göppingen delegation will attend this year's Stuttgart event.

More Info: 1 billion rising Stuttgart
Kreisfrauenrat Göppingen

Stamping and Jewish history

Peter Ritz, English and history teacher, stamping enthusiast and culturally interested, talks about his long passion for stamping and cross cultural exchange. Through collaborative participatory and intercultural art projects, he formed connections from the United States to Japan. Creating record of Jewish history though translating biographies into English he has also created connection, to those relatives of the deported. Enthusiasm for life, learning, culture and language continue into his current work with refugees.

More Info: Stolpersteine Göppingen
mail art

André Biakowski in Uhingen

André Biakowski, author, opens up the new year with his reflections on major political and societal events that have shaped us. Germany's values and the role and responsibility faced today are all themes of his speech at this SPD opening. We accompany him in the Uhingen Uditorium as he gives us plenty of material for contemplation. Subjects include the (un)welcome culture towards refugees, role of media and the current raw tone of political discourse. Despite or perhaps because of it all, André welcomes us into 2017 with a critical yet hopeful note.

More Info: Andre Biakowski

Germany and the Armenian Genocide

Jürgen Gottschlich, chief editor for TAZ, German journalist and Turkish correspondent, discusses his latest book entitled "Beihilfe zum Völkermord. Deutschlands Rolle bei der Vernichtung der Armenier", and the role of Germany and its recognition of the Armenian genocide. Possible impact for the Armenian Christian minority, historical events as well as possible results for Turkey and Germany in recognising this tragic historical 100 year event are all part of the program. Armenian traditional and modern music also round out the show.

More Info: Beihilfe zum Völkermord

2017 celebration for helpers and refugees

Sandra Corveleyn, Flüchtlingsbeaufträgte for the city of Göppingen, tells us about her role in this new city position, refugee services. Supporting helpers, providing information, and forming networks with service providers play a large role in Sandra's activities. Sandra explains how both on-hand events as well as new media can enrich the support of valuable volunteers. Familie Paten and the importance of setting boundaries are also discussed. Save the date - Monday January 23rd is large get together for volunteers and refugees in the Stadthalle. See you there!

More Info: Flüchtlingsbeauftragte Göppingen

Intercultural Youth Film Project

Yiannis Fahrmeier, combines his creative interest and social work with youth in a new film production at Haus der Jugend. Youth participation and space for interaction and an open culture are all aspects of his passion for working with youth. An inspiring talk from someone who has only just begun his journey.

More Info: Haus der Jugend Göppingen

More Colours for Gambia

Gambian action campaign & More Colours perform at Club Bambule (CVJM) Reggae, Hip Hop, Soul and Dancehall music and spread their message of positivity and love between cultures as they call out for more humanity. We visit this event sponsored by the Flüchtlingsrat Baden Württemberg to bring awareness to the Gambian situation. Responding to the claim that Gambia has been declared as a "secure country." Gambians and the refugee council refute this claim. Gambian refugees tell us of their own experiences as we visit a stand in the Göppingen city center and studio guest Sanna Drammeh tell us about human rights injustices under the authoritarian dictator President Yahya Jammeh. Even after being voted out in December 2016, he threatens to hinder his successor Adama Barrow from taking office in January 2017.

More Info: sign the petition here
More Info: in his own words

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